This was run on the 22nd March 1929 with the going average and weather sunny.The winning time was 9 minutes 47 secs..   The 66 runners were the biggest field ever.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 10 minute 38 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 GREGALACH R.Everett Mrs M A Gemmell
2 EASTER HERO J Moloney Mr J H Whitney
3 RICHMOND II W Stott Mr R McAlpine
4 MELLERAY'S BELLE J Mason Mr William Wilson
also MAY KING F Gurney Mrs H Mond
also GRAKLE J Hamey Mr C R Taylor
also D D B Mr R Gubbins Maj A W Huntington
also DELARUE G Wilson Mr J B Snow
also KILBAIRN Mr L Parry Mr R A Parry
also CAMPERDOWN Mr K Goode Mrs E Hutchinson
also SPRIG A Escott Mrs M Partridge
also BRIGHT'S BOY E Foster Mr S Sandford
also KOKO S Duffy Capt. the Hon F E Guest
also GREAT SPAN W Payne Mr W B Duckworth
also TRUMP CARD T Morgan Mr G Newell Nairn
also MOUNT ETNA T Leader Mr S Sandford
also BILLY BARTON T Cullinan Mr Howard Bruce
also LLOYDEE F B Rees Capt R F H Norman
also THE ACE II Mr G Evans Mr R B Strassburger
also ARDEEN R Lyall Sir Keith Fraser
also CARFAX Mr B Ancil Mr B W Ancil
also BALLYSTOCKART Captain R E Sassoon Captain R E Sassoon
also STORT T Chisman Mr R Wright
also LORDI Captain Weber Mr A M Jones
also MASTER BILLIE Mr Rayson Mr B Parsonage
also LE TOUQUET T Teasdale M G Watinne
also SKRUN PRINCE W Gurney Colonel P D Stewart
also OVERDRAFT Mr R Bennet Mrs R D Cohen
also RAMPANT Major Misa Colonel W S Anthony
also TIPPERARY TIM Mr W Dutton Mr H S Kenyon
also DARRACQ Mr G S Poole Mr A C Schwartz
also K.C.B. J Hogan Mr V H Smith
also ARDOON'S PRIDE R Thrale Captain T H Bird
also SANDY HOOK F Fish Mr J H Hull
also HERBERT'S CHOICE J Farrell Mr J Graeme Thomson
also DWARF OF THE FOREST Mr H Kennard Mr H Kennard
also DRINMOND Mr J B Balding Mr J B Balding
also UNCLE BEN P Powell Mr H B Brandt
also BEECHMARTIN L B Rees Mr David Faber
also RUDDYMAN W Parvin Mr H Gordon Selfridge
also HAWKER Captain A E Grant Captain A E Grant
also GAY DOG II A Birch Sir Lindsay Parkinson
also DENBURGH G Hardy Mr F Usher
also SULTAN OF WICKEN T James Lady Penrhyn
also KILBRAIN V Piggott Mr E A Longworth
also BALLYHANWOOD J Goswell Mr M D Blair
also SOLDIER'S JOY Captain Gossage Mr S G R Barrat
also IRINA J Kelly Mr A Heathorn
also DUKE OF FLORENCE G Turner Mrs Darby Rogers
also HAREWOOD D Williams Mr M L Meyer
also MABESTOWN'S PRIDE Mr D R Daly Brigadier General C Winser
also RATHORY R Burford Major H Lyons
also CLORINGO A Wall Mr C J Paterson
also MERRIVALE II F Brookes Lord Westmoreland
also MISS BALSCADDEN G Bowden Sir David Llewellyn
also ODD CAT J Sinnot Mr J B D'Ardenne
also BEST HOME Mr G Elliott Mr G Elliott
also BIG WONDER J Bisggod Mr G S L Whitelaw
also FLEET PRINCE Mr F R Thackray Mr G S L Whitelaw
also KWANGO A Waudby Major R Fenwick-Palmer
also MORE DIN A Harroway Mr H S Horne
also STAGE MANAGEMENT M Doherty Major C W M Norrie
also THEOREM T Costello Mr H M Llewellyn
also TOY BELL D Morgan Mrs R D Cohen
also WILD EDGAR S Regan Mrs E A Ryan

9/2 Easter Hero
100/6 Great Span
18/1 Grakle
20/1 Billy Barton
20/1 Master Billie
22/1 Skrun Prince
22/1 Lloydie
25/1 Bright's Boy
25/1 Ardeen
28/1 Mount Etna
28/1 Lordi
33/1 Trump Card
40/1 Darracq
40/1 Knight of the Wilderness
40/1 Carfax
40/1 Uncle Ben
40/1 Richmond II
40/1 Harewood
50/1 Beechmartin
50/1 Sprig
50/1 K.C.B.
50/1 Drinmond
50/1 Ruddyman
50/1 Duke of Florence
50/1 Merrivale II
50/1 Big Wonder
66/1 Koko
66/1 The Ace II
66/1 May King
66/1 Ballystockart
66/1 Overdraft
66/1 D.D.B.
100/1 Rampant
100/1 Tipperary Tim
100/1 Sandy Hook
100/1 Ballyhanwood
100/1 Kilbrain
100/1 Stage Management
100/1 Toy Bell
100/1 Gregalach
200/1 Bar
For all your Grand National books use the link below:-