The winner was Papillon which was owned by Mrs J M Moran with Mely Moss a length and quarter in second and Niki Dee third. There were 38 runners and 17 finished.


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Youtube and Racing UK provide excellent coverage of the 2000 Grand National. The link below is of a 10 minute 11 second clip of the entire race.

Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 PAPILLON(IRE) R Walsh T M Walsh
2 MELY MOSS N Williamson C R Egerton
3 NIKI DEE R Supple P Beaumont
5 ADDINGTON BOY A Maquire F Murphy
6 CALL IT A DAY B J Geraghty A King
7 THE LAST FLING S Durack Mrs S J Smith
8 LUCKY TOWN D J Casey E Bolger
9 DJEDDAH T Doumen F Doumen
10 HOLLYBANK BUCK P Niven A J Martin
11 BOBBYJO (IRE) P Carberry T Carberry
12 KENDAL CAVALIER B Fenton G B Balding
13 SUNY BAY C Maude S Sherwood
14 FEELS LIKE GOLD B Harding N G Richards
15 CAMELOT KNIGHT O McPhail N T Davies
16 KINGDOM OF SHADES T Jenks Miss V Williams
17 CELTIC GIANT B Gibson L Lungo
also ROYAL PREDICA G Tormey M C Pipe
also TRINITRO R Bellamy R Haugen
also ART PRINCE D Gallagher M C Pipe
also SPARKY GALE B Storey C Parker
also EARTHMOVER J Tizzard P Nicholls
also CHOISTY R Widger H E Haynes
also RED MARAUDER R Guest N B Mason
also YOUNG KENNY B Powell P Beaumont
also DRUID'S BROOK R Wakley K C Bailey
also TORDUFF EXPRESS R Thorton P Nicholls
also THE GOPHER W Marston D J Wintle
also MERRY PEOPLE G Cotter G Cotter
also LISTEN TIMMY A Dobbin A King
also VILLAGE KING J Culloty P J Hobbs
also FLAKED OATS T J Murphy P F Nicholls
also STORMY PASSAGE A Thornton P J Hobbs
also ESPRIT DE COTTE M A Fitzgerald N J Henderson
also BUCK ROGERS K Whelan V Bowens
also STAR TRAVELLER R Johnson J Daly
also ESCARTEFIGUE J A McCarthy P F Nicholls
  Papillon (IRE)
  Mely Moss
  Niki Dee

Robert Bellamy feeling bells hasn’t got long in the 2000 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-