Weekend Challenge


10 points are given for each correct answer to the 20 questions given below. Maximum points available are 200.

Email your 20 answers by 9pm this evening to

No. 1 When the famous, colourful tipster, Prince Monolulu, first attended the Epsom Derby which horse won it?
No. 2 What were the famous jockey Fred Archer's racing colours?
No. 3

Which present day racecourse is shown below:-

No. 4

Which horse won the 1853 Tradesmen's Plate, known today as the Chester Cup, and why was his owner infamous?

No. 5

Which horse only won 2 races in its life, the Epsom Derby and a Selling race?

No. 6

Which horse is next in this sequence of winners?

Blue Iris, Miss Stamper, Lord Kintyre, Flanders, Don Puccini, .........................

No. 7

Whose racing colours are shown below?

No. 8

When Hellespont won the 1840 Wokingham Stakes, trailing behind was Colonel Wyndham's filly by Nonsense. Who rode the filly, what weight did it carry and, amazingly, what was the jockey's actual body weight?

No. 9

What was the first American bred winner of the Epsom Derby and what were its owners racing colours?

No. 10

The Bookmaker's worst nightmare occurred in October 1866; a 2-horse race with both horses having the same name. Mr Alexander's horse defeated Baron Rothschild's horse for the right to solely retain its name for the 1867 season. What was the name of the winning (or losing) horse?

No. 11

Which horse contested 7 Grand Nationals with 6 different jockeys? On the 4 occasions it was unplaced its 3 jockeys went on to live long lives, whilst on the 3 occasions it was placed in the first 4 each of the 3 jockeys were killed in race riding accidents shortly afterwards?

No. 12 When REAPER won a race in 1898 the SP in The Sportsman was 5/1, while in the Sporting Life it was 5/2. Where did the race take place?
No. 13

What is the name of the third horse in a famous treble which also involved Ankerwyke and Opera Cloak?

No. 14

I travel from Lands End to John O'Groats by the shortest road distance. I stop exactly half way on that journey. Which present day racecourse am I closest to at my stopping point?

No. 15

Which horses filled the first 3 places in the 1925 London Autumn Cup at Alexandra Park and what were their respective SP's in the Sporting Life and Sporting Chronicle?

No. 16 In the Fruity Stakes at Orchard Park racecourse the betting was:-

A bookmaker manages to lay the perfect book, winning exactly the same amount whichever horse wins. Given that he had to pay winning punters £1500, how much profit did he make on the race?
No. 17

Which multiple Classic winning jockey is shown below?

No. 18

Which present day racecourse issued the members badge shown below?

No. 19

Three clues to a racing personality:- Radio Rental, won 2 Haydock Sprint Cups, Born 13th April 1904

Who is the personality?

No. 20 There are 5 English and 5 Irish Classics, so anyone who rode the winner of all 10 Classics, and later trained the winner of all 10 Classics would achieve the maximum score of 20. How many points did Lester Piggott score, and which person has scored the most points?


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