Weekly Challenge


10 points are given for each correct answer to the 20 questions given below. Maximum points available are 200.

Email your 20 answers by 9pm this evening to

No. 1 William Dorling produced his first official Epsom Derby List (racecard) for the 1827 Derby, although one exists for the 1825 Epsom Oaks. Who owned the 1827 Epsom Derby winner and what were his racing colours?
No. 2 Which present day racecourse is closest in distance, by road, to HARROGATE (Conference Centre)?
No. 3

Which present day racecourse is shown below:-

No. 4 Which horse was returned with the largest SP when winning a UK race; on which course did it occur and what was its price?
No. 5

Lester Piggott, with 30 English Classic victories, tops the list, but which jockeys are second and third in the all-time list, and how many Classic victories did each of them have?

No. 6

Which horse is the shortest priced loser in British Racing history, and what was its price and its jockey in that race?

No. 7

Whose racing colours are shown below?

No. 8

Although 6 fillies have won the Epsom Derby, few enter these days, but what is the most recent filly to be placed in the Epsom Derby?

No. 9

Which horses have won the Grand National after being unplaced in the Champion Hurdle?

No. 10

What were Fred Archer's first and last Flat race winners, and at which racecourse did they each occur?

No. 11

Which Epsom Derby winner is shown below?

No. 12 I have a successful £1 win Yankee with 3/1, 5/2, 4/1 and 10/1 winners. What percentage of my overall winnings were from the 6 doubles?
No. 13

Which multiple Derby winning jockey is shown below?

No. 14

Who is the oldest rider to win the Grand National and which horse provided him with that victory?

No. 15

On which horse, on which racecourse, and on which day did Lester Piggott have his first Flat race winner?

No. 16

Who is the youngest jockey to win the Epsom Derby and which horse was he aboard?

No. 17

Who is the only jockey to have completed the Spring Double, albeit in different years, and which horse did he ride in each of the races?

No. 18

Which present day racecourse issued the members badge shown below?

No. 19

Three clues to a racing personality:- NOTTINGHAM, DREAM AHEAD, Born 3rd January 1983

Who is the personality?

No. 20 I have a 5-horse £1 win accumulator which pays me £8085, including my stake. What were the SPs of each of the 5 horses?


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