This was run on Friday 28th March 1938 and 36 ran. It was sunny and the going was Good. The winning time was 9 minutes 29 4/5secs.  The winner won by a head and was trained by R.Hobbs at Lambourn in Berkshire.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 7 minute 18 seconds clip of the Grand National.

I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BATTLESHIP B.Hobbs Mrs M.Scott
2 ROYAL DANIELI D.L.Moore Mr H.C.McNally
3 WORKMAN J.Brogan Sir A.Maguire
4 COOLEEN J.Fawcus Mr James V.Rank


J.Moloney Mr J.B.Snow
6 RED KNIGHT II D.Jones Mr E.T.Hunt
Also BLUE SHIRT R.Smyth Mr A.Sainsbury
Also HOPEFUL HERO Mr W.Dawes Mr H.A.J.Silley
Also UNDER BID M.Pringle Lord Derby
Also BACHELOR PRINCE D.Morgan Mr James V.Rank
Also LOUGH COTTAGE Mr R.Black Mrs S.H.Creagh
Also PROVOCATIVE T.F.Rimell Mrs Selincourt
Also DRIM Mr B.K.Tighe Mr B.K.Tighe
Also INVERSIBLE M.Hogan Lt-Colonel W.E.Peel
Also FROBISHER Captain R.Harding Miss M.F.Cohen
Also PROMINENT LAD H.Jones Mrs E.Tozer
Also DOMINICK'S CROSS R,Everett Mr A.Donn
Also PONTET J.E.Parkinson G.V.Malcolmson
Also DIDORIC D.Butchers Mr R.Lehman
Also EMANCIPATOR Mr C.R.D.Gray Mr C.R.D.Gray
Also BRIGHTER COTTAGE W.O'Grady Captain D.W.Daly
Also DAWMAR R.Burford Mr W.S.Murphy
Also TAKVOR PACHA A.Kalley Marquis de San-Miguel
Also WHAT HAVE YOU S.Magee Mr F.M.Gould
Also HURDY GURDY MAN Mr J.Hislop Duchess of Norfolk
Also CABIN FIRE T.Hyde Mrs P.Kiely
Also AIRGEAD SIOS T.McNeill Sir F.Towle
Also STALBRIDGE PARK G.Wilson Mr C.Hennecart
Also K.D.H. G.Archibald Mrs J.Metcalf
Also ROCK LAD J.Bissill Mr H.R.Bain
Also TAPINOIS A.Scratchley Mr W.Hutchinson
Also BLUE PRINCE W.Parvin Lady Lindsay
Also DUNHILL CASTLE H.Nicholson Sir W.Chilcott
Also ROCKQUILLA T.F.Carey Mr V.H.Smith
Also ROYAL MAIL E.Williams Mrs C.Evans
Also LAZY BOOTS Sir G.Congreve Sir C.Congreve
8/1 Blue Shirt
8/1 Cooleen
100/9 Delachance
100/8 Royal Mail
100/7 Takvor Pacha
100/6 Stalbridge Park
18/1 Royal Danieli
20/1 Dunhill Castle
22/1 Provocative
22/1 Dominick's Cross
25/1 Airgead Sios
25/1 Bachelor Prince
28/1 Workman
28/1 Rockquilla
28/1 Red Knight II
33/1 Inversible
33/1 Cabin Fire
40/1 Lough Cottage
40/1 Battleship
40/1 Under Bid
40/1 Brighter Cottage
50/1 Didoric
50/1 Blue Prince
66/1 Pontet
66/1 Rock Lad
66/1 Frobisher
100/1 Lazy Boots
100/1 Tapinois
100/1 K.D.H.
100/1 Hurdy Gurdy Man
100/1 Dawmar
100/1 What Have You
100/1 Emancipator
100/1 Prominent Lad
100/1 Drim
100/1 Hopeful Hero