This was run on Saturday 31st March 1973 and 38 ran. The winner was owned by Mr Noel Le Mare, trained by Ginger McCain and ridden by Brian Fletcher, winning in dramatic style by 3/4 length in a record time of 9 mins 1.9 secs, with 25 lengths back to the third. The first prize was £25,486 (Equivalent to £308,400 in 2017)


The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 9 minute 28 seconds clip of the Grand National.

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 RED RUM Brian Fletcher Noel Le Mare
2 CRISP Richard Pitman Sir Chester Manifold
3 L'ESCARGOT T.Carberry Mr Raymond R Guest
4 SPANISH STEPS P.Blacker Mr E R Courage


S.Barker Mrs J Watney
Also PROUD TARQUIN Lord Oaksey Sir John Thomson
Also GREY SOMBRERO W.Shoemark Mr W F Cauldwell
Also GLENKILN J.J.O'Neill Mr N H Le Mare
Also SUNNY LAD W.Smith Mrs R E Sangster
Also BEGGAR'S WAY T.Kinane Mr D W Samuel
Also CANHARIS P.Buckley Lord Zetland
Also PROPHECY B.R.Davies Mrs C M Richards
Also PETRUCHIO'S SON D.Mould Mr P Blackburn
Also THE POOKA A.Moore Mrs J Bowes-Lyon
Also GENERAL SYMONS P.Kiely Mrs E Newman
Also HIGHLAND SEAL D.Nicholson Mrs J Dening
Also MR VIMY J.Haine Mrs F Harvey
Also ROUGE AUTUMN K.White Mrs Bryan P Jenks
Also ASTBURY J.Bourke Mrs Bryan P Jenks
Also SWAN-SHOT M.Blackshaw Mr J R Craig
Also BEAU PARC A.Turnell Mr D Ancil
Also ASHVILLE J.King Mr Raymond R Guest
Also GREAT NOISE D Cartwright Mr John W Rowles
Also MILL DOOR P.Cullis Mr E F Birchall
Also TARQUIN BID J.Bracken Mrs J H Weekes
Also HURRICANE ROCK R.Champion Mr D J Proctor
Also ROUGH SILK T.Norman Major C H Nathan
Also RICHELEAU N.Kernick Mrs E J Taplin
Also ENDLESS FOLLY J.Guest Mrs V Vanden Bergh
Also RAMPSMAN D.Munro Mr J Rose
Also FORTUNE BAY II Mr G Sloan Mr George A Sloan
Also GREEN PLOVER Mr M Morris Mr A M Darlington
Also CHARLEY WINKING Mr D Scott Mr L G Scott
Also PROUD PERCY R.R.Evans Mr R F Fisher
Also NEREO Duke of Alburquerque Duke of Alburquerque
Also CULLA HILL Mr N Brookes Mr Beverley J.Brookes
Also GO-PONTINENTAL J.McNaught Mrs H O'Neill

This race will long be remembered as one of the most exciting in the races long, illustrious history, not only for the dramatic way in which Red Rum overhauled Crisp, or for the sympathy everyone seemed to have for the long-time leader, but most of all for the emergence of the greatest Grand National horse of all time. At the head of the market were Crisp and Red Rum, the punters unable to separate them at 9/1 joint favourites. Richard Pitman, aboard Crisp, was determined to make it a strong gallop and, by the time the field had reached The Chair in the home straight first time around, Crisp already had a commanding lead, especially as his closest pursuer, Grey Sombrero, fell at The Chair. Well into the second circuit Crisp looked unstoppable, holding a 30 length lead over Becher’s final time round, his closest rival once again coming to grief. However, it was clear that the lightweight Red Rum, with Brian Fletcher on board, was making ground rapidly approaching the final fence. With 23lb more to carry than his rival, Crisp started to falter on the 494 yard run-in despite still holding a 15 length lead.
It’s over to Peter O’Sullevan to describe the final stages of a dramatic Grand National.
‘Just a furlong to run now, 200 yards now for Crisp, and Red Rum is still closing on him! Crisp is getting very tired, and Red Rum is pounding after him. Red Rum is the one who's finishing the strongest. He's going to get up! Red Rum is going to win the National. At the line Red Rum has just snatched it from Crisp!’ In the end Red Rum won by ¾ length in a record time, with L’Escargot 25 lengths back in third.

9/1jf Crisp
9/1jf Red Rum
11/1 L'Escargot
14/1 Ashville
16/1 Spanish Steps
16/1 Canharis
16/1 Pricess Camilla
20/1 Highland Seal
20/1 Prophecy
22/1 Proud Tarquin
22/1 Black Secret
25/1 Grey Sombrero
25/1 Sunny Lad
33/1 Beggar's Way
33/1 Glenkiln
33/1 General Symons
40/1 Rouge Autumn
50/1 Petruchio's Son
50/1 Great Noise
50/1 Richeleau
50/1 Astbury
66/1 Nereo
66/1 Fortune Bay II
66/1 Rough Silk
100/1 Hurricane Rock
100/1 Endless Folly
100/1 The Pooka
100/1 Green Plover
100/1 Go Pontinental
100/1 Mill Door
100/1 Culla Hill
100/1 Mr Vimy
100/1 Swan Shot
100/1 Charlie Winking
100/1 Proud Percy
100/1 Tarquin Bay
100/1 Beau Parc
100/1 Rampsman
  Over Round 118%
Peter Cullis on riding the no-hoper in the 1973 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-

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