Haydock Park Racecourse
This unique collection of Haydock Park Racecourse badges was put together over a number of years by Gerald Tinsley.

The earliest record of racing taking place in the vicinity of Haydock was in 1751 on Golbourn Heath when the races were known as Newton races, the principal race being the Newton Hunt Cup. Regular meetings were staged at Newton-le-Willows from 1807 until 1898, after which Haydock Park was launched. The inaugural two day National Hunt meeting was on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th February 1899 (comments and results shown below), although it had been planned for the week before but was abandoned due to frost, followed by a meeting under Jockey Club rules in May (first race result shown below) and again in August. By 1908 Sydney Sandon had become Secretary of Haydock Park Racecourse, beginning the process of firmly establishing the course as one of the most prestigious in the country. The course closed between 1939 and 1945, returning on Wednesday 14th August 1946, and a year later Sheila’s Cottage won a 3 ½ mile Chase on Friday 28th November 1947, using it as a springboard to Grand National success the next year. The Lancashire Oaks, formerly contested at Manchester, was transferred to Haydock in 1963, while in 1966 the Vernon’s Sprint Cup was introduced to the Haydock programme when Be Friendly won for the popular BBC commentator Sir Peter O’Sullevan. The new grandstand was opened in 1990, maintaining Haydock’s place as one of the top dual code racecourses in the country. Currently hosts 32 fixtures annually.
Friday 12th May 1899
The Golborne Park Plate over 5 furlongs

1. Beatitude (9/4), owned by Mr E Hobson and ridden by Rickaby
2. Shearling (6/4), owned by Mr J G Elsey and ridden by Weldon
3. Veritas (10/1), owned by Mr Garratt Moore and ridden by W Freemantle
The Newton Plate (330 sovereigns) over 5 furlongs
1. Sweet Balsam (10/1) owned by Mr Barrow and ridden by J Fagan
2. Victoire gelding (5/1) owned by Mr Garrett Moore and ridden by W Freemantle
3. Gairloch (10/1) owned by Mr A E Aston and ridden by H Caley
The Manor Handicap (300 sovereigns) over 1 ½ miles
1. False Step (5/2 fav) owned by Mr Inglis and ridden by F Rickaby
2. Pan II (7/2) owned by Mr C Penhurst and ridden by F Lane
3. Midsummer (4/1) owned by Lord Derby and ridden by R Huxtable


1899 Gents 1901 Ladies
1903 Gents 1904 Gents
1904 Ladies 1905 Ladies

The newspaper article below is of the inaugural meeting on Friday 10th February 1899 and is shown courtesty of the Sporting Life Saturday 11th February 1899 and the British Library Online.

Haydock Park remains one of the countries premier racecourses, whereas nearby Newton-le-Willows closed its gates for the final time in 1898.

The first time racing was reported in Newton-le-Willows was on Thursday 6th May 1751 on Golborne Heath when Mr Frank’s gelding got the better of Legh Masters’s bay gelding. Less than a month later a 2 day meeting was staged from Saturday 5th to Monday 7th June 1751 when the Newton Hunt Cup was won by Sweet William, owned by Robert Parker. The ‘History of Lancashire’ recorded results from a race meeting at Golborne Heath, Newton in 1753 on a course described as triangular of about one mile 2 furlongs round, with a flat straight of nearly half a mile. The principal race was the Golborne Cup over 5 furlongs. The first time the Newton Gold Cup was contested was in 1807 when Young Chariot, owned by Mr C Cholmondeley, was successful. The Sporting Magazine made favourable comments in 1846 writing “A far more characteristic site for a racecourse than Aintree lies on the line of rail leading from Liverpool to Manchester, known as Newton Moor. The annual races are held on 22nd to 24th of July. It is a most picturesque spot in natural aspect, rural and exceedingly pretty”. The final meeting at Newton-Le-Willows took place on Wednesday 13th July 1898.

Saturday 5th June 1751
Newton Hunt £50 Cup over 4 miles
1. Sweet William owned by Robert Parker
2. Highland Laddie owned by Evelyn Charles Franks
3. Tripping Nancy owned by Mr Thomas Clifton

1906 Gents 1907 Ladies
1909 Ladies 1910 Gents

I am grateful to Ordnance Survey (© Crown Copyright) for permission to use the map shown below.

One of the principal races in the early part of the 20th century was the Old Newton Cup, a race inherited from the Newton-le-Willows racecourse, which was run over 1 mile 3 furlongs.
Saturday 9th July 1921
Old Newton Cup (750 sovereigns) over 1 mile 3 furlongs

1. Little Nan (8/1) owned by Mrs Ainsworth and ridden by J Rose
2. Passer (6/1) owned by Mr T R Bolton and ridden by P Jones
3. Sangrail (8/1) owned by Mr J Benson and ridden by Charlie Elliott
4. Clontree (100/8) owned by Mr Basil Cooper and ridden by Cooper
The winner was trained by Griggs, and 11 ran

1922 Ladies 1925 Gents 1925 Ladies 1926 Gents 1926 Ladies
I am grateful to Vinny Hinde for the individual day badges for the 1925 season which are shown below.
Friday 26th June 1925 Saturday 27th June 1925 Saturday
29th August 1925 Friday 9th October 1925 Saturday 10th October 1925
1927 Gents 1929 Gents 1930 Gents 1931 Gents 1933 Ladies
1933 Ladies 1934 Ladies 1937 Ladies 1939 Gents 1939 Ladies

1939 Lancashire Oaks CESTRIA

1940 Gents 1940 Ladies 1947 Gents 1947 Ladies 1948 Gents

1947 Lancashire Oaks SMOKESCREEN
1948 Lancashire Oaks YOUNG ENTRY
1949 Lancashire Oaks EYEWASH

Undated 1950 Gents 1950 Ladies 1952 Ladies 1953 Ladies

1950 Lancashire Oaks DUTCH CLOVER
1951 Lancashire Oaks DOLLARINA
1952 Lancashire Oaks STREAM OF LIGHT

1953 Gents 1954 Gents 1954 Ladies 1955 Ladies 1955 Gents
1953 Lancashire Oaks HARVEST FESTIVAL
1954 Lancashire Oaks BLUE PRELUDE
1955 Lancashire Oaks JENNY LIND
1956 Gents 1957 Ladies 1957 Gents 1958 Gents 1959 Gents

1956 Lancashire Oaks HUSTLE
1957 Lancashire Oaks LOBELIA
1958 Lancashire Oaks ST LUCIA

1959 Ladies 1960 Gents 1961 Gents 1962 Gents 1963 Gents

1959 Lancashire Oaks NOBLE LASSIE
1960 Lancashire Oaks CHOTA HAZRI
1961 Lancashire Oaks IRRISTABLE
1962 Lancashire Oaks FRENCH CREAM

1964 Gents 1964 Ladies 1965 Gents 1965 Ladies 1966 Gents

1963 Lancashire Oaks RED CHORUS
1965 Lancashire Oaks WITHOUT REPROACH

1966 Ladies 1966 Junior 1967 Gents 1967 Junior 1968 Gents

1966 Lancashire Oaks ROYAL FLIRT           Haydock Sprint Cup BE FRIENDLY
1967 Lancashire Oaks THE NUN                 Haydock Sprint Cup BE FRIENDLY
1968 Lancashire Oaks BRINGLEY

1968 Ladies 1968 Junior 1969 Gents 1969 Ladies 1970 Gents

1969 Lancashire Oaks GAMBOLA               Haydock Sprint Cup TUDOR MUSIC
1970 Lancashire Oaks AMPHORA              Haydock Sprint Cup GOLDEN ORANGE

1970 Ladies 1971 Gents 1971 Ladies 1971 Junior 1972 Gents

1971 Lancashire Oaks MAINA     Haydock Sprint Cup GREEN GOD
1972 Lancashire Oaks STAR SHIP               Haydock Sprint Cup ABERGWAUN

1972 Ladies 1972 Junior 1973 Gents 1973 Ladies 1973 Junior

1973 Lancashire Oaks ISTIEA        Haydock Sprint Cup THE BLUE
1974 Lancashire Oaks MIL’S BOMB           Haydock Sprint Cup PRINCELY SON

1974 Gents 1974 Ladies 1974 Junior 1975 Gents 1975 Ladies

1975 Lancashire Oaks ONE OVER PARR   Haydock Sprint Cup LIANGA

1975 Junior 1976 Gents 1976 Ladies 1976 Junior 1977 Gents

1976 Lancashire Oaks CENTROCON          Haydock Sprint Cup RECORD TOKEN
1977 Lancashire Oaks BUSACA   Haydock Sprint Cup BOLDBOY

1977 Ladies 1978 Gents 1978 Ladies 1979 Gents 1979 Ladies

1978 Lancashire Oaks PRINCESS EBOLI    Haydock Sprint Cup ABSALOM
1979 Lancashire Oaks REPROCOLOUR     Haydock Sprint Cup DOUBLE FORM
1980 Lancashire Oaks VIELLE       Haydock Sprint Cup MOORESTYLE

1980 Gents 1980 Ladies 1981 Gents 1981 Ladies 1982 Gents

1981 Lancashire Oaks RHEIN BRIDGE       Haydock Sprint Cup RUNNETT    Peter Marsh Chase LITTLE OWL
1982 Lancashire Oaks SING SOFTLY          Haydock Sprint Cup INDIAN KING             Peter Marsh Chase BREGAWN

1982 Ladies 1983 Gents 1983 Ladies 1984 Gents 1984 Ladies

1983 Lancashire Oaks GIVE THANKS        Haydock Sprint Cup HABIBTI       Peter Marsh Chase ASHLEY HOUSE
1984 Lancashire Oaks SANDY ISLAND      Haydock Sprint Cup PETONG

1984 Junior 1985 Gents 1985 Ladies 1985 Junior 1986 Gents

1985 Lancashire Oaks GRAECIA MAGNA                                Haydock Sprint Cup OROJOYA
1986 Lancashire Oaks PARK EXPRESS       Haydock Sprint Cup GREEN DESERT          Peter Marsh Chase COMBS DITCH

1986 Ladies 1987 Gents 1987 Ladies 1988 Gents 1988 Ladies

1987 Lancashire Oaks THREE TAILS           Haydock Sprint Cup AJDAL           Peter Marsh Chase THE THINKER
1988 Lancashire Oaks ANDALEEB               Haydock Sprint Cup DOWSING
1989 Lancashire Oaks ROSEATE TERN      Haydock Sprint Cup DANEHILL   Peter Marsh Chase BISHOPS YARN

1989 Gents 1989 Ladies 1989 Junior 1990 Gents 1990 Ladies

1990 Lancashire Oaks PHARIAN Haydock Sprint Cup DAYJUR       Peter Marsh Chase NICK THE BRIEF

1990 Junior 1991 Gents 1991 Ladies 1991 Junior 1992 Gents

1991 Lancashire Oaks PATRICIA Haydock Sprint Cup POLAR FALCON
1992 Lancashire Oaks NIODINI   Haydock Sprint Cup SHEIKH ALBADOU   Peter Marsh Chase TWIN OAKS

1992 Ladies 1992 Junior 1993 Gents 1993 Ladies 1993 Junior

1993 Lancashire Oaks RAINBOW LAKE    Haydock Sprint Cup WOLFHOUND           Peter Marsh Chase JODAMI
1994 Lancashire Oaks STATE CRYSTAL     Haydock Sprint Cup LAVINIA FONTANA Peter Marsh Chase ZETA’S LAD

1994 Gents 1994 Ladies 1994 Junior 1995 Gents 1995 Ladies

1995 Lancashire Oaks FANJICA   Haydock Sprint Cup CHEROKEE ROSE      Peter Marsh Chase EARTH SUMMIT

1995 Junior 1996 Gents 1996 Ladies 1996 Junior 1997 Gents

1996 Lancashire Oaks SPOUT      Haydock Sprint Cup IKTAMAL     Peter Marsh Chase SCOTTON BANKS
1997 Lancashire Oaks SQUEAK   Haydock Sprint Cup ROYAL APPLAUSE    Peter Marsh Chase JODAMI

1997 Ladies 1997 Junior 1998 Gents 1998 Ladies 1998 Junior

1998 Lancashire Oaks CATCHASCATCHCAN          Haydock Sprint Cup TAMARISK  Peter Marsh Chase GENERAL WOLFE
1999 Lancashire Oaks NOUSHKEY             Haydock Sprint Cup DIKTAT         Peter Marsh Chase GENERAL WOLFE

1999 Gents 1999 Ladies 1999 Junior 2000 Gents 2000 Ladies

2000 Lancashire Oaks ELA ATHENA           Haydock Sprint Cup PIPALONG  Peter Marsh Chase THE LAST FLING

2000 Junior 2001 Gents 2001 Ladies 2001 Junior 2002 Gents

2001 Lancashire Oaks SACRED SONG       Haydock Sprint Cup NUCLEAR DEBATE
2002 Lancashire Oaks MELLOW PARK      Haydock Sprint Cup INVINCIBLE SPIRIT   Peter Marsh Chase RED STRIKER

2002 Ladies 2002 Junior 2003 Gents 2003 Ladies 2004 Gents

2003 Lancashire Oaks PLACE ROUGE        Haydock Sprint Cup SOMNUS     Peter Marsh Chase TRUCKERS TAVERN
2004 Lancashire Oaks PONGEE   Haydock Sprint Cup TANTE ROSE               Peter Marsh Chase ARTIC JACK

2004 Ladies 2004 Junior 2005 Gents 2005 Ladies 2005 Junior

2005 Lancashire Oaks PLAYFUL ACT         Haydock Sprint Cup GOODRICKE                               Peter Marsh Chase LORD TRANSCEND
2006 Lancashire Oaks ALLEGRETTO           Haydock Sprint Cup REVERENCE                                Peter Marsh Chase EBONY LIGHT

2006 Gents 2006 Ladies 2006 Junior 2007 Gents 2007 Ladies

2007 Lancashire Oaks TURBO LINN           Haydock Sprint Cup RED CLUBS  Peter Marsh Chase THE OUTLIER
2008 Lancashire Oaks ANNA PAVLOVA   Haydock Sprint Cup AFRICAN ROSE

2008 Adult 2008 Double 2008 Junior 2009 Adult 2009 Double

2009 Lancashire Oaks BARSHIBA               Haydock Sprint Cup REGAL PARADE         Peter Marsh Chase CLOUDY LANE

2009 Junior 2010 Adult 2010 Double 2010 Junior 2011 Adult

2010 Lancashire Oaks BARSHIBA               Haydock Sprint Cup MARKAB     Peter Marsh Chase OUR VIC
2011 Lancashire Oaks GERTURDE BELL    Haydock Sprint Cup DREAM AHEAD

2011 Double 2012 Adult 2012 Double

2012 Junior

2013 Adult

2012 Lancashire Oaks GREAT HEAVEN    Haydock Sprint Cup SOCIETY ROCK          Peter Marsh Chase ACCORDING TO PETE
2013 Lancashire Oaks EMIRATES QUEEN                                Haydock Sprint Cup GORDON LORD BYRON

2013 Double 2013 Junior 2014 Adult 2014 Junior Staff

2014 Lancashire Oaks POMOLOGY Haydock Sprint Cup G FORCE Peter Marsh Chase WYCHWOODS BROOK
2015 Peter Marsh Chase SAMSTOWN Lancashire Oaks LADY TIANA Haydock Sprint Cup TWILIGHT SON
2016 Peter Marsh Chase CLOUDY TOO Lancashire Oaks ENDLESS TIME Haydock Sprint Cup QUIET REFLECTION
2017 Peter Marsh Chase BRISTOL DE MAI Lancashire Oaks THE BLACK PRINCESS Haydock Sprint Cup HARRY ANGEL
2018 Peter Marsh Chase THE DUTCHMAN Lancashire Oaks HORSEPLAY Haydock Sprint Cup THE TIN MAN
2019 Peter Marsh Chase WAKANDA Lancashire Oaks ENBIHAAR Haydock Sprint Cup HELLO YOUMZAIN

2015 Member 2016 Member 2017 Annual Member 2018 Annual Member 2019 Annual Member