Orders of the Jockey Club 1758

On 24th March 1758 Members of the Jockey Club met to consider the issue of weighing in after a race.

The following Members were present:-
Duke of Ancaster, Duke of Bridgewater
Lord Cavendish, Lord Chedworth, Lord Eglinton, Lord March, Lord Northumberland
Lord Orford, Lord Portmore, Lord Rockingham, Lord Waldegrave
Sir John Armitage, Sir H Grey, Sir Richard Grosvenor, Sir John Kay
Admiral Norris
Messrs Cell, Compton, Fennison, Gardiner, Grenville, Holmes, Meynell, Naylor
Messrs Offley, Panton, Reed, Scott, Shafto, Swymmer, Vernon

At the meeting it was resolved that, 'Every person who shall ride at Newmarket for a Plate, Sweepstake or Match, shall be obliged to weigh when he comes in, allowing 2 pounds above the weight, and no more. Furthermore, every rider who neglects to obey this resolution is guilty of Contempt of the Order of this Club and shall be disqualified from riding hereafter at Newmarket unless any Gentleman, or his rider, shall declare before starting that the rider is above the weight.'