This was run on the 18th March 1921 with the going heavy and weather clear.The winner carried 11-7; was owned by T.M.McAlpine, and won in 10 minutes 26 secs.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 2 minute 8 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SHAUN SPADAH F B Rees Mr T M McAlpine
2 THE BORE Mr H A Brown Mr H A Brown
3 ALL WHITE R Chadwick Lord Wavertree
4 TURKEY BUZZARD Capt G N Bennett Mrs H M Hollins
also CLONREE T Hulme Mrs Blain
also OLD TAY BRIDGE E Piggot Mr W H Dixon
also GENERAL SAXHAM W Smith Mrs J Putnam
also GARRYVOE I Anthony Mr C Bower Ismay
also LOCH ALLEN J J Kelly Mr V Samuel
also GLENCORRIG H B Bletsoe Mr K Mackay
also DAYDAWN J R Anthony Baron F de Tuyll
also PRINCE CLIFTON L B Rees Mr Lewis Pollock
also WHITE SURREY A Escott Adm. Sir Hedworth Meux
also RATHER DARK A Gregson Mr W H Midwood
also BOBBYDAZZLER A Stubbs Sir F C Price
also SHORT KNOCK M Halpin Capt E Shirley
also HALSTON Mr Frith Major D Dixon
also HILL OF CAMAS Capt J C Delmege Capt W Moloney
also WAVEBEAM Mr S C Lloyd Mr H Kershaw
also PICTURE SAINT N Hayes Colonel Croft
also BALLYSAX G Goswell Mrs J Putnam
also BONNIE CHARLIE Mr M C Blair Mr M C Blair
also EAMON BEAG M.Connors Mr Joseph Widger
also BLAZERS W Watkinson Major W T M Buller
also RUFUS XXI Captain Doyle Lt-Colonel Geoffrey Brooke
also CUPID'S DART J Hogan Jnr Mr James Daly
also LONG LOUGH R Trudgill Mr R Power
also WHITE COCKADE H Wicks Mr T R D Longworth
also FOREWARNED R Burford Mr W A Bankier
also GLENEFLY T Willmot Mr S Stewart
also PROPSERITZ W Daly Major Holliday
also CHARLBURY B Ellis Lord Denman
also HACKAM G Clancy Mr A Humphrey
also REDSTART V Major A W H James Major A W H James
also ANY TIME F Wooton Mr G W Hands
9/1 The Bore
10/1 Eamon Beag
100/9 Shaun Spadah
100/9 Turkey Buzzard
100/9 Garryvoe
100/8 Old Tay Bridge
100/7 Daydawn
30/1 Blazers
33/1 Clonree
33/1 Rather Dark
33/1 All White
33/1 White Surrey
50/1 Halston
50/1 Forewarned
50/1 Any Time
50/1 Glencorrig
66/1 General Saxham
66/1 Hackam
66/1 Prince Clifton
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