This race took place on Saturday 7th April 2001 and the winner was Red Marauder which was owned by N.B.Mason, winning a first prize of £310,000, with Smarty a distance behind in second and Blowing Wind in third. There were 40 runners but only 4 finished.


The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 9 minute 59 seconds clip of the Grand National.

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With grateful thanks to PETE ALVORSOL for the great scan of the oh so rare Red Marauder jug.

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Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner/odds
1 RED MARAUDER R Guest N B Mason Mr N B Mason 33/1
2 SMARTY T J Murphy M Pitman Mrs T Brown 16/1
3 BLOWING WIND A P McCoy M C Pipe Mr P A Deal 16/1
4 PAPILLON R Walsh T M Walsh Mrs J Maxwell Moran 14/1
UR1 SPANISH MAIN J Goldstein N A Twiston Davies Mr C B Sanderson 25/1
F1 ART PRINCE J Crowley M C Pipe Mr Terry Neill 150/1
F2 TRESOR DE MAI R Greene M C Pipe Mr Joe Moran 66/1
UR2 ADDINGTON BOY J P McNamara F Murphy Mr W J Gott 33/1
F2 HANAKHAM B J Geraghty D McCain Army Air Corps 100/1
F3 HOLLYBANK BUCK F J Flood A J Martin Mrs S Warner 20/1
F3 KAKI CRAZY R Farrant M C Pipe Mr Nicholas Meakin 66/1
UR3 PADDY'S RETURN A Maguire F Murphy Mr Paddy O'Donnell 16/1
UR4 EARTHMOVER J Tizzard P Nicholls Mr R M Penny 22/1
F4 INIS CARA R Widger V Williams Nancy Hogan Syndicate 10/1 co fav
UR5 THE LAST FLING S Durack Mrs S J Smith Mr Trevor Hemmings 20/1
F6 STRONG TEL D Casey M C Pipe Mr Terry Neill 33/1
F6 EXIT SWINGER C Maude M C Pipe Miss K S Buckley 50/1
UR6 NORTHERN STARLIGHT Mr T Scudamore M C Pipe Mr Arthur Souch 50/1
R7 MERRY PEOPLE G Cotter J Queally Mr Karl Casey 66/1
BD8 GENERAL WOLFE B J Crowley Miss V Williams The Winning Line 50/1
BD8 MORAL SUPPORT N Fehily C J Mann Tom & Evelyn Yates 10/1 co fav
BD8 MELY MOSS N Williamson C R Egerton Mr Darren Mercer 14/1
UR8 DJEDDAH T Doumen F Doumen Mr Roger Barby 33/1
R8 DARK STRANGER K A Kelly M C Pipe Mr Terry Neill 25/1
BD8 YOU'RE A GOODUN R Wakely M C Pipe Miss H Irving, Mr A C Kemp 28/1
F8 VILLAGE KING J Culloty P J Hobbs Captain E Edwards-Heathcote 25/1
R8 FEELS LIKE GOLD B Harding N G Richards Independent Twine Manufacturing 50/1
BD8 AMBERLEIGH HOUSE W Marston D McCain Halewood International Ltd 150/1
UR9 MISTER ONE M Bradbourne C Tizzard Mr Colin L Tizzard 50/1
UR11 ESPRIT DE COTTE T Doyle N J Henderson Mrs J M Newsome 33/1
F13 NOBLE LORD J McCarthy R T Phillips Mr Jeff McCarthy 25/1
F15 EDMOND R Johnson H D Daly Lady Knutsford 10/1 co fav
UR15 MOONDIGUA J R Barry M C Pipe Golden Step Racing 100/1
UR15 SUPREME CHARM R Thornton K C Bailey Mr P J Vogt 33/1
PU15 LISTEN TIMMY A Dobbin A King Lady Clarke 100/1
PU16 NO RETREAT J M Maguire S A Brookshaw Mr M W Harris 100/1
PU19 LANCE ARMSTRONG A Thornton R H Alner Mr G L Porter 50/1
R19 BRAVE HIGHLANDER P Hide J T Gifford Mr S N J Embiricos 33/1
UR20 BEAU C Llewellyn N A Twiston Davies Mrs S Tainton 12/1
PU20 UNSINKABLE BOXER D Gallagher R H Alner Mr Paul Green 66/1
Over Round 143%
I am grateful to David Copland for the image of the Silver Salver presented to the winning jockey which forms part of David's magnificent collection after he saved it from being melted down as scrap.

Tom Doyle's feeling he is the stand-ins stand -in in the 2001 Grand National. These are the titles of chapters from Chris Pitt’s book ‘Go Down to the Beaten’, which looks at personal stories by connections of horses which failed to win the Grand National, a copy of which can be purchased by clicking the link below:-