Orders of the Jockey Club 1762

On Monday 4th October 1762 at a meeting of Jockey Club Members they considered the introduction of racing colours associated with each owner and arrived at the resolution shown below.

For the greater conveniency of distinguishing the horses in running, as also the prevention of disputes arising from not knowing the colours worn by each rider, the under-written gentlemen have come to the agreement of having their colours annexed to the following names, worn by their respective riders.
Duke of Ancaster Buff
Duke of Bridgewater Garter Blue
Duke of Cumberland Purple
Duke of Devonshire Straw Colour
Duke of Grafton Sky Blue
Duke of Kingston Crimson
Marquess of Rockingham Green
Earl of Gower Blue with blue cap
Earl of March White
Earl of Northumberland Deep Yellow
Earl of Orford Purple & White
Earl of Waldegrave Deep Red
Lord Grosvenor Orange
Sir James Lowther Unspecified
Sir John Moore Darkest Green
Mr Jenison Shafto Pink
Mr Richard Vernon White

The above regulation to take place at the Second October Meeting at Newmarket in 1762. The Stewards therefore hope, in the name of the Jockey Club, that the Gentlemen will take care that their riders are provided by that time with dresses accordingly.