This was run on the 26th March 1920 with the going very heavy and it was raining.The winner carried 11-9; was owned by Major Gerrard, and won in 10 minutes 20 2/3secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TROYTOWN Mr J R Anthony Major Gerrard
2 THE TURK II R Burford Mr C L Willcox
3 THE BORE Mr H Brown Mr H Brown
also NEUROTIC Mr F B Rees Mr T Mile
also GENERAL SAXHAM Mr P Roberts Mrs J Putnam
also POETHYLN E Piggott Mr Hugh Peel
also SILVER RING G Duller Sir James Buchanan
also BALLYBOGGAN Mr C Brabazon Mr E W Hope Johnstone
also WAVERTREE C Kelly Mr F Bibby
also CLONREE E R Morgan Mr O Toole
also TURKEY BUZZARD W Payne Mrs H M Hollins
also ARDONAGH Mr P Whitaker Captain C P Hanbury
also PICTURE SAINT Captain G N Bennet Colonel Croft
also LOCH ALLEN T Hulme Mr V Samuel
also ALL WHITE R Chadwick Lord Wavertree
also GERALD I F Dainty Major F J Scott Murray
also WAVEBEAM A Aylin Major Ian Straker
also IRISH DRAGOON A Escott Mr R H Edwards
also DUNADRY S B Walkington Mrs Blain
also BONNY CHARLIE Mr M C Blair Captain Willoughby Norrie
also LITTLE ROVER Captain Doyle Mr F C Romilly
also LUCY GLITTER'S III L B Rees Mr H J Davis
also SQUARE UP T Wilmot Mr W Read
3/1 Poethyln
6/1 Troytown
10/1 Gerald I
100/7 Turkey Buzzard
100/7 Ballyboggan
100/7 Silver Ring
100/7 Sergeant Murphy
25/1 Clonree
28/1 Neurotic
28/1 The Bore
33/1 Loch Allen
33/1 All White
40/1 Wavertree
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