This was run on Saturday 8th April 1972 and 42 ran. The winning time was 10 minutes 8 4/5secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 10 minute 10 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WELL TO DO G.Thorner Captain T A Forster
2 GAY TRIP T.Biddlecombe Mr A J Chambers
3 BLACK SECRET S.Barker Mrs J Watney
4 GENERAL SYMONS P.Kiely Mrs E N Newman


T.Carberry Mr R R Guest
Also ALASKA FORT H.Beasley Mr G Mulholland
Also SPECIFY B.Brogan Mr F W Pontin
Also RIGTON PRINCE J.Enright Major E M W Cliff-McCulloch
Also TWIGAIRY T.G.Davies Mr V C Matthews
Also FORTINA'S PALACE J.King Mr J Nesbitt Davis
Also THE PANTHEON K.White Mr J A Dillon
Also PEARL OF MONTREAL R.Coonan Mr G F F Fasenfeld
Also MONEY BOAT F.Berry Mr P Doyle
Also SWAN-SHOT P McCarron Mr J R Craig
Also GYLEBURN Ron Barry Mrs Claude Berry
Also THE INVENTOR W.Shoemark Mrs R E Sangster
Also BRIGHT WILLOW W.Smith Mr Alan Cure
Also CARDINAL ERROR J.Francome Mrs Juan M Ceballos
Also DEBLINS GREEN D.Cartwright Mr G H Yardley
Also NEPHIN BEG P.Morris Lady Mostyn
Also CLOUDSMERE D.Mould Mr W H Whitbread
Also KELLSBORO' WOOD A.Turnell Mrs L M Prior
Also PERMIT R.R.Evans Mr J Pickavance
Also ASTBURY J.Bourke Mr Bryan P Jenks
Also LIME STREET R.Pitman Mr E P Hickling
Also JUST A GAMBLE P.Buckley Captain & Mrs F Tyrwhitt-Drake
Also ROUGH SILK D.Nicholson Major C H Nathan
Also LISNAREE Mr F Turner Mrs Ornella Mancinelli
Also NOM DE GUERRE J.Haine Mrs T D Pilkington
Also GAY BUCCANEER T.Hyde Mrs P G McCrea
Also MISS HUNTER A.L.Moore Mrs W MacCauley
Also VICHYSOISE P.Blacker Lord Chelsea
Also THE OTTER T.M.Jones Mrs J Dening
Also BULLOCKS HORN Mr R Smith Mrs E P Parker
Also THE POOKA Mr C Ross Mr Cecil Ross
Also FAIR VULGAN M.Gifford Mr Frank Pullen
Also BEAU PARC Mr A Nicholson Mrs C Gordon-Creed
Also EVEN DELIGHT R.Dennard Mrs J McClorey
Also LIMEBURNER W.Rees Mrs S N J Embiricos
Also VULTURE P Brogan Sir Hugh Fraser
Also COUNTRY WEDDING R.Champion Mr H Billington

Buck Jones gives his thoughts on The Otter and the Major in the 1972 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-