Orders of the Jockey Club 1771

On Sunday 10th December 1771 at a meeting of Jockey Club Members at the Star and Garter Tavern, Pall Mall, the following were resolved:-

Sunday 10th February 1771

Private trials
At a Jockey Club meeting at the Star and Garter Tavern, Pall Mall, it was agreed that all members would not borrow or hire any horse not belonging to our avowed confederates to run in a private trial without entering the name of such horse before the trial shall be run in the book appointed to be kept for that purpose in the Coffee-Room at Newmarket. No persons are to be deemed confederates who do not subscribe to this article. There was also 4 resolutions passed at the meeting:-

Dispute settlement
Resolution 1: That all disputes relating to racing at Newmarket shall for the future be determined by the 3 Stewards and two referees to be chosen by the parties concerned. If there should only be 2 Stewards present, they are to fix upon a third person in lieu of the absent Steward.

Dead-heats and re-runs
Resolution 2: If for any sweepstake or subscription race the two horses passing the post together are unable to be separated by the judge then those two horses shall run for such a prize over again after the last match of the day, the other horses which started in the race shall be deemed losers and entitled to their respective places as if the race had been finally determined the first time.

Single & multiple bets
Resolution 3: For the future all bets determined by one event shall be subject, as agreed before, to any compromise made by the principals and paid in proportion to such compromise, but that all double bets shall for the future be considered play or pay bets to prevent the previously occurring disputes which have arisen.

Weights to be carried
Resolution 4: For the future when any match or sweepstake shall be made, and no particular weight specified, each horse shall carry 8st 7lbs. I any weight is given, the highest weight is by this resolution fixed at 8st 7lbs.
Stewards Lord Bolingbroke, Sir Charles Bunbury, Mr J Shafto
Also present Duke of Grafton, Duke of Ancaster, Lord Clermont, Lord Craven, Lord Orford, Lord Grosvenor, Lord Upper Ossory,  Mr R Vernon, Mr March, Mr Ruglen, Mr P Blake, Mr C Boothby Skrymsher, Mr Thomas Shirley, Mr William Smith, Mr Philip Burlton, Mr Simon Stuart, Mr C Turner, Mr John March, Mr Robert Pigot

One of the signatories of these Orders for the Jockey Club was Lord Spencer Hamilton.