This was run on the 28th March 1930 with the going perfect and weather clear.The winning time was 9 minutes 33 secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 6 minute 48 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SHAUN GOILIN T.Cullinan Mr W H Midwood
2 MELLERAY'S BELLE J Mason Mr William Wilson
3 SIR LINDSAY D Williams Mr J H Whitney
4 GLANGESIA J Browne Mr R K Mellon
also BALLYHANWOOD E Foster Mr M D Blair
also ROYAL ARCH II Mr Thackeray Mr V Emmanuel
also GREGALACH R Everett Mrs M A Gemmell
also GATE BOOK T Morgan Marquis J de San Miguel
also DONZELON R Lyall Col G Foljambe
also GRAKLE J Piggot Mr C R Taylor
also NEWSBOY Capt R E Sassoon Capt R E Sassoon
also DONEGAL W Speck Mr A Bendon
also LORDI W Stott Mr A M Jones
also ALIKE Mr M Barry Lady Helen McCalmont
also IBSTOCK Mr K Goode Mr K Goode
also K C B J Moloney Mr V H Smith
also SANDY HOOK T E Leader Mr S Sanford
also PEGGIE'S PRIDE T McCarthy Mr H B Brandt
also GUIDING LIGHT Mr C W Langlands Mr J B D'Ardenne
also BIG WONDER Capt H N Webber Mr G S L Whitelaw
also SAVERNAKE R McCarthy Mr C Anson
also MAY KING G.Gosell Mrs H.Mond
also TOOTENHILL C.Wenham Mrs Boswall-Preston
also PARIS FLIGHT E.Vinall Mr W.Harris
also DELARUE G.Wilson Mr J.B.Snow
also AGDEN Mr D.P.G.Moseley Mr O.G.Moseley
also TOY BELL D.Morgan Mrs R.D.Cohen
also RUDDYMAN E.Brown Mr H.Gordon Selfridge
also BLENNERHASSET Mr W.Dutton Mr T.L.Parke
also MAY CRESCENT G.Hardy Mr David Fisher
also CRYPTICAL J.Bisgood Mr F.H.Bowcher
also ANNANDALE F.Gurney Lady Glennap
also THE MONK W.Parvin Mr F.J.Honour
also SOLDIER'S JOY J.Farrell Mr S.G.R.Barrat
also CURTAIN RAISER P.Powell Mrs E.W.B.Leake
also DERBY DAY II Mr Stephenson Mr C.Nicholson
also GAY DOG II W.Gurney Sir Lindsay Parkinson
also MERRIVALE II F.Brookes Lord Westmorland
also THE GOSLING A.Tannock Major J.A.Coats
also HAREWOOD J.Hamey Mr H.L.Meyer
also THEOREM Mr G.Owen Junior Sir David Llewellyn
100/12 Grakle
100/8 Shaun Goilin
100/7 Sir Lindsay
100/6 Gregalach
20/1 Melleray's Belle
22/1 K.C.B.
25/1 Donegal
25/1 Sandy Hook
25/1 May Crescent
28/1 Lordi
28/1 Alike
33/1 Peggie's Pride
33/1 Ballyhanwood
33/1 Tootenhill
33/1 Glangesia
40/1 May King
40/1 Merrivale II
50/1 Gate Brook
50/1 Newsboy
50/1 Big Wonder
50/1 Agden
50/1 Royal Arch II
66/1 Donzelon
66/1 Toy Bell
66/1 Blennerhasset
66/1 Gay Dog II
100/1 Theorem
100/1 Harewood
100/1 The Gosling
100/1 Derby Day II
100/1 Curtain Raiser
100/1 Soldiers Joy
100/1 The Monk
100/1 Annandale
100/1 Cryptical
100/1 Ruddyman
100/1 Delarue
100/1 Paris Flight
100/1 Guiding Light
100/1 Savernake
100/1 Ibstock
For all your Grand National books use the link below:-