This was run on Saturday 5th April 1940 and 32 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 20 3/5secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 4 minute 3 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BOGSKAR M.Jones Lord Stalbridge
2 MACMOFFAT I.Alder Captain L.Scott-Briggs
4 SYMAETHIS M.Feakes Mr T.Westhead
Also ROYAL DANIELI D.L.Moore Mr H C McNally
Also THE PROFESSOR G.Owen Mrs L Strang
Also DUNHILL CASTLE G.Wilson Sir W Chilcott
Also ROCKQUILLA T.F.Carey Lord Bicester
Also RED EAGLE T.Elder Mr H B Brandt
Also DOMINICK'S CROSS C.Mitchell Mr A Donn
Also BLACK HAWK T.Rimell Mrs C Jones
Also KILSTAR G.Archibald Miss Dorothy Paget
Also AWAY Mr I.K.Muir Mr L K Muir
Also MILANO D.Morgan Mrs L E Stoddard
Also VENTURESOME KNIGHT Mr R Tweedle Lt-Colonel H E Joicey
Also LITIGANT Mr R.Black Major Noel Furlong
Also LE CYGNE W.T.O'Grady Miss Dorothy Paget
Also INVERSIBLE M.Hogan Lt-Colonel W E Peel
Also BOYO R.Morgan Lord Sefton
Also TKVOR PACHA Major Prior Palmer Major H P Rushton
Also NATIONAL NIGHT H.A.Jones Mr J H Whitney
Also RED FREEMAN W.Redmond Mr W U Goodbody
Also UNDER BID H.Nicholson Lord Derby
Also BACHELOR PRINCE Mr R.Loewenstein Mr R Loewenstein
Also DOWNRIGHT Captain J.Seely Captain J Seely
Also SECOND ACT J.Dowdeswell Mrs A A Sidney-Villar
Also STERLING DUKE T.Hyde Sir A Maquire
Also CORN LAW T.McNeill Mr W Hutchinson
Also LUXBOROUGH E.C.Brown Mr J A deRothschild
Also LAZY BOOTS J.Ward Sir Geoffrey Congreve
Also TUCKMILL G.Kelly Mr G W Roll

John Pinfold comments that the 1940 racecard contains information about what to do in case of air raids. What happened at Aintree during both world wars is very interesting and little known. It was covered it his book ‘Gallant Sport’ some years ago but since then he has found out a good deal more, mainly from the archives of Tophams Ltd which were not available when the book was written. The course was bombed more than once (including in the May Blitz of 1941) and at least one member of the staff killed.