This was run in 1932 and 36 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 44 3/5 secs and the winner won by 3 lengths.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 10 minute 52 seconds clip of the Grand National.

I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 FORBRA J.Hamey Mr William Parsonage
2 EGREMONT Mr E C Paget Mrs Ireland
3 SHAUN GOILIN D.Williams Mr W.H.Midwood
4 NEAR EAST T.McCarthy Mr H.B.Brandt


P.G.Lawson Sir P.G.Lawson
Also HEARTBREAK HILL W.O'Grady Mrs C.S.Bird Junior
Also ANNANDALE W.Stott Lord Glenapp
Also SEA SOLDIER Mr A.G.Wilson Mr A.H.Niblack
Also APOSTASY W.Parvin Lady Lindsay
Also GIBUS W.Redmond Major K.Menzies
Also GLANGESIA Mr J.Ryan Mr R.K.Mellon
Also VINICOLE D.Morgan Captain J.W.Bridges
Also TOOTENHILL R.McCarthy Mrs D.H.Boswall-Preston
Also ALIKE G.Turner Mr R.K.Mellon
Also ARUNTIUS F.Mason Mr M.D.Blair
Also MERRIMENT IV Lord Haddington Lord Haddington
Also INVERSE R.Lyall Lady Lindsay
Also QUITE CALM F.Gurney Mr R.E.Morel
Also REDLYNCH Mr K.Goode Mr J.Pendarves
Also GREAT SPAN G.Hardy Mr M.D.Blair
Also HOLMES Mr Beechener Mr E.T.Tyrwhitt-Drake
Also EVOLUTION T.B.Cullinan Mr W.C.Langley
Also COUP DE CHATEAU G.Wilson Mr J.Drake
Also GREGALACH Mr F.R.Thackray Mrs M.A.Gemmell
Also THERAS Mr G.Owen Mr J.Metcalf
Also HANK Mr F.E.McKeever Mr H.D.Cherry-Downes
Also PRINCE CHERRY J.Geary Mr M.D.Blair
Also DUSTY FOOT W.Speck Mr J.H.Whitney
Also OTTAWA T.E.Leader Mr N.Alvarez
Also GRAKLE Mr J.Fawcus Mr C.R.Taylor
Also K.C.B. J.Mason Mr V.H.Smith
Also THE ACE F.Maxwell Marquis de San-Miguel
Also HAREWOOD Mr R.H.Warden Mr R.H.Warden
Also PELORUS JACK Captain R.G.Fanshawe Mr C.P.Brocklehurst
Also DELARUE W.Kidney Mr J.B.Snow
Also RUDDYMAN E.Brown Mr H.G.Selfridge
100/12 Heartbreak Hill
100/12 Grakle
100/9 Gregalach
100/7 Annandale
20/1 Great Span
20/1 Holmes
20/1 Quite Calm
22/1 Pelorus Jack
25/1 Dusty Foot
28/1 Coup De Chapeau
33/1 Vinicole
33/1 Inverse
33/1 Hank
33/1 Glangesia
33/1 Egremont
40/1 Shaun Goilin
40/1 Ottawa
45/1 Merriment IV
50/1 Sea Soldier
50/1 Near East
50/1 Alike
50/1 Forbra
50/1 Evolution
50/1 K.C.B
66/1 Apostasy
66/1 Theras
66/1 Aspirant
66/1 Tootenhill
66/1 Harewood
100/1 Ruddyman
100/1 Delarue
100/1 The Ace
100/1 Prince Cherry
100/1 Aruntius
100/1 Gibus
100/1 Redlynch