Royal Ascot: King Edward VII Stakes

The King Edward VII Stakes is a Group 2 flat race over 1 mile 3 furlongs and 211 yards, open to three-year-old colts and geldings, and takes place on the fourth day of the Royal meeting. It was originally known as the Ascot Derby, and in the early days both Oaks and Derby winners contested the race, but it was changed to its present name in 1926 in memory of King Edward VII.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Ascot Derby, forerunner of the King Edward VII Stakes, was held on Tuesday 17th June 1834 when won by the Epsom Oaks winner Pussy (4/7 fav), who beat Oaks runner-up Louisa by a length with two Derby subscribers behind, although those two colts did not ultimately contest the Epsom Derby.

Over the entire history of the race 43.9% of favourites have been successful. (6th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 1.3% loss. (10th out of 32 races)

King Edward VII Stakes Group 2 1 mile 4 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1834 PUSSY John Barham Day W Day 3-8st 10lbs Mr Tom Cosby 4/7 fav
1835 GRISELDA Nat Flatman 3-8st 3lbs Mr Greville 5/6 fav
1836 LIEUTENANT Nat Flatman 3-8st 6lbs Sir F Collier 5/1
1837 MANGO Nat Flatman 3-8st 6lbs Mr Greville 6/4
1838 Race was not staged this year
1839 BLOOMSBURY S Rogers 3-8st 11lbs Mr W Ridsdale 1/5 fav
1840 BOLCHARA Jem Chapple Ralph Sherwood 3-8st 6lbs Sir Gilbert Heathcote 5/1
1841 CORONATION Conolly 3-8st 7lbs Mr Rawlinson walked over
1842 ENVOY Jem Robinson 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Bedford 4/1
1843 AMORINO Jem Chapple 3-8st 7lbs Sir Gilbert Heathcote 7/2
1844 THE MISER SCARVE Nat Flatman John Scott 3-8st 7lbs Lord Chesterfield 7/4
1845 WOOD PIGEON S Mann Charles Marson 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 7/4
1846 VALENTISSIMO brother Jem Chapple 3-8st 7lbs Sir Gilbert Heathcote 20/1
1847 CONYNGHAM Alfred Day 3-8st 7lbs Sir R Pigot 1/5 fav
1848 DISTAFFINA F Butler 3-8st 3lbs Lord Chesterfield 6/5 fav
1849 REPLETION F Butler 3-8st 7lbs Sir Francis Peacock 4/1
1850 MUSICIAN Bartholomew R Fisher 3-8st 7lbs Mr George Samuel Ford 2/1
1851 PHLEGETHON Charles Marlow 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 5/1
1852 CONVULSION W Abdale 3-8st 7lbs Major Martyn 7/4
1853 NINNYHAMMER F Butler 3-8st 7lbs Captain Lane Evens fav
1854 PHAETON Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 4/1
1855 PUGNATOR S Rogers 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Bedford 3/1
1856 FLY-BY-NIGHT Bartholomew 3-8st 7lbs Mr Bowes Evens jt fav
1857 SYDNEY Hughes 3-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 6/5 fav
1858 TOXOPHILITE Nat Flatman 3-8st 12lbs Lord Derby 2/9 fav
1859 GAMESTER Ashmall 3-8st 7lbs Sir Charles Monck 7/4
1860 THE WIZARD Aldcroft John Scott 3-8st 12lbs Mr Anthony Nichol 1/5 fav
1861 JANUS John Wells 3-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 6/5 fav
1862 CARISBROOK Cresswell 3-8st 3lbs Mr R Boyce Evens fav
1863 ONESANDER A Edwards 3-8st 10lbs Lord Stamford 2/1 fav
1864 PEON E Sharp 3-8st 3lbs Mr Alexander 5/1
1865 CELERRINA T French Mathew Dawson 3-8st 6lbs Lord Falmouth 2/1
1866 STAGHOUND Challoner 3-8st 10lbs Mr Payne 10/1
1867 THE PALMER John Wells John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Sir Joseph Hawley Evens fav
1868 THE EARL George Fordham John Day 3-8st 10lbs Marquess of Hastings 4/7 fav
1869 PERO GOMEZ John Wells John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 1/2 fav
1870 KING COLE Snowden J Coates 3-8st 3lbs Lord Zetland 6/4 fav
1871 HENRY George Fordham Tom Jennings 3-8st 4lbs Mr T Lombard 9/4 fav
1872 DRUMOCHTER Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-8st 3lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 6/4 fav
1873 GANG FORWARD Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-9st 11lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 1/3 fav
1874 ATLANTIC George Fordham Mathew Dawson 3-9st 1lbs Lord Falmouth 4/9 fav
1875 GILBERT George Fordham Charles Arnull 3-8st 10lbs Count F De Lagrange 100/15
1876 FORERUNNER Fred Webb Robert Peck 3-8st 10lbs Mr W Thorold 8/13 fav
1877 SILVIO Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 3-9st 6lbs Lord Falmouth 7/4 fav
1878 INSULAIRE Jem Goater Tom Jennings 3-9st 1lbs Count F De Lagrange 6/4
1879 CHIPPENDALE Constable Wadlow 3-8st 10lbs Lord Bradford 100/30
1880 MASK Cannon Charles Blanton 3-8st 10lbs Prince Soltykoff 1/2 fav
1881 MASKELYNE Jem Goater Tom Jennings 3-8st 10lbs Count F De Lagrange 10/1
1882 SHOTOVER Cannon John Porter 3-9st 2lbs Duke of Westminster 1/3 fav
1883 LADISLAS George Fordham Tom Jennings jnr 3-8st 10lbs Mr C J Lefevre 6/1
1884 BREST Fred Webb Tom Jennings junior 3-8st 10lbs Mr C J Lefevre 6/4 fav
1885 THE CHILD OF THE MIST Charles Wood John Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Mr Mackenzie 7/4 fav
1886 ST MIRIN G Barrett Alec Taylor 3-8st 3lbs Mr Manton 5/2 fav
1887 TIMOTHY Charles Wood Alec Taylor 3-8st 10lbs Mr Manton 2/1
1888 SHEEN Jimmy Woodburn Tom Jennings snr 3-8st 3lbs Prince Soltykoff 7/4 fav
1889 MORGLAY F Barrett Alfred Hayhoe 3-8st 10lbs Leopold De Rothschild 4/1
1890 BATTLE-AXE George Chaloner James Jewitt 3-7st 13lbs Lord Calthorpe 7/1
1891 ST SIMON OF THE ROCK Morny Cannon Bob Sherwood 3-8st 3lbs Colonel North 1/3 fav
1892 LLANTHONY G Barrett Bates 3-8st 3lbs Sir R Jardine 6/5 jt fav
1893 PHOCION John Watts John Dawson jnr 3-8st 10lbs Lord Ellesmere 4/6 fav
1894 NONE THE WISER Allsopp Joseph Day 3-7st 13lbs Mr Manton 7/2
1895 MATCH MAKER Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Lord Alington 4/7 fav
1896 CONROY Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 5lbs Duke of Westminster 4/9 fav
1897 MINSTREL John Watts Richard Marsh 3-8st 11lbs Duke of Devonshire 1/14 fav
1898 PURSER C Wood Gibbons 3-8st 3lbs Prince Soltykoff 6/1
1899 FRONTIER Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 6/4 fav
1900 ECTON Otto Madden Richard Marsh 3-7st 13lbs Duke of Devonshire 5/1
1901 OSBOCH Morny Cannon Richard Marsh 3-8st 10lbs Lord Wolverton 10/11 fav
1902 FLYING LEMUR Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 3lbs Duke of Westminster 8/11 fav
1903 KROOMSTAD W Halsey John Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Lord Ellesmere 9/4
1904 DARLEY DALE Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 3lbs Duke of Portland 5/4 fav
1905 PURE CRYSTAL H Randall Morton 3-8st 3lbs Mr Jack Barnato Joel 100/7
1906 POUSSIN W Higgs Major Beatty 3-8st 3lbs Lord Howard De Walden 11/10 fav
1907 ALL BLACK Danny Maher Reg Day 3-8st 3lbs Mr Abe Bailey 4/1
1908 DIBS H Stokes Sir C Nugent 3-8st 10lbs Mr J S Morrison 6/5 fav
1909 WILLIAM THE FOURTH Bernard Dillon G S Davies 3-8st 3lbs Lord Michelham 1/10 fav
1910 DECISION F Wootton George Lambton 3-8st 3lbs Lord Derby 100/30
1911 KING WILLIAM F Wootton George Lambton 3-8st 10lbs Lord Derby 2/1
1912 JAEGER Wal Griggs Peter Gilpin 3-8st 10lbs Mr L Neumann 2/7 fav
1913 PILLIWINKIE Danny Maher Alec Taylor 3-8st 10lbs Mr W Astor 5/1
1914 CORCYRA Herbert Jones Captain Dewhurst 3-9st 1lbs Lord Londonderry 11/10 fav
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 OLD BILL Henri Jelliss Blackwell 3-8st 3lbs Captain L Montagu 6/1
1920 CALIGULA Joe Childs Harvey Leader Lord Wilton 10/1
1921 NIPPON F Bullock Basil Jarvis Mr J P Hornung 5/1
1922 BACKWOOD J Brennan Cottrill Mr W E Whineray 100/8
1923 BOLD & BAD F Bullock Alec Taylor Lord Astor 5/4 fav
1924 POLYPHONTES W McLachlan snr De Mestre Mr Solly Joel 5/2
1925 SOLARIO Michael Beary Reg Day Sir J Rutherford 11/4
1926 FINGLAS Archibald P Gilpin M E De St Alary 9/2
1927 BUCKFAST J Evans Reg Day Mr R Cohen 4/1
1928 CYCLONIC R Jones Basil Jarvis Major J S Courtauld 100/30
1929 HORUS C Elliott Jack Jarvis Sir L Phipps 7/1
1930 PINXIT B Carslake Norman Scobie Sir C Hyde 9/4
1931 SANDWICH H Wragg Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery 1/3 fav
1932 DASTUR M Beary Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 4/9 fav
1933 SANS PEINE Eph Smith Jack Jarvis Mr E Esmond 20/1
1934 BERESTOI W Nevett M Peacock Mr W R Smith 4/1
1935 FIELD TRIAL R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 8/11 fav
1936 PRECIPITATION P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 2/1 fav
1937 SOLFO T Lowrey B Jarvis Major J S Courtauld 8/11 fav
1938 FOROUGHI H Wragg Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 100/8
1939 HYPNOTIST P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort Mr W Woodward Evens fav
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 FIELD DAY G Richards Frank Butters Prince Aly Khan 5/2 fav
1947 MIGOLI G Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 1/4 fav
1948 VIC DAY W Johnstone M D'Okhuysen (France) Mr H G Blagrave 13/2
1949 SWALLOW TAIL D Smith Walter Earl Lord Derby 4/5 fav
1950 BABU'S PET T Burn G Duller Maharajah of Baroda 20/1
1951 SUPREME E C Elliott E Williams Mrs T Lilley 6/4 fav
1952 CASTLETON D Smith T Carey Mr T H Carey 100/6
1953 SKYRAIDER R Poincelet France Prince Aly Khan 13/2
1954 RASHLEIGH G Richards Murless Mr C Stewart 5/1
1955 NUCLEUS L Piggott C Jerdein Miss D Paget 4/1
1956 COURT COMMAND L Piggott Murless Mrs T Lilley 100/7
1957 ARCTIC EXPLORER L Piggott Murless Lt-Col Giles Loder 6/1
1958 RESTORATION W Carr Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 6/1
1959 PINDARI L Piggott Murless HM The Queen 13/8 fav
1960 ATRAX R Poincelet H Nicholas M M Boussac 4/1
1961 AURELIUS L Piggott Murless Mrs V Lilley 11/4
1962 GAUL J Lewis P Hastings-Bass Lord Sefton 20/1
1963 ONLY FOR LIFE J Lindley Jeremy Tree Miss M Sheriffe 3/1 fav
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 CONVAMORE J Mercer R Smyth Mr E More O'Ferrall 13/2
1966 PRETENDRE Paul Cook Jack Jarvis Mr J Lilley 1/2 fav
1967 MARINER G Starkey Oxley Mr R Hollingsworth 8/1
1968 CONNAUGHT Sandy Barclay Murless Mr H Joel 1/2 fav
1969 VERVAIN E Hide P Nelson Major V McCalmont 10/1
1970 GREAT WALL W Williamson Breasley Mr D Sung 9/4 jt fav
1971 SEAFRIEND J Mercer P Prendergast Mrs J Mullion 3/1 fav
1972 LORD NELSON W Williamson Todd Mr T Frost 16/1
1973 KLAIRVIMY R Parnell Weld Mrs B Allen-Jones 10/1
1974 ENGLISH PRINCE P Eddery P Walwyn Mrs V Hue-Williams 8/11 fav
1975 SEA ANCHOR J Mercer W Hern Mr R Hollingsworth 4/1
1976 MARQUIS DE SADE B Taylor H R Price Mr Charles St George 6/1
1977 CLASSIC EXAMPLE P Eddery P Walwyn Col F Hue-Williams 14/1
1978 ILE DE BOURBON John Reid R Houghton Mr A McCall 11/1
1979 ELA-MANA-MOU G Starkey G Harwood Mrs A Muinos 11/10 fav
1980 LIGHT CAVALRY J Mercer H Cecil Mr H Joel 9/2
1981 BUSTOMI W Carson W Hern Lady Beaverbrook 13/2
1982 OPEN DAY W Carson W Hern Sir M Sobell 9/1
1983 SHAREEF DANCER W R Swinburn M Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 10/1
1984 HEAD FOR HEIGHTS W Carson W Hern Sheikh Mohammed 5/1
1985 LANFRANCO S Cauthen H Cecil Mr Charles St George 13/8 fav
1986 BONHOMIE S Cauthen H Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 9/4 fav
1987 LOVE THE GROOM P Eddery J Dunlop Mrs V Gaucci Del Bono 7/1
1988 SHERIFF'S STAR Tony Ives Lady Herries Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk 9/2
1989 CACOETHES Pat Eddery Guy Harwood Lady Harrison 8/13 fav
1990 PRIVATE TENDER Steve Cauthen Sir Henry Cecil Cliveden Stud 11/4 fav
1991 SADDLERS HALL Lester Piggott Sir Michael Stoute Lord Weinstock 7/1
1992 BEYTON Mick Kinane Richard Hannon Mr D F Cock 12/1
1993 BENEFICIAL Michael Hills Geoff Wragg Sir Robin McAlpine 11/4 fav
1994 FOYER Mick Kinane Sir Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 7/2
1995 PENTIRE Michael Hills Geoff Wragg Mollers Racing 4/1
1996 AMFORTAS Brett Doyle Clive Brittain Mr B H Voak 66/1
1997 KINGFISHER MILL Pat Eddery Julie Cecil Lord Howard De Walden 9/4 fav
1998 ROYAL ANTHEM Kieren Fallon Sir Henry Cecil Thoroughbred Corporation 9/4 fav
1999 MUTAFAWEQ Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 4/1 fav
2000 SUBTLE POWER T Quinn Sir Henry Cecil Thoroughnred Corporation 7/4 fav
2001 STORMING HOME Michael Hills Barry Hills Maktoum Al Maktoum 9/2
2002 BALAKHERI Johnny Murtagh Sir Michael Stoute HH Aga Khan 11/4 fav
2003 HIGH ACCOLADE Martin Dwyer Marcus Tregoning Lady Tennant 5/2 fav
2004 FIVE DYNASTIES Jamie Spencer Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/M Tabor 11/4 fav
2005 PLEA BARGAIN Jimmy Fortune John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 9/2
2006 PAPAL BULL Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute Smith/Magnier/Tabor 5/4 fav
2007 BOSCOBEL Joe Fanning Mark Johnston Sheikh Mohammed 7/1
2008 CAMPANOLOGIST Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 9/1
2009 FATHER TIME Eddie Ahern Sir Henry Cecil Khaled Abdulla 9/1
2010 MONTEROSSO Frankie Dettori Mark Johnston Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed 7/2
2011 NATHANIEL William Buick John Gosden Lady Rothschild 11/4 fav
2012 THOMAS CHIPPENDALE Johnny Murtagh Sir Henry Cecil Sir Robert Ogden 9/2
2013 HILLSTAR Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Sir Evelyn De Rothschild 15/2
2014 EAGLE TOP William Buick John Gosden Lady Banford 12/1
2015 BALIOS Jamie Spencer David Simcock Al Asayl Bloodstock Ltd 3/1
2016 ACROSS THE STARS Frankie Dettori Sir Michael Stoute Saeed Suhail 7/1
2017 PERMIAN William Buick Mark Johnston Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed 6/1
2018 OLD PERSIAN William Buick Charlie Appleby Godolphin 9/2
2019 JAPAN Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith/Magnier/Tabor 6/4 fav
2020 PYLEDRIVER Martin Dwyer William Muir Knox & Wells Ltd/R Devlin 18/1
2021 ALENQUER Tom Marquand William Haggas M M Stables 13/8 fav
2022 CHANGINGOFTHEGUARD Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Westerberg, Magnier 11/10 fav