This was run on Saturday 29th March 1969 and 30 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 30 4/5secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 8 minute 10 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
2 STEEL BRIDGE R.Pitman Mr J L Drabble
3 RONDETTO J.King Mr A B Mitchell
4 THE BEECHES W.Rees Mr Paul Mellon


P.Buckley Lady Hay
Also FEARLESS FRED T.Biddlecombe Mr Bryan P Jenks
Also RED ALLIGATOR B.Fletcher Mr J Manners
Also BASSNET J.Gifford Mr W A Silvester
Also KELLSBORO' WOOD A.Turnell Mrs L M Prior
Also KILBURN T.Carberry Mrs Borel de Bitche
Also LIMETRA P.Broderick Mr Harry Lane
Also HOVE D.Nicholson Mr Frank Parker
Also TEROSSIAN Mr P Sloan Mr Henry Hooker
Also MOIDORE'S TOKEN B.Brogan Miss P Harrower
Also TUDOR FORT J.Haldane Lord Joicey
Also PECCARD Mr G Sloan Mr George Sloan
Also THE INVENTOR T Hyde Mrs R E Sangster
Also FORT SUN J.Crowley Mr W J Pilsworth
Also CASTLE FALLS S.Hayhurst Mr Clifford Nicholson
Also THE FOSSA Captain A Parker-Bowles Captain A Parker-Bowles
Also VILLAY Mr D Scott Mr D D scott
Also MISS HUNTER P.Shortt Mrs W Macauley
Also TAM KISS Mr J Hindley Mr J R Hindley
Also ROSINVER BAY P.Taaffe Mr A W Riddell Martin
Also JUAN Mr P Willis Mr P J H Willis
Also LIMEBURNER J.Buckingham Mrs S N J Embiricos
Also FURORE II M.C.Gifford Mr N H Le Mare
Also FLOSUEBARB J.Guest Mrs E F Old
Also GAME PURSTON S Mellor Mr J P Yeomans
Also BALLINABOINTRA P.Kelleway Mr L Sachs

Jeff King discusses Rondetto and Co in the 1969 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-