This was run on Saturday 5th April 1975 and 31 ran. The winner was trained by D.L.Moore in Ireland.


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 4 minute 44 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 L'ESCARGOT Tommy Carberry Raymond Guest
2 RED RUM B.Fletcher Mr N.H.Le Mare
3 SPANISH STEPS W.Smith Mr E.R.Courage
4 MONEY MARKET J.King Lord Chelsea


R.Barry Mrs D.W.August
Also GLANFORD BRIGG M.Blackshaw Mr P.J.Harper
Also CLEAR CUT T.Stack Mr J.W.Hemmingway
Also HIGH KEN B.Brogan Mr Richard Hickman
Also ROYAL RELIEF Lord Oaksey Mr E.R.Courage
Also APRIL SEVENTH A.Turnell Mrs B.Meehan
Also ROUGH HOUSE J.Burke Mrs W.M.Brown
Also BARONA P.Kelleway Mr W.H.Whitbread
Also SOUTHERN QUEST S.Shields Mr W.E.Fletcher
Also EVEN DAWN D.Mould Mr S.Wainwright
Also BALLYRICHARD AGAIN A.Webber Mr John Webber
Also LAND LARK G.Thorner Mr T.E.Pocock
Also CASTLERUDDERY Mr T.Walsh Mrs K.Harper
Also MANICOU BAY R.Champion Mrs D.H.D.Bunn
Also SHANEMAN Mr P.Greenall Mr Peter Greenall
Also SPITTIN IMAGE M.Cummins Mrs Joseph Welch Jnr
Also ZIMULATOR Captain D.Swan Mrs N.Swan
Also FEEL FREE M.Salaman Mr G.Syvret
Also GLEN OWEN D.Atkins Lord Cadogan
Also JUNIOR PARTNER K.B.White Mrs F.M.Wheatley
Also RAG TRADE J.Francome Mr P.B.Raymond
Also ROUGH SILK Mr Luis Ulbana Roldan Brigadier General W.P.Gilbride
Also TUDOR VIEW G.McNally Mr P.J.Upton
Also BEAU BOB J.Glover Mr W.H.Whitbread
Also KILMORE BOY P.Blacker Mr A.Grogan
Also HALLY PERCY M.C.Gifford Mr D.Badham & Mr James V.Taylor
Also BALLYATH J.Bourke Mr N.H.Le Mare

Bill Smith expressing what a rotten day to turn up in the 1975 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-