This was run on 27th March 1936 and 35 ran. The weather was clear and the going Good. The winning time was 9 minutes 37 secs and the winner won by 12 lengths and 6 lengths. The winner was trained by Major Noel Furlong at Skeffington in Leicestershire.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 6 minute 58 seconds clip of the Grand National.

I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 REYNOLDSTOWN Mr F Walwyn Major Noel Furlong
2 EGO Mr H Llewellyn Sir D.Llewellyn
3 BACHELOR PRINCE J.Fawcus Mr James V.Rank
4 CROWN PRINCE Mr R Strutt Mr R.Strutt


S.McGrath Lt-Colonel W.E.Peel
6 PROVOCATIVE E.Brown Mrs Selincourt
Also CASTLE IRWELL Mr G.H.Bostwick Mr G.H.Bostwick
Also DOUBLE CROSSED D.Morgan Mr J.H.Whitney
Also MOORLAND VIEW Mr E.C.Paget Mr A.F.Nicholson
Also COMEDIAN G.Turner Mr R.E.Morel
Also CASTLE VIEW G.Owen Mr H.Dyke-Dennis
Also LAZY BOOTS Mr R.B.Moseley Sir G.Congreve
Also OEIL DE BOEUF M.Feakes Marquis de San Miguel
Also THE BOY IN BLUE Mr P.Vaux Mr N.Dixon
Also BRIENZ J.Hamey Mr G.Beeby
Also DELANEIGE H.Nicholson Mr J.B.Snow
Also ROYAL RANSOM H.Jones Mr J.H.Whitney
Also BLUE PRINCE W.Parvin Lady Lindsay
Also ZAG Major O.L.Prior-Palmer Major O.L.Prior-Palmer
Also D'EYNCOURT P.Carey Mr F.W.Dennis
Also UNCLE BATT T.McNeill Mr H.B.Brandt
Also PERSIAN SUN E.Vianll Mr H.B.Brandt
Also HILLSBROOK W.O'Grady Lord Derby
Also EVASIO MON Mr T.Holland-Martin Mr T.Holland-Martin
Also ROD AND GUN Mr L.Stoddard Mr J.H.Whitney
Also GOLDEN MILLER E.Williams Miss Dorothy Paget
Also AVENGER T.F.Rimell Mrs V.Mundy
Also PENCRAIK J.Lynn Junior Mrs I.Straing
Also LYNTON C.Hook Mr M.D.Blair
Also BLAZE K.Piggott Sir E.Wills
Also BUCKTHORN Captain R.Harding Mr C.M.L.Clements
Also KILTOI T.F.Carey Mr J.Metcalf
Also EMANCIPATOR Mr P.V.Cazalet Mr P.V.Cazalet
Also KEEN BLADE T.Elder Lord Rosebery
Also DAVY JONES Mr A.Mildmay Lord Mildmay of Flete
100/30 fav Avenger
5/1 Golden Miller
8/1 Castle Irwell
10/1 Reynoldstown
100/7 Keen Blade
20/1 Double Crossed
20/1 Blue Prince
20/1 Emancipator
25/1 Delaneige
25/1 Lazy Boots
33/1 Royal Ransom
33/1 Provocative
40/1 Brienz
40/1 Buckthorn
40/1 Inversible
40/1 Hillsbrook
50/1 Ego
50/1 D'Eyncourt
66/1 Bachelor Prince
66/1 Persian Sun
66/1 Kiltoi
66/1 Uncle Batt
66/1 Moorland View
66/1 Crown Prince
100/1 Davy Jones
100/1 Lynton
100/1 Blaze
100/1 Pencraig
100/1 Rod and Gun
100/1 Evasio Mon
100/1 Zag
100/1 Oeil de Boeuf
100/1 The Boy in Blue
100/1 Comedian
100/1 Castle View
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