Goodwood Stakes

The Goodwood Stakes (Handicap) is the second oldest race still staged at the Glorious Goodwood Festival having first been run in 1823 in its current format. However, some might claim that it is the oldest race, since a Goodwood Stakes over 2 miles was staged at the 1811 meeting, a year before the inaugural running of the present day Goodwood Cup, while others would assert that a Goodwood Silver Cup was first held in 1808. It is a handicap for 3-year-olds and above over 2miles 5 furlongs, although it has fluctuated between 2 miles 5 furlongs and 2 miles throughout its history, and is currently contested over 2 miles 4 furlongs and 134 yards, making it a wonderful spectacle for the crowd, as it starts in front of the stands and is the longest presently run at the Festival.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Goodwood Stakes was on Tuesday 12th August 1823 when the Duke of Richmond's Dandizette defeated Lord Egremont's Young Gohanna colt, although on the same card the Old Goodwood Club Stakes saw Lord Egremont’s Elfrid beat Mr C Day's Victorine.

Favourites have a 25% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £80 Loss.
Goodwood Stakes (Handicap) Handicap 2 miles (2 miles 5 furlongs)
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1811 ST ANDERO walked over 6-12st 0lbs Mr Newham walked over
1812 CHARLOTTE ----- 4-10st 4lbs Mr Burgh
1813 GUNDY walked over aged-12st 2lbs Mr Shaw walked over
1814 CAMBRIAN ----- aged-12st 2lbs Mr Newnham
1815 CAMBRIAN ----- aged-12st 2lbs Mr Kingston
1816 GUM GUAIACUM ----- 6-12st 0lbs Mr Gould
1817 PANKAKON ----- 4-10st 4lbs Mr Smith
1818 Race was not staged this year
1819 Race was not staged this year
1820 Race was not staged this year
1821 Race was not staged this year
1822 Race was not staged this year
1823 DANDIZETTE F Boyce 3-7st 1lbs Duke of Richmond
1823 ELFRID Hammond 3-7st 4lbs Lord Egremont
1824 VITELLINA J Barrett 3-5st 8lbs Lord Verulam 3/1
1825 STUMPS G Edwards 3-6st 13lbs Lord Egremont
1826 STUMPS Bill Arnull 4-9st 0lbs Lord Egremont 5/4 fav
1827 MISS CRAVEN Frank Buckle junior 3-7st 2lbs Duke of Richmond 4/5 fav
1828 SOUVENIR T Lye 4-8st 6lbs Mr Scott Stonehewer walked over
1829 THE ALDERMAN F Boyce aged-8st 9lbs Duke of Richmond 1/4 fav
1830 AARON Frank Buckle junior 4-7st 13lbs Mr Forth 4/1
1831 CONCILIATION Arthur Pavis 3-6st 12lbs Duke of Richmond 30/1
1832 LUCETTA T Robinson 6-9st 5lbs Sir M Wood 7/2 co fav
1833 LITTLE RED ROVER John Day 6-8st 6lbs Mr Biggs 2/1 fav
1834 ROBIN ROUGHEAD C Norman 4-7st 7lbs Mr Champion 10/1
1835 GLAUCUS Bill Scott 5-9st 8lbs Lord Chesterfield 6/1
1836 FELIX J Chapple 4-7st 8lbs Mr Houldsworth 15/1
1837 LUCIFER Twitchett 5-7st 10lbs Mr Robertson 14/1
1838 LOUTHERBOURG Wakefield 4-7st 1lbs Mr Theobald 10/1
1839 BARNACLES P Conolly 6-8st 1lbs Mr Treen 16/1
1840 ORELIA Percy 4-6st 9lbs Mr Allen 10/1
1841 ORELIA P Conolly 5-8st 8lbs Mr Goodman 13/1
1842 RETRIEVER Murphy 6-7st 11lbs Major Hay 14/1
1843 LUCY BANKS H Bell 4-7st 7lbs Mr Forth 9/1
1844 FRANCHISE A Day George Dawson 5-6st 0lbs Mr Wreford 7/1
1845 MISS ELIS Kitchener 3-5st 7lbs Lord George Bentinck 14/1
1846 JONATHAN WILD Rider 3-4st 7lbs Mr O'Brien 10/1
1847 HYDRANGEA J Sharpe 4-6st 10lbs Lord Exeter 15/2
1848 CHANTICLEER Marlow 5-9st 2lbs Mr Merry 6/1
1849 MAID OF LYME Evans 6-6st 13lbs Mr J Clarke 12/1
1850 WINDISCHGRATZ G Mann 3-5st 10lbs Captain Archdall 4/5 fav
1851 BACKBITER Nat Flatman 6-7st 9lbs Colonel Anson 8/1
1852 WEATHERGAGE Wells 3-5st 6lbs Mr T Parr 15/1
1853 ADINE Nat Flatman 4-7st 8lbs Mr Greville 15/1
1854 BRIBERY Cliff 3-5st 11lbs Lord Bruce 100/8
1855 QUINCE Ashmall 4-6st 10lbs Mr Greville 5/2 jt fav
1856 PRETTY BOY Aldcroft 3-7st 8lbs Mr Barber 20/1
1857 LEAMINGTON Aldcroft 4-8st 6lbs Mr F Higgins 100/3
1858 THE ROMAN CANDLE Bray 4-7st 0lbs Lord Clifden Evens fav
1859 STARKE Plumb 4-7st 7lbs Mr R Ten Broeck 100/6
1860 WALLACE Challoner 3-7st 4lbs Mr Gibbs 10/1
1861 ELCHO J Daley 3-5st 13lbs Lord Coventry 5/2
1862 BOABDIL J Daley 4-6st 6lbs Mr Elphinstone 40/1
1863 BLACKDOWN Mordan 3-6st 2lbs Mr Drewitt 14/1
1864 BLONDIN Heslop 4-7st 6lbs Mr T Parr 10/1
1865 SUSPICION J Grimshaw 4-6st 13lbs Mr W Bevill 4/1 fav
1866 RAMA Kenyon 3-5st 12lbs Lord Westmorland 16/1
1867 GOMERA George Fordham 5-9st 0lbs Duke of Beaufort 5/1
1868 TABOURET Hudson 3-6st 0lbs Mr J Johnstone 6/4 fav
1869 STARTER Hunt John Barham Day 3-5st 10lbs Mr John Barham Day 9/4 fav
1870 PAGANINI George Fordham 5-8st 10lbs Mr James Smith 7/1
1871 TARABAN George Fordham aged-8st 5lbs Mr J Bowes 10/1
1872 SPENNITHORNE W Gray James Watson 4-7st 7lbs Mr W Henderson 5/2 fav
1873 UHLAN Maidment William Gilbert 4-8st 8lbs Mr Henry Savile 5/1 fav
1874 SCAMP Glover Charles Blanton 3-6st 8lbs Sir John Dugdale Astley 4/1 fav
1875 FREEMAN George Fordham 6-8st 5lbs Mr Heneage 5/1
1876 HAMPTON Mordan 4-7st 10lbs Mr F G Hobson 6/4 fav
1877 PRINCE GEORGE Huxtable Alec Taylor 4-7st 0lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 100/30 fav
1878 NORWICH George Fordham Alec Taylor 4-7st 3lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 4/1 fav
1879 BAY ARCHER Gallon Alec Taylor 3-6st 8lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 2/1 fav
1880 REVELLER Kellett Hayhoe 4-7st 4lbs Mr R Jardine 3/1 fav
1881 BROWN BESS Weston A Briggs 5-6st 8lbs Mr A Briggs 11/2
1882 FORTISSIMO George Fordham Price 4-8st 3lbs Mr Joseph Davis 100/30 fav
1883 CORRIE ROY C Wood Charles Arnull 5-9st 0lbs Sir F Johnstone 5/2 fav
1884 STOCKHOLM Tomlinson Tom Jennings jnr 4-6st 8lbs Mr A Staub 100/6
1885 LAVERET Tom Cannon Hayhoe 4-8st 5lbs Baron de Rothschild 9/4
1886 WINTER CHERRY Cleminson Alec Taylor 3-5st 7lbs Duke of Beaufort 100/6
1887 CARLTON G Barrett Alec Taylor 4-9st 0lbs Mr Somers 9/4 fav
1888 STOURHEAD G Barrett Alec Taylor aged-7st 11lbs Mr Alec Taylor 4/1
1889 INGRAM T Loates Alec Taylor 4-7st 1lbs Mr Alec Taylor 10/1
1890 PAPYRUS T Loates Joe Cannon 4-7st 12lbs Mr F V Gooch 7/2 fav
1891 WHITE FEATHER Allsopp Burbidge 3-6st 10lbs Mr G A Ralli 100/15
1892 RALPH NEVILLE Finlay Braime 5-7st 12lbs Mr C J Merry 4/1 jt fav
1893 RED EYES G Barrett Joe Cannon 4-8st 1lbs Mr Ellis 100/12
1894 SPINDLE LEG Allsopp Wadlow 4-6st 13lbs Mr T Wadlow 5/1
1895 CAMPANAJO C Ward James Jewitt 3-7st 0lbs Captain Machell 6/1
1896 CARLTON GRANGE Allsopp Ashby 4-7st 0lbs Mr Hamar Bass 6/1
1897 GLUTEN Kempton Cannon Stevens 4-7st 1lbs Mr W G Stevens 5/1
1898 MARIUS II Sam Loates Golding 5-7st 12lbs Mr F Cassel 3/1 fav
1899 MERMAN C Wood W Robinson aged-9st 0lbs Mr Jersey 4/1
1900 JIFFY II J Reiff Huggins 4-7st 9lbs Lord Beresford 7/2
1901 AVIDITY O Madden W Waugh 5-7st 6lbs Sir J Blundell Maple 8/1
1902 TEMPLEMORE G McCall Fallon 4-7st 8lbs Mr W R Purefoy 100/14
1903 GENIUS Randall Alf Sadler junior 5-7st 13lbs Mr H E Randall 100/14
1904 SANDBOY G McCall W Robinson 4-7st 6lbs Mr W Hall Walker 85/20
1905 HIS MAJESTY D Maher George Lambton 4-8st 3lbs Lord Derby 11/2
1906 WINWICK J Plant J Dawson 4-6st 13lbs Lord Ellesmere 25/1
1907 ROYAL DREAM H Randall Morton 4-8st 1lbs Mr J B Joel 3/1 fav
1908 ASTICOT J Plant Lynham 5-6st 12lbs Mr H S Goodson 10/1
1909 LAGOS W Higgs S Pickering 4-8st 6lbs Mr P Nelke 6/1
1910 QUEENS JOURNAL F Wootton G Lambton 4-7st 4lbs Lord Derby 5/1
1911 IGNITION R Stokes Hoyle 3-6st 4lbs Mr Bonas 40/1
1912 IRISH MARINE C Foy Davies 4-8st 1lbs Mr F C Stern 4/1 fav
1913 WASHING DAY R Cooper Pirie 4-7st 5lbs Mr H Savill 5/1
1914 COLLODION Dave Dick Reg Day 3-6st 7lbs Mr G Faber 100/8
1915 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1919 HAKI Joe Childs Alec Taylor aged-9st 0lbs Mr W Cazalet 9/1
1920 ROWLAND T Weston George Lambton 4-6st 13lbs Lord Wolverton 11/2
1921 ARRAVALE B Lynch Whitaker 6-6st 13lbs Mr C R Baron 4/1
1922 FLINT JACK G Smith Ossie Bell 5-8st 3lbs Mr G Plevin 3/1 fav
1923 TROSSACH GIRL Timmins Farquharson 3-7st 0lbs Sir D Broughton 7/1
1924 LONDON CRY Archibald R Marsh 5-8st 8lbs HM The King 100/9
1925 DIAPASON F Fox Gooch 4-8st 10lbs Mr W Read 5/2 fav
1926 BROKEN FAITH A Burns Gooch 9-7st 2lbs Mr W Read 100/12
1927 TRY TRY AGAIN Tommy Weston Harvey Leader 5-7st 10lbs Mr P W Carr 11/2
1928 ARCTIC STAR Charlie Smirke Tabor 4-8st 5lbs Sir M Wilson 13/2
1929 CLEAR CASH F Fox Owen Anthony 4-7st 9lbs Sir John Grey 13/8 fav
1930 JOYOUS GREETING J Dines Sneyd 6-7st 2lbs Mrs Gorlette Glorney 100/7
1931 NOBLE STAR F Fox Cundell 4-8st 11lbs Mr F Cundell 4/1 fav
1932 FORUM II Bill Rickaby C Leader 5-6st 8lbs Captain R Wilson 20/1
1933 PRINCE OXENDON J Caldwell Vic Smyth 5-7st 13lbs Mr C Jackson 100/6
1934 CLARAN F Fox Gooch 5-7st 13lbs Mr H C Sutton 6/1
1935 HOPLITE Harry Wragg Cottrill 4-8st 11lbs Captain Montagu 100/6
1936 AVONDALE P Maher George Lambton 8-7st 3lbs Lady McCalmont 100/8
1937 EPIGRAM P Maher Noel Cannon 4-7st 8lbs Mr James V Rank 5/1 fav
1938 NAVAL DISPLAY M Beary Hogg 4-7st 12lbs Lord Glanely 100/9
SNAKE LIGHTNING Eph Smith Gilpin 4-7st 9lbs Sir H Gray 10/1
1939 VALEDICTORY W Nevett Boyd-Rochfort 4-7st 13lbs Mr J H Whitney 100/9
1940 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1946 REYNARD VOLANT Eph Smith Jack Jarvis 4-7st 13lbs Sir John Jarvis 7/4 fav
1947 STRATHMORE Sidebotham R Bennett 4-7st 1lbs M Hutchinson 100/8
1948 AURALIA Doug Smith R Day 5-9st 6lbs Mrs A Johnstone 100/8
1949 HARLECH Charlie Elliott E Williams 4-8st 8lbs Mrs E Williams 9/2
1950 STRATHSPEY Scobie Breasley Cannon 5-9st 0lbs Mr James V Rank 3/1 fav
1951 VEUILLIN Manny Mercer Bisgood 4-7st 13lbs Mr R Costain 8/1
1952 FRENCH DESIGN R Arnold George Todd 5-8st 12lbs Mr S C Banks 100/8
1953 PAPILLIO W Carr Boyd-Rochfort 4-8st 6lbs Sir H de Trafford 11/2
1954 OSBORNE W Carr Boyd-Rochfort 4-8st 6lbs Brigadier W Wyatt 100/7
1955 FRENCH DESIGN V Gardner Todd 4-8st 12lbs Mr S C Banks 9/1
1956 TERRINGTON N Pearson W Marshall 5-6st 10lbs Mr E Somers 100/6
1957 PERSIAN FLAG W H Carr W Nightingall 4-8st 7lbs Colonel F Halse 13/2 fav
1958 PREDOMINATE Eph Smith T Leader 6-8st 8lbs Mr H Joel 100/9
1959 PREDOMINATE Eph Smith T Leader 7-9st 5lbs Mr H Joel 3/1
1960 PREDOMINATE Eph Smith T Leader 8-9st 5lbs Mr H Joel 15/8 fav
1961 ALCOVE Doug Smith J Watts 4-8st 5lbs Lord Derby 11/2
1962 GOLDEN FIRE David Yates Doug Marks 4-8st 1lbs Mr C Ridley 13/2
1963 GOLDEN FIRE David Yates Doug Marks 5-8st 9lbs Mr C Ridley 10/1
1964 TREE LEOPARD Joe Mercer W Hern 5-8st 8lbs Lord Durham 100/8
1965 GOLD AURA Stan Clayton Boyd-Rochfort 5-8st 8lbs HM The Queen 5/1
1966 ALL FOUND David Maitland Blagrave 4-7st 11lbs Mr H Blagrave 10/1
1967 TUBALCAIN Geoff Lewis Goddard 6-8st 13lbs Mr H Fellowes 8/1
1968 ACHARACLE Brian Taylor T Leader 4-8st 7lbs Mr J K Munro 100/8
1969 AMBERWOOD A Errington C Benstead 4-8st 5lbs Colonel J D Clague 7/1
1970 PRIDE OF ALCIDE Greville Starkey Henry Cecil 4-8st 7lbs Sir Humphrey de Trafford 5/1
1971 COSSALL Pat Eddery Ryan Jarvis 4-7st 10lbs Mrs F G Allen 5/1
1972 BISKRAH Joe Mercer Scobie Breasley 5-9st 3lbs Lady Beaverbrook 6/1
1973 PAMROY Geoff Lewis Scobie Breasley 4-8st 4lbs Mr A Kennedy 4/1
1974 REINE BEAU Alan Bond Masson 4-7st 7lbs Mr M Vine 10/1
1975 DUBROVNIK Philip Waldron Henry Candy 4-8st 8lbs Mr H Oppenheimer 5/1
1976 SEA ANCHOR Joe Mercer W Hern 4-10st 0lbs Mr R Hollingsworth 5/2 fav
1977 SEA KESTREL Denis McKay Mrs R Lomax 6-7st 7lbs Mrs C Emmett 10/1
1978 CAPORELLO Eric Eldin Pritchard-Gordon 4-9st 2lbs Dr J Hernandez 6/1
1979 THE SOLENT Joe Mercer Henry Cecil 3-8st 7lbs Mr H Joel 5/2 fav
1980 HEIGHLIN Pat Eddery David Elsworth 4-9st 12lbs Woodside Engineers Cwmbran 5/4 fav
1981 CASTELNAU Pat Eddery Paul Cole 3-8st 5lbs Doublet Ltd 3/1
1982 ATLANTIC TRAVELLER Edward Hide J Watts 5-8st 7lbs Mr C Campbell Golding 17/2
1983 MORGANS CHOICE Willie Carson C J Hill 6-8st 6lbs Mr C Hill 7/2 fav
1984 ACK ACK REGIMENT Richard Fox Paul Cole 4-7st 13lbs Dr K Menon 6/1
1985 OBERTURA Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 3-8st 11lbs Prince Khalid Abdulla 9/4 fav
1986 SARFRAZ Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 3-9st 7lbs Prince Khalid Abdulla 4/1
1987 ACTINIUM Pat Eddery John Jenkins 4-9st 3lbs Mr T Millar 5/1
1988 DAM BUSTERS Pat Eddery Mrs Lester Piggott 3-9st 9lbs Mrs Darryl Myers 7/1
1989 LATE CUT Mark Rimmer Hugh Collingridge 4-8st 4lbs Mr C Bain 20/1
1990 MAKE CONTACT Pat Eddery Reg Akehurst 4-9st 2lbs Mr Seymour Cohn 9/4 fav
1991 HAITHAM Pat Eddery Reg Akehurst 4-9st 5lbs Norman Barnes 5/1
1992 BARDOLPH Richard Quinn Paul Cole 5-8st 10lbs Sir George Meyrick 13/2
1993 AAHSAYLAD John Williams J White 7-9st 8lbs Ms M Horan 4/1 jt fav
1994 HARLESTONE BROOK Willie Carson John Dunlop 4-9st 4lbs Mr John Dunlop 15/2
1995 IMAD Dale Gibson J White 5-7st 12lbs Alan Brackley 16/1
1996 SOUTHERN POWER Richard Quinn Reg Akehurst 5-10st 0lbs Lucayan Stud 7/2
1997 CLOUD INSPECTOR Jason Weaver Mark Johnston 6-9st 4lbs Markus Graff 8/1
1998 PUTERI WENTWORTH Jimmy Fortune Gay Kelleway 4-8st 6lbs Sultan Ahmad Shah 10/1
1999 HIGH & MIGHTY Frankie Dettori John Gosden 4-10st 0lbs Sheikh Mohammed 2/1 fav
2000 LAFFAH Richard Hughes Gary Moore 5-8st 5lbs Richard Green Fine Paintings 6/1
2001 HUGS DANCER Dean McKeown James Given 4-8st 4lbs J G White 11/1
2002 HUGS DANCER Dean McKeown James Given 5-9st 6lbs J G White 7/2 fav
2003 KNAVESMIRE OMEN Darryll Holland Mark Johnston 4-9st 12lbs The Omen Partnership 7/1
2004 ALRIDA Paul Hanagan Richard Fahey 5-7st 12lbs Mark Russell & Friends 11/2
2005 AFRAD Kieren Fallon Nicky Henderson 4-9st 7lbs The Not Afraid Partnership 5/1 fav
2006 KEY TIME Seb Sanders Sir Mark Prescott 4-9st 1lbs G Moore Osborne House 5/1 jt fav
2007 SECRET PLAY Steve Drowne Hughie Morrison 7-8st 6lbs A M Carding 16/1
2008 BADDAM Johnny Murtagh Ian Williams 6-9st 4lbs N Martin 12/1
2009 SWEETHEART Liam Jones Jamie Poulton 5-8st 1lbs R W Huggins 8/1
2010 GHIMAAR Eddie Ahern Nicky Henderson 5-9st 7lbs Martin George 6/1 fav
2011 HOLLINS Paul Hanagan Micky Hammond 7-8st 10lbs R D Bickenson 20/1
2012 HURRICANE HIGGINS Joe Fanning Mark Johnston 4-9st 10lbs A D Spence 14/1
2013 BROXBOURNE Joe Fanning Mark Johnston 4-9st 0lbs Ready to Run Partnership 7/1
2014 TEAK Silvestre De Sousa Ian Williams 7-8st 6lbs Farranamanagh 33/1
2015 SANDS OF FORTUNE Willie Twiston Davies Nigel Twiston Davies 6-8st 8lbs E E Williams 16/1
2016 STAR RIDER Jimmy Fortune Hughie Morrison 4-8st 13lbs Ben & Sir Martyn Arbib 11/1
2017 COOL SKY Josephine Gordon Ian Williams 8-8st 2lbs Norte Sur Partnership 25/1
2018 LIL ROCKERFELLER Silvestre De Sousa Neil King 7-8st 13lbs Davies, Smith, Govier, Brown 11/4 fav
2019 TIMOSHENKO Luke Morris Sir Mark Prescott 4-8st 0lbs Middleham Park Racing 9/1
2020 JUST HUBERT Tom Marquand William Muir 4-8st 8lbs Foursome Thoroughbreds 25/1
2021 CALLING THE WIND Pat Dobbs Richard Hughes 5-8st 13lbs Mrs J A Wakefield 8/1
2022 MASTER MILLINER Sean Levey Emma Lavelle 6-9st 1lbs Mrs Jennifer Simpson Racing 14/1