This was run on Saturday 31st March 1962 and 32 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 50 secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 6 minute 35 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 KILMORE F.Winter Mr N Cohen
2 WYNDBURGH T.Barnes Mrs J K M Oliver
3 MR WHAT J.Lehane Mr G V Keeling
4 GAY NAVARREE Mr A Cameron Mr J F Hoey


D.V.Dick Miss W H S Wallace
Also FRENCHMAN'S COVE S.Mellor Mr Stanhope Joel
Also SOLFEN T.Taaffe Mr B Naughton
Also COLLEDGE MASTER Mr L R Morgan Mr L R Morgan
Also FREDITH'S SON F.Shortt Mr P M Keogh
Also TAXIDERMIST Mr J Lawrence Mrs Peter Hastings
Also NICOLAUS SILVER H.Beasley Mr C Vaughan
Also CHAVARA M.Scudamore Mrs I Evans
Also SUPERFINE Sir W Pigott-Brown Miss B Kerwood
Also BLONDE WARRIOR T.W.Biddlecombe Mr A H East
Also TEAM SPIRIT G.W.Robinson Mr R B Woodard
Also SPRINGBOK P.Buckley Colonel Lord Joicey
Also CLIPADOR P Farrell Mr F L Vickerman
Also CLOVER BUD D.Nicholson Mr G G Llewellyn
Also KERFORO P.Taaffe Mr F J Stafford
Also CANNONBIE LEE E.P.Harty Mrs A M Bancroft
Also DUPLICATOR G.Milburn Miss A H Robertson
Also DANDY TIM R.Carter Mr C J Baines
Also DARK VENETIAN P.Cowley Mrs T M Stuck
Also FORTRON R.Langley Mr J D Pickering
Also CLEAR PROFIT T.J.Ryan Mr Bernard Sunley
Also VIVANT R.Hamey Mrs T W Parker
Also SIRACUSA J.Gifford Mrs E Truelove
Also CARRAROE Mr W McLernon Mrs Miles Valentine
Also ERNEST A.Dufton Mr Ronald B Woodard
Also MELILLA G.Cramp Mr D H Ellison
Also POLITICS D.Bassett Mrs T M Stuck
Also SEAS END J.Kempton Mrs M D Kempton

Wyndburgh-the National’s three-time runner up in 1957, 1959 and 1962. Gordon Cramp, an artist in the saddle in the 1962 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-