This was run on Friday 23rd March 1934 and 30 ran. The day was clear and the going Good to Firm. The winning time was 9 minutes 20 2/5secs, which was a new record, and the winner won by 5 lengths. The winner was trained by B.Briscoe from Exning in Suffolk.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 6 minute 38 seconds clip of the Grand National.

I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 GOLDEN MILLER G.Wilson Miss Dorothy Paget
2 DELANEIGE J.Moloney Mr J.B.Snow
3 THOMOND II W.Speck Mr J.H.Whitney
4 FORBRA G.Hardy Mr W.Parsonage


A.Robson Mr H.B.Brandt
6 BLUE PETER III Mr F.Cundell Commander A.V.Courage
Also GREGALACH W.Parvin Mrs M.A.Gemmell
Also APOSTASY E.Brown Lady Lindsay
Also ANNANDALE Mr P.Payne-Gallwey Lord Inchcape
Also REMUS T.Morgan Mr A.E.Berry
Also PELORUS JACK W.Stott Mrs B.D.Davis
Also FLAMBENT T.Duggan Mrs G.Robinson
Also FORTNUM F.Sclater Commander A.V.Courage
Also SORLEY BOY D.Morgan Mr F.Ambrose-Clark
Also PRINCE CHERRY J.H.Goswell Mr M.D.Blair
Also SOUTHERN HERO J.Fawcus Mr James V.Rank
Also KILBUCK T.B.Cullinan Miss R.M.Harrison
Also MASTER ORANGE Mr P.V.Cazalet Mrs R.C.D'Oyly-Mann
Also EGREMONT Mr E.C.Paget Mr S.A.Maxwell
Also CANTILLIUS II J.Mason Mr V.H.Smith
Also LONE EAGLE J.Hamey Mr J.H.Whitney
Also TROCADERO M.Thery Vicomte Max de Rivaud
Also SOUTHERN HUE T.F.Carey Mr A.R.Smith
Also REALLY TRUE Mr F.Furlong Mr N.Furlong
Also READY CASH Mr F.Walwyn Captain C.A.Cartwright
Also DESTINY BAY H.Lloyd-Thomas Mr H.Lloyd-Thomas
Also ALPINE HUT Mr R.Harding Sir A.Butt
Also SLATER K.Piggott Mr G.S..Whitelaw
Also PARSON'S WELL W.Hollick Mr G.Bates
Also THE ACE II Captain A.Head Lady M.Dunn
7/1 Really True
8/1 Golden Miller
100/8 Forbra
100/7 Sorley Boy
100/7 Delaneige
100/7 Trocadero
18/1 Thomond II
20/1 Alpine Hut
20/1 Ready Cash
22/1 Cantillius II
25/1 Gregalach
25/1 Pelorus Jack
25/1 Southern Hero
33/1 Fortnum
33/1 Slater
40/1 Remus
40/1 Destiny Bay
45/1 Uncle Batt
50/1 Lone Eagle II
66/1 The Ace II
66/1 Parson's Well
66/1 Southern Hue
66/1 Egremont
66/1 Master Orange
66/1 Kilbuck
66/1 Prince Cherry
66/1 Flambent
66/1 Annandale
66/1 Apostasy
66/1 Blue Peter III