Goodwood Cup

The Goodwood Cup is the oldest of all of the races held at the Glorious Goodwood meeting having been established in 1808 as the Silver Cup over 3 miles. The first three times the race was run it was won by Bucephalus, the Silver trophy being permanently awarded to his owner Mr Trevanion. This required a new Gold trophy to be made, which is still contested today, and the inaugural running of that event, the Goodwood Cup, took place in 1812. Although it was initially contested over 3 miles, it was then reduced to 2 miles 5 furlongs, while in 1971 it became a Group 2 race. In 1985 it was degraded to Group 3 level, and by 1990 its distance was reduced to 2 miles 4 furlongs. In 1991 it was reduced still further to 2 miles, but by 1995 it had regained its Group 2 status and then, in 2017, it was promoted to Group 1. It is now firmly established as the second leg of the Stayers’ Triple Crown, sandwiched between the Ascot Gold Cup and the Doncaster Cup, and is traditionally held on the opening day of the 5-day meeting.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Gold Cup was on Monday 4th May 1812 when Mr Cope’s 4-year-old chestnut Shoestrings beat the 6-year-olds Smallhopes and Hylas.

Favourites have a 45% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £10 Loss.
Goodwood Cup Group 1 2 miles
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1808 BUCEPHALUS Henry Miller 6-12st 0lbs Mr Trevanion
1809 BUCEPHALUS Henry Miller aged-12st 0lbs Mr Trevanion
1810 BUCEPHALUS walked over aged-12st 0lbs Mr Trevanion
1811 Race not staged this year as the previous Silver Cup was permanently awarded to Mr Tevanion having won it in 3 consecutive years
1812 SHOESTRINGS ----- 4-7st 9lbs Mr Cope
1813 CAMERTON ----- 5-8st 12lbs Mr Biggs
1814 BANQUO William Wheatley 4-7st 12lbs Mr Blake
1815 Race not staged this year
1816 SCARECROW ----- 3-6st 4lbs Lord Egremont
1817 Race not staged this year
1818 Race not staged this year
1819 Race not staged this year
1820 Race not staged this year
1821 Race not staged this year
1822 Race not staged this year
1823 Race not staged this year
1824 Race not staged this year
1825 CRICKETER George Edwards 3-7st 0lbs Lord Egremont
1826 STUMPS George Edwards 4-7st 12lbs Lord Egremont (walked over)
1827 LINK BOY Frank Boyce 4-8st 4lbs Duke of Richmond 7/4 fav
1828 MISS CRAVEN Frank Boyce 4-8st 1lbs Duke of Richmond 4/6 fav
1829 FLEUR DE LIS Jem Robinson aged-9st 3lbs Mr Delme Radcliffe 8/1
1830 FLEUR DE LIS G Nelson aged-9st 9lbs HM King William IV 7/2
1831 PRIAM Conolly 4-9st 5lbs Lord Chesterfield 6/5 fav
1832 PRIAM Conolly 5-9st 13lbs Lord Chesterfield Evens fav
1833 RUBINI Frank Boyce 5-9st 9lbs Mr Kent 100/7
1834 GLENCOE Nat Flatman 3-7st 4lbs Lord Jersey 4/1
1835 ROCKINGHAM Jem Robinson 5-9st 4lbs Mr Theobald 5/1
1836 HORNSEA Bill Scott 4-8st 10lbs Lord Chesterfield 4/5 fav
1837 CAREW Nat Flatman 4-8st 1lbs Lord Chesterfield 5/1
1838 HARKAWAY Wakefield 4-8st 8lbs Mr Ferguson 5/4 fav
1839 HARKAWAY Calloway 5-9st 4lbs Mr Ferguson Evens fav
1840 BEGGARMAN Jem Robinson 5-8st 5lbs HRH Duke of Orleans 14/1
1841 CHARLES THE TWELFTH C Marson John Scott 5-8st 13lbs Mr Andrew Johnstone 11/2
1842 CHARLES THE TWELFTH Jem Robinson John Scott 6-9st 9lbs Mr Andrew Johnstone 5/2
1843 HYLLUS F Butler aged-9st 7lbs Mr Lichtwald 4/1
1844 ALICE HAWTHORN Sim Templeman 6-9st 5lbs Mr Salvin 1/3 fav
1845 MISS ELIS Walter Abdale John Barham Day 3-7st 0lbs Lord George Bentinck 2/1 jt fav
1846 GRIMSTON T Lye 3-7st 4lbs Mr O'Brien 2/1 jt fav
1847 THE HERO John Day junior John Day 4-9st 6lbs Mr John Day 4/5 fav
1848 VAN TROMP Marlow 4-9st 3lbs Lord Eglinton 4/6 fav
1849 CANEZOU F Butler John Scott 4-9st 11lbs Lord Stanley 8/13 fav
1850 CANEZOU H Butler John Scott 5-9st 7lbs Lord Stanley 2/1
1851 NANCY Charlton 3-7st 0lbs Mr Martinson 2/1 fav
1852 KINGSTON Nat Flatman 3-7st 6lbs Mr Morris 6/1
1853 JOUVENCE T Sherwood 3-5st 9lbs Mr Lupin 10/1
1854 VIRAGO Wells John Barham Day 3-5st 3lbs Mr Howard 1/6 fav
1855 BARONCINO George Fordham 3-5st 13lbs Baron Rothschild 5/4 fav
1856 ROGERTHORPE George Fordham 3-7st 2lbs Mr H Hill 8/1
1857 MONARQUE Ashmall Tom Jennings 5-8st 9lbs Count Frederick de Lagrange 100/6
1858 SAUNTERER John Osborne jnr John Osborne snr 4-9st 0lbs Mr James Merry 7/1
1859 THE PROMISED LAND Bray William Day 3-7st 7lbs Mr William Day 3/1 fav
1860 SWEETSAUCE Charlton John Scott 3-7st 7lbs Lord Annesley 8/1
1861 STARKE George Fordham R B Pryor 4-8st 10lbs Mr R Ten Broeck 8/1
1862 TIM WHIFFLER Bullock Thomas Dawson 3-7st 7lbs Lord W Powlett 7/2
1863 ISOLINE T French James Godding 3-7st 3lbs Mr Richard C Naylor 6/1
1864 DOLLAR Kitchener 4-9st 0lbs Mr August Lupin 10/1
1865 ELY Custance Tom Oliver 4-9st 7lbs Mr W S Cartwright 4/1
1866 THE DUKE George Fordham John Day 4-9st 0lbs Marquis of Hastings Evens fav
1867 VAUBAN Parry John Day 3-7st 7lbs Duke of Beaufort 4/7 fav
1868 SPECULUM Kenyon Mathew Dawson 3-7st 7lbs Duke of Newcastle 4/1
1869 RESTITUTION J Daley Joseph Hayhoe 4-9st 0lbs Baron Rothschild 5/1
1870 SIDEROLITE Wells John Porter 4-9st 0lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 9/4
1871 SHANNON Hunt 3-7st 4lbs Mr F Mouncey 50/1
1872 FAVONIUS Maidment Joseph Hayhoe 4-9st 3lbs Baron Rothschild 2/1
1873 FLAGEOLET Huxtable Tom Jennings snr 3-7st 7lbs M Lefevre 9/4
1874 DONCASTER Fred Webb Robert Peck 4-9st 3lbs Mr James Merry 9/4 fav
1875 AVENTURIERE T Chaloner Alec Taylor snr 4-8st 7lbs Lord Ailesbury 7/1
1876 NEW HOLLAND Cannon Charles Blanton 4-8st 10lbs Prince Soltykoff 9/4
1877 HAMPTON Fred Webb Robert Peck 5-9st 0lbs Mr F G Hobson 3/1
1878 KINCSEM Madden Robert Hesp 4-8st 7lbs Mr E Blascovitz 5/2
1879 ISONOMY Cannon John Porter 4-9st 3lbs Mr F Gretton 6/4 fav
1880 DRESDEN CHINA Snowden William L'Anson 4-8st 7lbs Mr C Perkins 5/2
1881 MADAME DU BARRY Snowden William L'Anson 6-8st 11lbs Mr C Perkins 5/2
1882 FRIDAY E Martin Richard Marsh 5-7st 11lbs Duke of Hamilton 20/1
1883 BORDER MINSTREL George Fordham Fred Bates 3-7st 5lbs Mr John Johnstone 11/10 fav
1884 ST SIMON C Wood Mathew Dawson 3-8st 0lbs Duke of Portland 7/100 fav
1885 ALTHORP G Barrett John Porter 3-7st 7lbs Baron de Hirsch 60/100 fav
1886 THE BARD C Wood Robert Peck 3-7st 7lbs Mr Robert Peck walked over
1887 SAVILE G Barrett John Porter 3-7st 7lbs Duke of Westminster 100/30
1888 RADA T Loates Mathew Dawson 3-7st 4lbs Lord Falmouth 9/4
1889 TRAYLES Robinson James Jewitt 4-9st 10lbs Mr Warren de la Rue 1/4 fav
1890 PHILOMEL Tom Cannon Robert Sherwood 5-8st 13lbs Colonel North Evens fav
1891 GONSALVO G Barrett John Porter 4-9st 6lbs Mr J Gretton 5/4 fav
1892 MARTAGON John Watts James Ryan 5-9st 10lbs Mr Douglas Baird 8/11 fav
1893 BARMECIDE G Barrett Andrews aged-8st 6lbs Mr J B Burton 4/1
1894 KILSALLAGHAN T Loates James Jewitt 4-8st 2lbs Captain Machell 9/4 fav
1895 FLORIZEL II John Watts R Marsh 4-9st 0lbs HRH Prince of Wales 9/100 fav
1896 COUNT SCHOMBERG Sam Loates W Leader 4-8st 2lbs M R Lebaudy walked over
1897 COUNT SCHOMBERG Sam Loates W Leader 5-10st 2lbs M R Lebaudy 11/10 fav
1898 KINGS MESSENGER Otto Madden F Cole 3-7st 7lbs Lord Penrhyn 4/1
1899 MERMAN C Wood Robinson aged-9st 5lbs Mr Jersey 6/5
1900 MANAGAN Fred Rickaby H Enoch 4-9st 3lbs Mr Douglas Baird 13/2
1901 FORTUNATUS Danny Maher R Marsh 3-8st 0lbs Mr Arthur James 4/6 fav
1902 PERSEUS Joe Childs R Marsh 3-7st 1lbs Mr Arthur James Evens fav
1903 RABELAIS Watts R Marsh 3-7st 2lbs Mr Arthur James 5/4 fav
1904 SALTPETRE W Lane Sam Darling 4-7st 10lbs Mr D Faber 5/2
1905 RED ROSE W Griggs R Marsh 4-7st 10lbs Mr Arthur James 8/1
1906 PLUM TREE O Madden Alec Taylor 3-7st 12lbs Mr Fairie 9/4 fav
1907 THE WHITE KNIGHT W Halsey H Sadler 4-9st 10lbs Mr W R Wyndham 5/4 fav
1908 RADIUM O Madden J Watson 5-9st 2lbs Mr Leopold de Rothschild 11/4
1909 CARROUSEL C Trigg F Leach 3-7st 8lbs Mr H J King 9/2
1910 MAGIC Fred Rickaby junior F Leach 3-7st 2lbs Mr Beddington 20/1
1911 KILBRONEY Walter Griggs C Waugh 4-9st 3lbs Lord St David 4/1
1912 TULLIBARDINE E Wheatley Sam Darling 4-8st 12lbs Mr J Buchanan 2/1
1913 CATMINT D Maher Tom Jennings 4-9st 3lbs Mr L Brassey 100/8
1914 SON-IN-LAW F Bullock Reg Day 3-7st 8lbs Sir Abe Bailey 9/4 fav
1915 Race not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged due to the First World War
1919 QUEENS SQUARE S Donoghue Alec Taylor 4-9st 0lbs Mr Cox 7/4 fav
1920 MOUNT ROYAL S Donoghue F Leach 3-7st 7lbs Lady Cunliffe-Owen 100/30
1921 BUCKS S Donoghue Reg Day 3-7st 8lbs Sir Abe Bailey 9/4
1922 FLAMBOYANT Lister Reg Day 4-9st 3lbs Mrs Robinson 1/3 fav
1923 TRIUMPH Joe Childs Watson 4-9st 3lbs Mr A de Rothschild 4/5 fav
1924 TERESINA Vic Smyth R Dawson 4-9st 0lbs HH Aga Khan 9/4 fav
1925 CLOUDBANK S Donoghue L Ward 4-9st 3lbs Mr J White 10/1
1926 GLOMMEN Harry Wragg Walter Earl 4-9st 3lbs Mr S Joel 10/11 fav
1927 DARK JAPAN Charlie Smirke R Dawson 4-9st 3lbs HH Aga Khan 4/11 fav
1928 KINCHINJUNGA Freddie Fox Gooch 4-9st 3lbs Mr H C Sutton 4/1
1929 OLD ORKNEY F Lane Gooch 5-9st 7lbs Mr J Murphy 11/2
1930 BROWN JACK Steve Donoghue Ivor Anthony 6-9st 7lbs Sir H Wernher 4/9 fav
1931 SALMON LEAP T Weston George Lambton 4-9st 2lbs Mrs A James 5/2
1932 BRULETTE Gordon Richards Fred Darling 4-9st 4lbs Lord Woolavington 5/2
1933 SANS PEINE Eph Smith Jack Jarvis 3-7st 11lbs Mr Edward Esmond 20/1
1934 LOOSESTRIFE Gordon Richards Rickards 5-9st 6lbs Mr P Johnson 11/2
1935 TIBERIUS Tommy Weston Lawson 4-9st 7lbs Sir Abe Bailey 2/9 fav
1936 CECIL Tommy Weston Lawson 5-9st 6lbs Sir Abe Bailey 13/8
1937 FEARLESS FOX Eph Smith Jack Jarvis 4-9st 2lbs Mr G Smith 6/1
1938 EPIGRAM Brownie Carslake Noel Cannon 5-9st 6lbs Mr James V Rank 6/1
1939 DUBONNET T Lowrey Basil Jarvis 4-8st 0lbs Mr J P Hornung 6/4 fav
1940 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1946 MARSYAS II Charlie Elliott M M Boussac 6-9st 11lbs M M Boussac 1/3 fav
1947 MONSIEUR L'AMIRAL Charlie Smirke M M Boussac 6-9st 11lbs Mrs Henderson 1/2 fav
1948 TENERANI E Camici Norman Bertie 6-9st 11lbs Signor Frederick Tesio 100/30
1949 ALCYDON Doug Smith Walter Earl 4-8st 12lbs Lord Derby 30/100 fav
1950 VAL DRAKE Roger Poincelet Robert Carver 4-8st 12lbs Mme L Volterra 4/1
1951 PAN II Roger Poincelet Constant (FR) 4-8st 12lbs M E Constant 5/6 fav
1952 MEDWAY Doug Smith Winter 4-8st 12lbs Mr P Batholomew 5/1
1953 SOUEPI Charlie Elliott Digby 5-9st 0lbs Mr G Digby 2/1 fav
1954 BLARNEY STONE Bill Rickaby Vic Smyth 5-9st 0lbs Mr M McAlpine 13/2
1955 DOUBLE BORE Tommy Gosling Jeremy Tree 5-9st 0lbs Mr Jeremy Tree 9/1
1956 ZARATHUSTRA Willie H Carr Boyd-Rochfort 5-9st 0lbs Mr T J S Gray 10/11 fav
1957 TENTERHOOKS Edgar Britt Elsey 3-7st 10lbs Lord Allendale 2/1 fav
1958 GLADNESS Lester Piggott M V O'Brien 5-8st 11lbs Mr J McShain 1/2 fav
1959 DICKENS Doug Smith Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 3-7st 10lbs Lady Zia Wernher 9/4
1960 EXAR Lester Piggott Noel Murless 4-9st 0lbs Dr Carlos Vittadini 4/9 fav
1961 PREDOMINATE Eph Smith T Leader 9-9st 0lbs Mr H Joel 11/4
1962 SAGACITY Willie Carr Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 4-9st 0lbs Lady G Cholmondeley 5/1
1963 TRELAWNY Scobie Breasley George Todd 7-9st 0lbs Mrs L Carver 8/13 fav
1964 RAISE YOU TEN Stan Clayton Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 4-9st 0lbs Mr P Windener Evens fav
1965 APPRENTICE Stan Clayton Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 5-9st 0lbs HM The Queen 8/1
1966 GAULOIS Ron Hutchinson Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 3-7st 10lbs HM The Queen 15/2
1967 WREKIN RAMBLER Scobie Breasley Gordon Richards 4-9st 0lbs Mrs G Murphy 2/1 fav
1968 OVALTINE Brian Taylor J F Watts 4-9st 0lbs Mr Gerald Cooper 5/2 jt fav
1969 RICHMOND FAIR Jon Gorton Bruce Hobbs 5-9st 0lbs Mr T F Blackwell 5/4


Greville Starkey Henry Cecil 4-9st 0lbs Sir R Macdonald Buchanan 3/1


Duncan Keith Peter Walwyn 4-9st 0lbs Colonel F R Hue-Williams 4/6 fav


Pat Eddery G Barling 4-9st 0lbs Mr Y Yamamoto 10/11 fav


Ernie Johnson Barry Hills 3-9st 0lbs Lt-Col J Chandos-Pole 6/4 jt fav


Lester Piggott Barry Hills 4-9st 0lbs Lt-Col J Chandos-Pole 4/5 fav


Lester Piggott Stoute 4-9st 0lbs Mr J Hattersley 7/2


Greville Starkey P Robinson 4-9st 0lbs Mr E Lambton 3/1


Geoff Lewis Bruce Hobbs 4-9st 3lbs Mr P Parnell 11/4


Brian Rouse Whelan 4-9st 3lbs Mrs Y Perry 20/1


Lester Piggott Henry Cecil 4-9st 7lbs Carlo D'Alessio 1/2 fav


Joe Mercer Henry Cecil 5-9st 7lbs Mr Carlo D'Alessio 4/7 fav


Lester Piggott Henry Cecil 5-9st 7lbs Mr Charles St George 2/9 fav


Steve Cauthen David Elsworth 6-9st 0lbs Mr J Burr 8/1


Willie Carson W Hern 5-9st 7lbs Lord Porchester 4/9 fav


Steve Cauthen Barry Hills 4-9st 7lbs Mr Robert Sangster 9/4


Pat Eddery Jeremy Tree 5-9st 0lbs S S Niarchos 11/10 fav


Willie Carson W Hern 5-9st 7lbs Mr R Hollingsworth 1/3 fav


Willie Carson John Dunlop 3-7st 10lbs Mrs D Riley-Smith Evens fav


Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 5-9st 7lbs Sheikh Mohammed 4/6 fav


Pat Eddery Guy Harwood 4-9st 0lbs Mr A P Ward 15/2


Willie Carson John Dunlop 3-7st 10lbs Lavinia Duchess of Norfolk 11/8 fav


Michael Hills Barry Hills 5-9st 0lbs Mr Simon Wingfield Digby 9/2


Michael Hills Barry Hills 6-9st 5lbs Mr Simon Wingfield Digby 7/1


Pat Eddery John Gosden 4-9st 3lbs Sheikh Mohammed 4/1


Richard Quinn Paul Cole 4-9st 5lbs HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah 10/1


Jason Weaver Mark Johnston 4-9st 5lbs Mr Ron W Huggins 2/1 fav


Pat Eddery Ian Balding 4-9st 0lbs Mr Jeff Smith 3/1


Michael Roberts Mark Johnston 6-9st 0lbs Mr Ron Huggins 16/1


Darryll Holland Mark Johnston 7-9st 5lbs Mr Ron Huggins 11/2


Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor 5-9st 7lbs Godolphin 9/4 jt fav


Mick Kinane Mark Johnston 4-9st 2lbs Mr Peter Savill 9/2


Richard Quinn David Elsworth 8-9st 5lbs Mr Jeff Smith 6/1


Mick Kinane Alan Jarvis 5-9st 2lbs Mr Ambrose Turnbull 10/1


Martin Dwyer David Elsworth 10-9st 4lbs Mr Jeff Smith 7/2


Joe Fanning Mark Johnston 6-9st 4lbs Mr Markus Graff 11/8 fav


Mick Kinane Sir Michael Stoute 6-9st 5lbs Highclere Thoroughbreds 11/4


Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien 5-9st 10lbs Mrs J Magnier/Mrs D Nagle 10/11 fav


Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 4-9st 5lbs Cheveley Park Stud 8/1


Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien 7-9st 12lbs Mrs J Magnier/Mrs D Nagle 8/15 fav


Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor 6-9st 7lbs Godolphin 6/4 fav


Jim Crowley William Knight 7-9st 7lbs Mr & Mrs I Bendelow 8/1


Frankie Dettori Mahmood Al Zarooni 5-9st 7lbs Godolphin 9/2 fav


Johnny Murtagh John Oxx 4-9st 7lbs Mr Michael O'Flynn 2/1 fav


Richard Kingscote Tom Dascombe 5-9st 7lbs A Black & Owen Promotions 13/2


Kieren Fallon Saeed Bin Suroor 8-9st 8lbs Godolphin 5/1


Jamie Spencer Michael Bell 4-9st 8lbs Bill & T C Gredley 6/1


Jamie Spencer Michael Bell 5-9st 8lbs Bill & T C Gredley 11/4 fav


Andrea Atzeni John Gosden 3-8st 8lbs B E Nielsen 6/1


Andrea Atzeni John Gosden 4-9st 9lbs B E Nielsen 4/5 fav


Frankie Dettori John Gosden 5-9st 9lbs B E Nielsen 4/5 fav


Frankie Dettori John Gosden 6-9st 9lbs B E Nielsen 4/7 fav


Hollie Doyle Alan King 5-9st 9lbs Singula Partnership 6/5 fav


Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien 4-9st 11lbs Moyglare, Smith, Tabor et al 6/4 fav