Gordon Stakes

The Gordon Stakes, named after the Duke of Gordon, one of the many dukedoms held by the Duke of Richmond, was first contested over 1 mile 2 furlongs when open to 3-year-olds and above. The present-day version of the race was established in 1902 over 1 mile 3 furlongs and 218 yards, although that running was open to 3-year-olds and above, whereas from 1903 onwards it was restricted to 3-year-olds and is used as a St Leger trial. For a period of time it did not form part of the Glorious Goodwood Festival, being run at a different time of the year, but now it is held on the 3rd day of the 5 day Festival.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Gordon Stakes was on Thursday 30th July 1891 when Lord Zetland’s Patrick Blue defeated Yard Arm and Martenhurst, although the 1902 version went to Osbech, and the 1903 version, which is the present-day version of the race, was won by Zinfandel.

Favourites have a 45% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £52 Profit.
Gordon Stakes Group 3 1 mile 2 furlongs
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1891 PATRICK BLUE Jimmy Woodburn 3-8st 0lbs (Enoch) Lord Zetland 7/2
1892 BUCCANEER G Barrett 4-9st 3lbs (Pickering) Lord Rosslyn 4/7 fav
1893 ORME Monrington Cannon 4-9st 12lbs (John Porter) Duke of Westminster 4/6 fav
1894 Race not staged this year
1895 REMINDER John Watts 4-9st 3lbs (Marsh) Baron de Hirsch 8/15 fav
1896 SHADDOCK Mornington Cannon 3-8st 10lbs (John Porter) Duke of Westminster 15/100 fav
1897 Race not staged this year
1898 Race not staged this year
1899 Race not staged this year
1900 Race not staged this year
1901 Race not staged this year
1902 OSBECH W Halsey aged-9st 4lbs (Percy Peck) Lord Durham 8/11 fav
1903 ZINFANDEL M Cannon 3-8st 10lbs (Majot Beatty) Lord Howard de Walden 2/5 fav
1904 DELAUNAY W Lane 3-9st 7lbs (Peter P Gilpin) Mr P P Gilpin 1/10 fav
1905 DINNEFORD J Rogers 3-8st 7lbs (T Doyle) Mr Reid Walker 5/2
1906 VICTORIOUS D Maher 3-9st 4lbs (G Lambton) Lord Derby 9/4
1907 GALVANI B Dillon 3-9st 7lbs (P P Gilpin) Major E Loder 6/4 fav
1908 PUTCHAMIN O Madden 3-8st 7lbs (R Marsh) Lord Wolverton 10/1
1909 MOSCATO C Trigg 3-9st 7lbs (Alec Taylor) Mr Washington Singer 5/2 fav
1910 CARDINAL BEAUFORT D Maher 3-9st 0lbs (Captain Dewhurst) Mr St Aubyn 7/4 fav
1911 PRINCE PALATINE Steve Donoghue 3-9st 7lbs (Beardsley) Mr T Pilkington 11/4
1912 FANTASIO Walter Earl 3-8st 7lbs (J Smith) Mr W Hall Walker 5/6 fav
1913 AUGUR Wal Griggs 3-8st 4lbs (P P Gilpin) Major Eustace Loder 11/4
1914 MY PRINCE Wal Griggs 3-9st 7lbs (C Waugh) Lord St Davids Evens fav
1915 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1919 SIR DOUGLAS G Hulme 3-10st 0lbs (Atty Persse) Mr Atty Persse 4/7 fav
1920 THE ALDER Joe Childs 3-8st 0lbs (Alec Taylor) Mr Cazalet 6/4
1921 STANISLAUS S Donoghue 3-8st 0lbs (George Lambton) Lord Derby 5/6 fav
1922 TAMAR F Bullock 3-9st 0lbs (Alec Taylor) Lord Astor 1/5 fav
1923 BOLD AND BAD F Bullock 3-9st 10lbs (Alec Taylor) Lord Astor 4/7 fav
1924 BLACK SHEEP F Bullock 3-8st 0lbs (Alec Taylor) Lord Astor 5/4
1925 KENTISH KNOCK T Weston 3-9st 10lbs (George Lambton) Mrs A James 11/8 fav
1926 THISTLEDOWN Henri Jelliss Basil Jarvis 3-8st 3lbs Mr J P Hornung 7/4 fav
1927 TIGER HILL Henri Jelliss Colledge Leader 3-8st 3lbs Colonel M Hughes 9/4
1928 CYCLONIC R Jones Basil Jarvis 3-9st 10lbs Major J Courtauld 9/2
1929 DEFOE F Fox Fred Darling 3-8st 3lbs Lord Woolavington 9/4 fav
1930 PRESS GANG F Fox Fred Darling 3-9st 10lbs Lord Woolavington 1/2 fav
UT MAJEUR M Beary R Dawson 3-9st 0lbs HH Aga Khan 5/2
1931 ROSE EN SOLEIL Dick Perryman D Waugh 3-9st 4lbs Lord Howard de Walden 2/5 fav
1932 FIRDAUSSI M Beary Frank Butters 3-9st 3lbs HH Aga Khan 4/6 fav
1933 PAVERN Gordon Richards Basil Jarvis 3-8st 0lbs Mr J P Hornung 8/11 fav
1934 BRIGHT BIRD R Dick Lawson 3-9st 10lbs Lord Astor 4/6 fav
1935 BIDEFORD BAY Eph Smith Sneyd 3-8st 11lbs Mr A E Berry 4/1
1936 MAGNET Gordon Richards Templeman 3-9st 0lbs Lord Hirst 3/1
1937 PERIFOX P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort 3-9st 4lbs Mr William Woodward 4/11 fav
1938 VALEDICTORY P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort 3-8st 3lbs Mr Whitney 6/1
1939 WHEATLAND Tommy Burns R Dawson 3-9st 4lbs Mr W Barnett 11/4
1940 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1946 FAST AND FAIR Cliff Richards Lawson 3-9st 2lbs Lord Astor 5/1
1947 MERRY QUIP T Weston Cannon 3-9st 7lbs Mr James V Rank 4/11 fav
1948 NATHCO Gordon Richards Frank Butters 3-9st 7lbs HH Aga Khan 7/2
1949 ROYAL FOREST Gordon Richards Noel Murless 3-9st 2lbs Mr R Macdonald-Buchanan 1/8 fav
1950 FOXBORO Bill Rickaby Vic Smyth 3-8st 7lbs Mr G R Harper 100/9
1951 PRINCE D'OUILLY Gordon Richards Warden 3-8st 7lbs M F Dupre 4/7 fav
1952 GAY TIME Gordon Richards Walter Nightngall 3-8st 7lbs HM The Queen 2/15 fav
1953 PRINCE CANARINA Doug Smith Harvey Leader 3-8st 7lbs Lady Bullough 1/3 fav
1954 BRILLIANT GREEN Eph Smith Watson 3-7st 13lbs Mr James de Rothschild 5/2 fav
1955 MANATI W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort 3-8st 7lbs Mr R Sharples 100/8
1956 DACIAN Willie Snaith H Cottrill 3-8st 7lbs Major Lionel Holliday 10/1
1957 PIPE OF PEACE Scobie Breasley Gordon Richards 3-8st 7lbs Mr Stavros Niarchos 4/6 fav
1958 GUERSILLUS Edward Hide Elsey 3-8st 12lbs Mr Phil Bull 13/8
1959 ABOVE SUSPICION Doug Smith Boyd-Rochfort 3-8st 12lbs HM The Queen Evens fav
1960 KIPLING Geoff Lewis Peter Hastings-Bass 3-8st 12lbs Lord Sefton 6/1
1961 PARDAO W Carr Boyd-Rochfort 3-8st 12lbs Mrs C Iselin 10/11 fav
1962 GAY CHALLENGER Ron Hutchinson John Oxx 3-8st 7lbs Mrs M Philipps 5/1
1963 TIGER Scobie Breasley Gordon Richards 3-8st 12lbs Mr Michael Sobell 100/30
1964 SWEET MOSS Lester Piggott Noel Murless 3-8st 12lbs Lady Sassoon 11/2
1965 KING LOG Ron Hutchinson George Todd 3-8st 2lbs Mrs W R-Smith 4/1
1966 KHALEKAN Lake Paddy Prendergast 3-8st 2lbs Mr E More O'Ferrall 3/1 fav
1967 SUN ROCK George Moore Noel Murless 3-8st 12lbs Mrs V Hue-Williams 11/4 jt fav
1968 MOUNT ATHOS Ron Hutchinson John Dunlop 3-8st 11lbs Mr A J Struthers 4/7 fav
1969 HARMONY HALL Bill Williamson Gordon Smyth 3-8st 12lbs Sir H Wernher 5/1
1970 ROCK ROI Geoff Lewis Peter Walwyn 3-8st 7lbs Mr F R Hue-Williams 3/1
1971 ATHENS WOOD Greville Starkey Thomson Jones 3-8st 7lbs Mrs J Rogerson 7/4 fav
1972 SCOTTISH RIFLE Ron Hutchinson Thomson Jones 3-8st 7lbs Mr A Struthers 4/6 fav
1973 DUKE OF RAGUSA Jon Gorton Bruce Hobbs 3-8st 10lbs Lord Rosebery 11/8
1974 GREY THUNDER Willie Carson Clive Brittain 3-8st 10lbs Mr C Elliot 25/1
1975 GUILLAUME TELL Lester Piggott M V O'Brien 3-8st 10lbs Mrs W Haefner 11/8 fav
1976 SMUGGLER Joe Mercer W Hern 3-8st 13lbs Lord Porchester 7/2
1977 POLLERTON Christy Roche Paddy Prendergast 3-8st 10lbs Mrs R Vereker 11/2
1978 SEXTON BLAKE Edward Hide Barry Hills 3-8st 10lbs Mr T Motley 100/30
1979 MORE LIGHT Willie Carson W Hern 3-8st 10lbs Mr R Budgett 5/2
1980 PRINCE BEE Willie Carson W Hern 3-8st 10lbs Sir Michael Sobell 5/4 fav
1981 BUSTOMI Willie Carson W Hern 3-9st 2lbs Lady Beaverbrook 3/1
1982 ELECTRIC Greville Starkey Michael Stoute 3-8st 13lbs Mr R Clifford Turner 25/1
1983 JOHN FRENCH Lester Piggott Henry Cecil 3-8st 10lbs Mr Charles St George 4/1
1984 COMMANCHE RUN Lester Piggott Luca Cumani 3-8st 10lbs Mr I Allen 7/2 jt fav
1985 KAZAROUN Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute 3-8st 10lbs HH Aga Khan 10/1
1986 ALLEZ MILORD Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 3-8st 10lbs Mr J Brody 11/10 fav
1987 LOVE THE GROOM Willie Carson John Dunlop 3-9st 2lbs Mrs V Gaucci Del Bono 6/4 fav
1988 MINSTER SON Willie Carson W Hern 3-8st 10lbs Dowager Lady Beaverbrook 2/1 fav
1989 WARRSHAN Walter Swinburn Sir Michael Stoute 3-8st 10lbs Sheikh Mohammed 3/1
1990 KARINGA BAY Brian Rouse Denys Smith 3-8st 10lbs Mr Ken Higson 13/2
1991 STYLISH SENOR George Duffield James Fanshawe 3-8st 10lbs Dexa Tex Decorations 11/4
1992 BONNY SCOT Frankie Dettori Luca Cumani 3-8st 10lbs Lord Weinstock 6/1
1993 RIGHT WIN John Reid Richard Hannon 3-8st 10lbs Canal Kavanagh 3/1 fav
1994 BROADWAY FLYER Michael Hills John Hills 3-8st 13lbs S Al Kabeer 11/2
1995 PRESENTING Frankie Dettori John Gosden 3-8st 10lbs George Strawbridge 7/4 fav
1996 ST MAWES Kevin Darley John Dunlop 3-8st 10lbs Lord Swaything 12/1
1997 STOWAWAY Kevin Darley Saeed Bin Suroor 3-8st 10lbs Godolphin 100/30 jt fav
1998 NEDAWI Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor 3-8st 10lbs Godolphin 5/1
RABAH Richard Hills John Dunlop 3-8st 10lbs Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum 5/2
1999 COMPTON ACE Kieren Fallon Gerard Butler 3-8st 10lbs Erik Penser 12/1
2000 MILLENARY Richard Quinn John Dunlop 3-8st 13lbs L Neil Jones 9/1
2001 ALEXIUS Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute 3-8st 10lbs Sheikh Mohammed 7/1
2002 BANDARI Willie Supple Mark Johnston 3-8st 13lbs Hamdan Al Maktoum 15/8
2003 PHOENIX REACH Darryll Holland Andrew Balding 3-8st 10lbs Winterbeck Manor Stud 12/1
2004 MARAAHEL Richard Hills Sir Michael Stoute 3-8st 10lbs Hamdan Al Maktoum 9/4
2005 THE GEEZER Richard Quinn David Elsworth 3-8st 10lbs Mr Jeff Smith 3/1
2006 SIXTIES ICON Frankie Dettori Jeremy Noseda 3-9st 0lbs Mrs Susan Roy 7/4 fav
2007 YELLOWSTONE Johnny Murtagh Aiden O'Brien 3-9st 0lbs Smith, Magnier, Tabor 5/2 jt fav
2008 CONDUIT Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 3-9st 0lbs Ballymacoll Stud 1/2 fav
2009 HARBINGER Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 3-9st 0lbs Highclere Thoroughbred Racing 11/4 fav
2010 REBEL SOLDIER Ryan Moore Jeremy Noseda 3-9st 0lbs Hon Earle Mack 4/1 fav
2011 NAMIBIAN Silvestre De Sousa Mark Johnston 3-9st 3lbs Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 7/1
2012 NOBLE MISSION Tom Queally Sir Henry Cecil 3-9st 0lbs Prince Khaled Abdullah 11/4
2013 CAP O'RUSHES Mickael Barzalona Charlie Appleby 3-9st 0lbs Godolphin 9/2
2014 SNOW SKY James Doyle Sir Michael Stoute 3-9st 1lbs Prince Khaled Abdullah 9/2
2015 HIGHLAND REEL Joseph O'Brien Aidan O'Brien 3-9st 1lbs Smith, Magnier, Tabor 7/4 fav
2016 ULYSSES Andrea Atzeni Sir Michael Stoute 3-9st 1lbs Flaxman Stables 9/2
2017 CRYSTAL OCEAN Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 3-9st 1lbs Sir Evelyn De Rothschild 6/4 fav
2018 CROSS COUNTER William Buick Charlie Appleby 3-9st 1lbs Godolphin 7/4
2019 NAYEF ROAD Silvestre De Sousa Mark Johnston 3-9st 1lbs Mohammed Obaida 9/1
2020 MOGUL Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien 3-9st 1lbs Smith, Magnier, Tabor 9/2
2021 OTTOMAN EMPEROR Ben Coen Johnny Murtagh 3-9st 1lbs OTI Racing 11/1
2022 NEW LONDON William Buick Charlie Appleby 3-9st 3lbs Godolphin 6/4 fav