This was run on the 30th March 1928 with the going very heavy and weather misty.  The winners time was 10 minutes 27 secs, was trained by J Dodd and carried 10 stone.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 3 minute 25 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TIPPERARY TIM Mr W Dutton Mr H S Kenyon
2 BILLY BARTON T Cullinan Mr H Bruce
also SPRIG T Leader Mrs M Partridge
also BRIGHT'S BOY M Rayson Mr S Sanford
also EASTER HERO P Powell Captain A Lowenstein
also KOKO W Gurney Cap. the Hon F E Guest
also THE COYOTE J Hogan Mr V Emmanuel
also AMBERWAVE Major O'Brien Lady Helen McCallmont
also TRUMP CARD K Piggot Mr G Newell Nairn
also GREAT SPAN W J Payne Mr W B Duckworth
also THE ACE II T Morgan Mr R B Strassburger
also GRAKLE R Lyall Mr C R Taylor
also BALLYSTOCKART Captain R E Sassoon Captain R E Sassoon
also DARRACQ J Moloney Mr A C Schwartz
also ARDEEN J Hamey Sir Keith Fraser
also EAGLE'S TRAIL E Foster Mr J A Fairhurst
also RATHOWEN Mr H Deterding Mr H Deterding
also FOXTROT Captain H Lumsden Captain H Lumsden
also MAGUELONNE Bedeloup Conte P de Jumilhac
also MAY KING L B Rees Lord Ednam
also DRINMOND Mr J B Balding Mr J B Balding
also KEEP COOL J Goswell Mr W H Midwood
also SPEAR O'WAR F Brookes Lord Queenborough
also CARFAX Mr B W Ancil Mr B W Ancil
also TEST MATCH J Maloney Mr G L Redmond
also HERBERT'S CHOICE F Gurney Miss D Thomson
also MASTER BILLIE F B Rees Mr W Parsonage
also BURGORIGHT Mr F A Bonsal Mr B L Behr
also MASTER OF ARTS Major Cavanagh Mr M D Blair
also RUDDYMAN W Parvin Mr H Gordon Selfridge
also SCOTCH EAGLE Mr H Fowler Mr H Fowler
also REDLYNCH Mr West Mr G E Strong
also THE GOSLING Mr S Dennis Lord Grimthorpe
also RATHORY D Williams Major H Lyon
also RATHMORE Mr Whitfield Mr J Hylton
also ROSSIENY Mr Everett Mrs J Putnam
also MELLERAY'S BELLE J P Kelly Mr W Wilson
also SOLDIER'S JOY D Quirke Mr S G R Barret
also DE COMBAT F Croney Mr C Mulholland
also COMMONSIDE Mr C B Harvey Lt-Col G Brooke
also SCRAPTOFT Mr M Barry Mr W Ross
also SETI THE FIRST Mr E Craig Tanner Mr E Craig Tanner
5/1 Master Billie
11/2 Trump Card
10/1 Amberwave
100/7 Easter Hero
100/7 Sprig
20/1 Bright's Boy
20/1 Darracq
20/1 Koko
201/ Maguelonne
25/1 Carfax
33/1 Billy Barton
33/1 Great Span
33/1 Drimmond
33/1 Rathowen
33/1 Rossieny
33/1 Grakle
40/1 The Coyote
40/1 Ardeen
40/1 Ballystockart
40/1 Seti The First
50/1 Eagle's Tail
50/1 Herbert's Choice
50/1 Spear O'War
50/1 Master of the Arts
50/1 The Ace II
66/1 Keep Cool
66/1 Rathmore
66/1 Ruddyman
66/1 Test Match
66/1 Redlynch
100/1 De Combat
100/1 Foxtrot
100/1 Scotch Eagle
100/1 May King
100/1 Rathory
100/1 Soldier's Joy
100/1 Tipperary Tim
200/1 Bar
For all your Grand National books use the link below:-