This was run on Friday 24th March 1939 and 37 ran. The weather was clear and the going Good. The winning time was 9 minutes 42 1/5secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 5 minute 9 seconds clip of the Grand National.

I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WORKMAN T.Hyde Sir A.Maguire
2 MACMOFFAT I.Alder Captain L.Scott-Briggs
3 KILSTAR G.Archibald Miss Dorothy Paget
4 COOLEEN J.Fawcus Mr James V.Rank


M.Feakes Mr A.Sainsbury
6 DOMINICK'S CROSS R.Everett Mr A.Donn
Also WEST POINT J.Brogan Mr P.D.Cullinan
Also PENCRAIK A.Scratchley Mr A.Pilkington
Also ROYAL MAIL D.Morgan Mrs C.Evans
Also BACHELOR PRINCE T.Isaac Mr James V.Rank
Also UNDER BID G.Wilson Lord Derby
Also BRENDAN'S COTTAGE G.Owen Mrs A.Smith-Bingham
Also TEME WILLOW T.F.Rimell Sir E.Hanmer
Also DRIM Mr J.Morris Mr J.Morris
Also WAR VESSEL W.Parvin Mrs M.Scott
Also MESMERIST Captain R.Harding Mr A.E.Berry
Also DUNHILL CASTLE F.Walwyn Sir W.Chilcott
Also ROYAL DANIELI D.L.Moore Mr H.C.McNally
Also EPIPHANES Mr H.Applin Mr J.B.Rolls
Also ROCKQUILLA T.F.Carey Lord Bicester
Also LUCKPENNY Major R.B.Moseley Mrs H.M.Hollins
Also PERFECT PART J.Ward Mrs V.Fitzgerald
Also RED FREEMAN W.Redmond Mr W.U.Goodbody
Also SPORTING PIPER Mr J.Hislop Mr R.Strutt
Also BLUE SHIRT R.Smyth Mr A.Sainsbury
Also SECOND ACT J.Dowdeswell Mrs A.S.Villar
Also ST GEORGE II Mr R.Petre Mr A.J.G.Leveson-Gower
Also TUCKMILL G.Kelly Mr G.W.Roll
Also BIRTHGIFT T.McNeill Mr N.E.Dixon
Also RED HILLMAN E.Foley Lord Latymer
Also MONTREJEAU II H.Nicholson Lady Granard
Also DESLYS Mr A.Marsh Mrs Ackernley
Also SCOTCH WOOD Captain P.Herbert Mr A.Gillson
Also MILANO Mr L.Stoddard Mrs L.E.Stoddard
Also LUCKY PATCH T.Elder Mr N.E.Dixon
Also BLACK HAWK J.Moloney Mrs C.Jones
Also INVERSIBLE M.Hogan Lt-Colonel W.E.Peel
8/1 Kilstar
10/1 Blue Shirt
100/9 Teme Willow
100/8 Workman
100/8 Royal Mail
100/8 Royal Danieli
100/6 Rockquilla
22/1 Cooleen
22/1 Inversible
22/1 Under Bid
25/1 Brendan's Cottage
25/1 Macmoffat
28/1 Dunhill Castle
33/1 Dominick's Cross
33/1 Perfect Part
33/1 St George II
40/1 Black Hawk
40/1 Montrejeau II
50/1 War Vessel
50/1 Sporting Piper
50/1 Red Freeman
50/1 Milano
66/1 Red Hillman
66/1 West Point
66/1 Bachelor Prince
66/1 Lucky Patch
66/1 Symaethis
100/1 Scotch Wood
100/1 Deslys
100/1 Birthgift
100/1 Tuckmill
100/1 Luck Penny
100/1 Second Act
100/1 Mesmerist
100/1 Epiphanes
100/1 Drim
100/1 Pencraik