This was run on Saturday 31st March 1979 and 34 ran. The winner was trained by S.J.Leadbetter at Hawick.


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Youtube and the British Movietone provide excellent coverage of the 1979 Grand National. The link below is of a 7 minute 44 second clip of the entire race.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 RUBSTIC Maurice Barnes John Douglas
2 ZONGALERO Bob Davies Mr David Montagu & Sir James Goldsmith
3 ROUGH AND TUMBLE John Francome Mr L.Domer
4 THE PILGARLIC R.R.Evans Mr A. & Mrs G.Poole
5 WAGNER R.Lamb Mr P.Piller
6 ROYAL FROLIC J.Burke Sir John Hanmer
7 PRIME JUSTICE A.K.Taylor Mr D.A.Malam
Also ALVERTON J.J.O'Neill The Snailwell Stud Company Ltd
Also COOLISHALL A Webber Mr & Mrs P.W.Harris


Mr C.Fenwick Mr Redmond C. Stewart Jnr.
Also THE CHAMP W.Smith Miss Leila Smith
Also PURDO R.Champion Mr D.W.Samuel
Also MR SNOWMAN G.Thorner Lord Leverhulme
Also SANDPIT T.Carmody Mrs B.D.Flood
Also WAYWARD SCOT R.F.Davies Mr Emlyn Hughes & Mr D.McCain
Also RAMBLING ARTIST D.Goulding Mr E.F.Robbins
Also DRUMROAN G.Newman Mrs G.St John Nolan
Also GODFREY SECUNDUS C.Tinkler Mrs G.L.Taylor
Also DOUBLE NEGATIVE Mr E.Woods Mrs M.Wood Power
Also ARTISTIC PRINCE P.Blacker Mr Robert G.Stigwood
Also LORD BROWNDODD A.Turnell Mr J.Brazil
Also RED EARL H.J.Evans Mr Henry Ford
Also KINTAI B.Smart Mr H.Jackson
Also NO GYPSY J.Suthern Mr C.H.Bennion
Also CHURCHTOWN BOY M.Salaman Mr Ben Arnold
Also DROMORE Mr P.Duggan Mr Peter Duggan
Also KICK ON R.Hyett Mr Keith Lewis
Also FLITGROVE R.Linley Lord Vestey
Also OSKARD M.Blackshaw Mr W.W.Smith & Mr C.M.Wilson
Also ALPENSTOCK Mr D.Gray Mr Harron Thomson
Also BROWN ADMIRAL S.Morshead Mr T.A.Rathbone
Also SANDWILAN Mrs J.Hembrow Mr G.A.Ham
Also VINDICATE Mr A.O'Connell Mr Pierre J.Doyle
Also CARTWRIGHT A.Phillips Mr R.F.Fisher
6/1 fav ALVERTON

┬áJohn Francome who describes the Rough and Tumble of the 1979 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-