Orders of the Jockey Club 1770

In October 1770 at a meeting of Jockey Club Members a further list of racing colours associated with each owner was issued, reinforcing some issued in 1762 as well as some new ones.

For the greater conveniency of distinguishing the horses in running, as also the prevention of disputes arising from not knowing the colours worn by each rider, the under-written gentlemen have come to the agreement of having their colours annexed to the following names, worn by their respective riders.
Duke of Ancaster Very Light Buff and cap the same
Duke of Grafton Dark Blue with black cap
Duke of Kingston Crimson
Duke of Northumberland Gold colours with gold cap
Marquess of Rockingham Green with black cap
Lord Carlisle Striped scarlet and grey with grey cap
Lord Bolingbroke Black waistcoat and cap
Lord Grosvenor Orange with black cap
Lord Farnham Sky blue, cap the same
Lord Ossory Pea green, cap the same
Lord Clermont Scarlet waistcoat and cap
Sir Charles Bunbury Pink and White, cap the same
Mr Blake Black and White, cap the same
Me C Blake Grey and white stripes and cap
Mr Burlton Yellow with yellow cap
Mr Ogilvy Harlequin, cap the same
Mr Vernon White with black cap
Mr Wentworth White satin with same cap
Mr Shafto Pink with pink cap
Mr Pigot Pompadour with same cap

The above regulation to take place at the Second October Meeting at Newmarket in 1770. The Stewards therefore hope, in the name of the Jockey Club, that the Gentlemen will take care that their riders are provided by that time with dresses accordingly.