Royal Ascot: Hardwicke Stakes

The Hardwicke Stakes, held on the final day of the Royal meeting, is a Group 2 race over 1 mile 3 furlongs and 211 yards and is open to horses aged four years or older. The race is named in honour of the 5th Earl of Hardwicke, the Master of the Buckhounds in Benjamin Disraeli’s government from 1874 to 1880. The race was named in his honour in 1879, but he was an inveterate gambler who had huge debts with Agar-Robartes Bank and had to try to sell his Wimpole Hall Estate in Cambridgeshire in 1891. However, it failed to sell at auction and Lord Robartes, chairman of the Bank, had to accept the Estate in settlement of the debt.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Hardwicke Stakes over a mile and a half of the Swinley Course took place on Friday 13th June 1879 with £2000 added prize money and a massive 168 subscribers at 10 sovereigns each. The race was won by Lord Bradford's Chippendale, beating Lord Falmouth's Silvio and Mr W Crawfurd's Lancastrian by a head and 10 lengths in 2 minutes 56 seconds.

Over the entire history of the race 40% of favourites have been successful. (11th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 15.4% loss. (24th out of 32 races)

Hardwicke Stakes Stakes 1 1/2 miles
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1879 CHIPPENDALE J Osborne Wadlow 3-8st 8lbs Lord Bradford 100/8
1880 EXETER Cannon Charles Blanton 4-9st 0lbs Mr Charles Blanton 4/1
1881 PETER Fred Archer Sherrard 5-9st 12lbs Sir J D Astley 5/4 fav
1882 TRISTAN George Fordham Tom Jennings jnr 4-9st 10lbs Mr C J Lefevre 8/13 fav
1883 TRISTAN Fred Webb Tom Jennings jnr 5-9st 12lbs Mr C J Lefevre 5/4 fav
1884 TRISTAN Fred Webb Tom Jennings jnr 6-9st 1lbs Mr C J Lefevre 100/30
1885 BENDIGO J Snowden Jousiffe 5-9st 12lbs Mr H T Barclay 4/6 fav
1886 ORMONDE G Barrett John Porter 3-8st 8lbs Duke of Westminster 30/100 fav
1887 ORMONDE Tom Cannon John Porter 4-9st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 4/5 fav
1888 MINTING Fred Webb Mathew Dawson 5-9st 12lbs Mr R C Vyner 6/100 fav
1889 GULLIVER Rickaby William A Jarvis 3-8st 5lbs Mr C D Rose 7/1
1890 AMPHION Tom Cannon Chandler 4-9st 10lbs General Byrne 6/1
1891 L'ABBESSE DE JOUARRE Morny Cannon Sherwood 5-9st 9lbs Lord Dunraven 5/6 fav
1892 ST DAMIEN Jimmy Woodburn William A Jarvis 3-7st 12lbs Mr C D Rose 11/10
1893 WATERCRESS G Barrett Richard Marsh 4-9st 10lbs Baron De Hirsch 60/100 fav
1894 RAVENSBURY Morny Cannon William A Jarvis 4-9st 10lbs Mr C D Rose 6/1
1895 BARBARY Sam Loates Golding 4-9st 10lbs M R Labaudy 9/1
1896 SHADDOCK Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 5lbs Duke of Westminster 11/8 fav
1897 BAY RONALD Bradford Tom Jennings jnr 4-9st 7lbs Mr L Brassey 11/10 fav
1898 COLLAR Otto Madden John Porter 3-7st 12lbs Duke of Westminster 15/8 fav
1899 NINUS C Wood G Platt 4-9st 10lbs Prince Soltykoff 7/4 fav
1900 BONIFACE E Rigby Tom Jennings jnr 4-8st 4lbs Mr L Brassey 10/1
1901 MERRY GAL Lester Reiff W Robinson 4-9st 7lbs Mr W Hall Walker 4/7 fav
1902 JOSHUA W Halsey John Dawson 3-7st 13lbs Lord Ellesmere 100/7
1903 SCEPTRE F Hardy Alec Taylor 4-9st 7lbs Mr William Bass 10/11 fav
1904 ROCK SAND Danny Maher Blackwell 4-9st 10lbs Sir J Miller 13/8
1905 BACHELOR'S BUTTON Danny Maher Charles Peck 6-9st 12lbs Mr Solly Joel 3/1
1906 WOMBWELL J H Martin W Waugh 3-7st 7lbs Duke of Portland 10/1
1907 BEPPO W Higgs F Pratt 4-9st 10lbs Mr J A De Rothschild 4/5 fav
1908 BEMBO Wal Griggs R C Dawson 3-7st 7lbs Lord Carnarvon 7/1
1909 PRIMER Walter Earl W Waugh 4-8st 4lbs Duke of Portland 10/1
1910 SWYNFORD F Wootton George Lambton 3-7st 7lbs Lord Derby 7/1
1911 SWYNFORD F Wootton George Lambton 4-9st 0lbs Lord Derby 4/11 fav
1912 STEDFAST F Wootton George Lambton 4-9st 10lbs Lord Derby 2/9 fav
1913 LANCASTER Danny Maher Tom Cannon jnr 4-9st 0lbs Colonel C Lambton 4/1
1914 PETER THE HERMIT R Watson Withington 3-7st 7lbs Mr H J King 7/1
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 SIR DOUGLAS G Hulme Atty Persse 3-7st 12lbs Sir H Meux 2/5 fav
1920 BLACK GAUNTLET F Bullock East Lord Wyfold 7/2
1921 FRANKLIN Steve Donoghue R Dawson Lord Carnarvon 7/1
1922 WELSH SPEAR G Archibald P Gilpin Lord Queensborough 5/1
1923 CHOSROES G Smith Atty Persse Sir H Meux 15/8
1924 CHOSROES G Archibald Atty Persse Sir H Meux 10/1
1925 HURSTWOOD V Smyth Taylor Mr S Tattersall 10/11 fav
1926 LANCEGAYE S Donoghue Taylor Mr Washington Singer 1/4 fav
1927 CORONACH Joe Childs Fred Darling Lord Woolavington 30/100 fav
1928 FOLIATION R Jones Lawson Mr S Tattersall 2/1 fav
1929 POSTERITY L Cordell Sneyd Mrs C Glorney 5/1
1930 ALCESTER J Childs W Jarvis Lord Harewood 10/1
1931 ORPEN R A Jones Lawson Sir John Rutherford 8/11 fav
1932 GOYESCAS S Donoghue Basil Jarvis M M Boussac 9/2
1933 LIMELIGHT J Childs W Jarvis HM The King 7/1
1934 COTONEASTER G Nicoll Templeman Mr E Thornton-Smith 9/1
1935 J R SMITH G Richards Boyd-Rochfort Mr M Field 4/1
1936 CORRIDA E C Elliott J Watts M M Boussac 8/1
1937 MID-DAY SUN M Beary F S Butters Mrs G B Miller 2/1 fav
1938 MARATANA T Weston Lawson Sir Abe Bailey 11/4 fav
1939 POINTIS D Smith Frank Butters Prince Aly Khan 100/8
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 PRIAM II E C Elliott France M M Boussac 4/11 fav
1947 NIRGAL C Elliott France M M Boussac 2/1
1948 SAYAJIRAO C Smirke F Armstrong HH Maharajah of Baroda 13/8
1949 HELIOSCOPE Joe Sime Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 20/1
1950 PETER FLOWER Bill Rickaby Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery 6/5 fav
1951 SATURN Doug Smith G Colling Lord Derby 9/2
1952 DYNAMITER E C Elliott France M M Boussac 7/2
1953 GUERSANT P Blanc France Baron Guy De Rothschild Evens fav
1954 AUREOLE E Smith Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 8/11 fav
1955 ELOPMENT L PIggott N Murless Sir V Sassoon Evens
1956 HUGH LUPUS W Johnstone N Murless Lady Ursula Vernon 100/30
1957 FRIC J Deforge J Lawson F L Calmann 11/10 fav
1958 BRIOCHE E Britt Elsey Mr W Humble 7/2
1959 IMPATIENT J Lindley Gosden Sir H Wernher 10/1
1960 AGGRESSOR J Lindley Gosden Sir H Wernher 7/2
1961 ST PADDY L Piggott Murless Sir Victor Sassoon 4/9 fav
1962 AURELIUS A Breasley N Murless Mrs V Lilley 8/13 fav
1963 MIRALGO W Williamson H Wragg Mr G Oldham 100/30
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 SODERINI G Lewis Ingham Mr L Lawrence 3/1
1966 PROMINER D Lake P Prendergast Mr J Mullion 4/1
1967 SALVO R Hutchinson H Wragg Mr G Oldham 7/4 jt fav
1968 HOPEFUL VENTURE Barclay Murless HM The Queen 4/6 fav
1969 PARK TOP G Lewis Van Cutsem Duke of Devonshire 11/8 fav
1970 KARABAS L Piggott Van Cutsem Lord Iveagh 11/8 fav
1971 ORTIS D Keith P Walwyn Dr C Vittadini 9/2
1972 SELHURST G Lewis Murless Mr H Joel 11/4
1973 RHEINGOLD Y St Martin Barry Hills Mr H Zelsel 1/5 fav
1974 RELAY RACE L Piggott H Cecil Sir R Macdonald-Buchanan 10/11 fav
1975 CHARLIE BUBBLES P Eddery P Walwyn Mr L Salmar 12/1
1976 ORANGE BAY P Eddery P Walwyn Dr Carlo Vittadini 9/2
1977 MENEVAL L Piggott M V O'Brien Mrs G Getty 2/1 fav
1978 MONTCONTOUR Y Saint-Martin M Zilber Mrs H Hausmann 20/1
1979 OBRAZTSOVY B Taylor H R Price Mr R Sangster 9/4 jt fav
1980 SCORPIO P Paquet F Boutin Mr G Oldham 2/1 fav
1981 PELERIN B Taylor H Wragg Sir Philip Oppenheimer 7/1
1982 CRITQUE L Piggott H Cecil Mr G Vanian 7/2
1983 STANERRA B Rouse F Dunne F Dunne 4/1
1984 KHAIRPOUR S Cauthen R Houghton G Chittick 13/2
1985 JUPITER ISLAND L Piggott C Brittain Lord Tavistock 85/40
1986 DIHISTAN P Eddery M Stoute HH Aga Khan 11/2
1987 ORBAN S Cauthen H Cecil Prince A Faisal 11/4
1988 ALMAARAD Willie Carson John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 6/1
1989 ASSATIS Pat Eddery Guy Harwood Khaled Abdulla 4/11 fav
1990 ASSATIS Ray Cochrane Guy Harwood Mr S Harada 50/1
1991 ROCK HOPPER Pat Eddery Sir Michael Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 5/6 fav
1992 ROCK HOPPER Pat Eddery Sir Michael Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 8/15 fav
1993 JEUNE Ray Cochrane Geoff Wragg Sir Robin McAlpine 7/2
1994 BOBZOO John Reid T G Mills Mr T G Mills 11/1
1995 BEAUCHAMP HERO John Reid John Dunlop Mr Erik Penser 11/2
1996 OSCAR SCHINDLER Mick Kinane Kevin Prendergast Mr Oliver Lehane 7/4 fav
1997 PREDAPPIO Gary Stevens Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 6/1
1998 POSIDONAS Pat Eddery Paul Cole Athos Christodoulou 15/2
1999 FRUITS OF LOVE Olivier Peslier Mark Johnston Mr M Doyle 12/1
2000 FRUITS OF LOVE Olivier Peslier Mark Johnston Mr M Doyle 9/2
2001 SANDMASON Willie Ryan Sir Henry Cecil Plantation Stud 12/1
2002 ZINDABAD Kevin Darley Mark Johnston Abdulla Buhaleeba 4/1
2003 INDIAN CREEK T Quinn David Elsworth Mr Seymour Cohn 14/1
2004 DOYEN Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 6/5 fav
2005 BANDARI Willie Supple Mark Johnston Hamdan Al Maktoum 10/1
2006 MARAAHEL Richard Hills Sir Michael Stoute Hamdan Al Maktoum 9/2
2007 MARAAHEL Richard Hills Sir Michael Stoute Hamdan Al Maktoum 100/30
2008 MACARTHUR Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien Smith/Tabor/Magnier 11/8 fav
2009 BRONZE CANNON Jimmy Fortune John Gosden A E Oppenheimer 8/1
2010 HARBINGER Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Highclere Thoroughbreds 8/11 fav
2011 AWAIT THE DAWN Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/M Tabor 4/6 fav
2012 SEA MOON Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Khaled Abdulla 3/1 fav
2013 THOMAS CHIPPENDALE Johnny Murtagh Lady Cecil Sir Robert Ogden 8/1
2014 TELESCOPE Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Highclere Thoroughbred 7/4 fav
2015 SNOW SKY Pat Smullen Sir Michael Stoute Khaled Abdulla 12/1
2016 DARTMOUTH Olivier Peslier Sir Michael Stoute HM The Queen 10/1
2017 IDAHO Seamie Heffernan Aidan O'Brien Magnier/Smith/Tabor 9/2
2018 CRYSTAL OCEAN Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Sir Evelyn De Rothschild 4/7 fav
2019 DEFOE Andrea Atzeni Roger Varian Sheikh Mohammed Obaid 11/4 fav
2020 FANNY LOGAN Frankie Dettori John Gosden HH Sheikh Al Jalila Racing 17/2
2021 WONDERFUL THOUGHT William Buick David Menuisier Christopher Wright 5/1
2022 BROOME Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien M Matsushimi, Mrs J Magnier 6/1