Jockey Club Plates 1760

The Jockey Club Plate, not to be confused with the Newmarket Town Plate which was first run on the Round Course in 1666, was restricted to Jockey Club Members and run at Newmarket annually. The earliest record of a Jockey Club Plate was in 1753 when two were staged two days apart. The first, for 4-year-olds, was run on the Round Course on Tuesday 15th May 1753 and won by Beau Clincher owned by Lord Gower, while 2 days later a second subscription Plate for 100 Guineas was contested on Thursday 17th May 1753 and was won by Crab owned by Captain Vernon. The races provide vital evidence confirming membership of the Jockey Club.

Tuesday 29th April 1760
Subscription Purse of 100 Guineas over 4 miles of the Round Course for 4-year-olds the property of Jockey Club Members, each horse to carry 8st
1. AESOP, grey colt owned by Mr Panton
2. HABIT, chestnut colt owned by Mr Ward
3. HOBBY-HORSE, brown colt owned by Mr Greville
4. TOM-TIT, bay colt owned by Lord Northumberland
5. Bay filly owned by Lord Gower
6. JOVIAL, grey colt owned by Lord Rockingham
7. Bay gelding owned by Lord Waldegrave
8. Chestnut colt owned by Mr Jenison Shafto

Thursday 1st May 1760
Second Subscription Purse of 100 Guineas, over the Beacon Course, for horses the property of Jockey Club Members, each horse to carry 9st
1. JUNIPER, bay horse owned by Mr George
2. REMUS, bay horse owned by Lord Rockingham
3. FEATHER, bay horse owned by Mr Greville