This was run on Saturday 3rd April 1976 and 32 ran. The winner was trained by Mr T.F.Rimell at Severn Stoke.


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Youtube and British Movietone provide excellent coverage of the 1976 Grand National. The link below is of a 7 minute 40 second clip of the entire race.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 RAG TRADE John Burke Pierre Raymond
2 RED RUM T.Stack Mr N.H.Le Mare
3 EYECATCHER B.Fletcher Mr J.R.Bosley
4 BARONA P.Kelleway Mr W.H.Whitbread


R.Barry Mrs M.A.Boddington
Also GLANFORD BRIGG M.Blackshaw Mr P.J.Harper
Also MONEY MARKET R.Champion Lord Chelsea
Also HIGH KEN M.Dickinson Mr Richard Hickman
Also HIGHWAY VIEW P.Black Mr Charles Carr
Also ROMAN BAR G.Newman Mrs D.I.O'Sullivan
Also GOLDEN RAPPER J.Francome Mr G.N.Clarke
Also CEOL-NA-MARA J.Glover Mr Martin Seddon-Brown & Mrs D.Warnes
Also CHURCHTOWN BOY M.Salaman Mr J.Lovell
Also PERPOL K.White Mr O.J.Henley
Also PROLAN M.Morris Mr Michael Cuddy
Also JOLLY'S CLUMP I.Watkinson Mr Richard Hutchison
Also MERRY MAKER Mr A.Mildmay-White Mr A.Mildmay-White
Also TREGARRON C.Tinkler Mr H.W.Blyth
Also BLACK TUDOR G.Thorner Mr F.D.Chapman
Also NEREO Duke of Alburquerque Duke of Alburquerque
Also COLONDINE B.Forsey Mrs E.K.Dudgeon
Also HUPERADE Mr J.Carden Mr J.Carden
Also SPANISH STEPS J.King Mr E.R.Courage
Also MERIDIAN II J.J.O'Neill Mr Brian Aughton
Also SANDWILAN R.Hyett Mr M.C.Spedding
Also TUDOR VIEW C.Read Mr P.J.Upton
Also BALLYBRIGHT Mr S.Morshead Mrs B.A.Waller
Also SPITTIN IMAGE A.Turnell Mrs M.J.Welch
Also INDIAN DIVA Mr N.Henderson Miss A.Jane Thorne
Also THOMOND Mr A.J.Wilson Miss Teresa Pearson
Also BOOM DOCKER J.Williams Mr Robert G.Pilkington
Also ORMONDE TUDOR K.Barnfied Mr W.A.Hickling & Mr J.A.Kelly

Keith Barnfield, the nomad and the decorator in the 1976 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-