This was run in 1931 and 43 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 32 4/5 secs and the winner won by 1 1/2 lengths.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 11 minute 6 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 GRAKLE R.Lyall Mr C R Taylor
2 GREGALACH J Moloney Mrs M.A.Gemmell
3 ANNANDALE T.Morgan Lady Glenapp
4 RHYTICERE L.Niaudot Mr V.Emanuel


F.B.Rees Mr J.H.Whitney
Also GIB E.Foster Mr B.D.Davis
Also SAUHN GOILIN M.Keogh Mr W.H.Midwood
Also KAKUSHIN R.Everett Mr W.M.G.Singer
Also DRINTYRE Captain Brownhill Captain Brownhill
Also SIR LINDSAY Mr Thackray Mr J.H.Whitney
Also KILBUCK T.Chisman Mr H.R.Hartley
Also TRUMP CARD W.Gurney Lord Stalbridge
Also GYI LOVAM Captain R.Popler Captain R.Popler
Also THERAS J.Walsh Mr Holford Harrison
Also SWIFT ROWLAND T.E.Leader Mrs C.Beatty
Also DRIN W.Speck Mr A.Bendon
Also GUIDING LIGHT Mr McKeever Mr O.M.Smith
Also BALLASPORT D.Williams Sir Harold Wernher
Also GREAT SPAN G.Hardy Mr M.D.Blair
Also SANDY HOOK F.Fish Mr S.Sanford
Also GEORGINATOWN F.Maxwell Mr J.Wallace
Also EASY VIRTUE P.Powell Mr W.P.Tyser
Also BIG BLACK BOY W.Payne Major C.Stevens
Also APOSTASY F.Brookes Lady Lindsay
Also STARBOX Mr K.Urquhart Major J.B.Walker
Also MAY KING Captain R G Fanshawe Lady Melchett
Also MELLERAY'S BELLE J.Mason Mr Wilson
Also GLANGESIA J.Browne Mr R.K.Mellon
Also ALIKE Mr Sclater Mr R.K.Mellon
Also OXCLOSE F.Gurney Mr A. Hall Watts
Also ASPIRANT W.Parvin Mr C.S.Green
Also MOREKEEN J.Cooke Miss D.Robinson
Also SOLANUM J.Hamey Miss D.Paget
Also RUDDYMAN E.C.Brown Mr H.G.Selfridge
Also TAMASHA Mr G.Elliott Mr G.Elliott
Also PIXIE Captain Sassoon Mrs D.Fitzgerald
Also MALLARD Mr W.Carr Mr James Harrison
Also SOUTH HILL T.Cullinan Mr H.G.Blagrave
Also HAREWOOD Mr K.Goode Mr M.L.Meyer
Also ROYAL ARCH II J.Bedeloup Mr V.Emanuel
Also TOY BELL D.Morgan Mrs B.D.Cohen
Also SLIEVE GRIEN Captain Moseley Captain Moseley
Also BALLYHANWOOD T.Isaac Mr M.D.Blair
5/1 Easter Hero
100/6 Grakle
I am grateful to John Pinfold for the rare scan shown below.