Royal Ascot: King's Stand Stakes

The King's Stand Stakes was created as a result of bad weather at Royal Ascot in 1860. Heavy rain made it impossible to run the Royal Stand Plate over its usual distance of 2 miles, so it was shortened to 5 furlongs on the only raceable part of the course. The amended version was called the Queen's Stand Plate, and it subsequently became the most important sprint at the Royal meeting. For a time it was open to horses aged two or older. It was renamed the King's Stand Stakes following the death of Queen Victoria and the accession of King Edward VII in 1901. The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and the King's Stand Stakes was given Group 1 status in 1973, although it was downgraded to Group 2 level in 1988, but regained its Group 1 status in 2008 and is contested on the opening day of the Royal meeting.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Queen's Stand Plate for 300 sovereigns, on Tuesday 5th June 1860, saw a large field of superior quality headed by Baron Rothschild's Queen of the Vale (100/6) ridden by John Daley in a canter by 3 lengths from Brown Duchess (5/1), with two lengths back to Satellite (7/1) in third, and 14 others further adrift.

Over the entire history of the race 38% of favourites have been successful. (13th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 27% loss. (30th out of 32 races)

King's Stand Stakes Group 1 5 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1860 QUEEN OF THE VALE John Daley Joseph Hayhoe 2-6st 5lbs Baron Rothschild 100/6
1861 BUCKSTONE Hayward 2-6st 5lbs Mr James Merry 5/2 fav
1862 SHILLELAGH George Fordham 4-9st 5lbs Mr Hodgman 4/1
1863 UMPIRE J Adams 6-8st 12lbs Lord Coventry 5/1
1864 LE BEARNAIS J Grimshaw 2-6st 5lbs Count F De Lagrange 5/2 fav
1865 SACCHAROMETER George Fordham 5-9st 8lbs Mr W Morris 3/1 fav
1866 HIPPIA Peake 2-7st 2lbs Baron Rothschild 8/1
1867 CECROPS T French 4-9st 12lbs Mr G Fleming 5/1
1868 XI John Wells John Porter 5-9st 8lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 5/2
1869 GERTRUDE Butler Mathew Dawson 2-6st 9lbs Lord Falmouth 100/6
1870 KING OF THE FOREST Hunt J C Waugh 2-6st 12lbs Mr James Merry 9/4 fav
1871 CHOPETTE Wheeler Joseph Hayhoe 2-6st 9lbs Baron Rothschild 4/1
1872 BERTRAM Jewitt Charles Blanton 3-8st 5lbs Mr A C Barclay 4/1 jt fav
1873 PRINCE CHARLIE T French Joseph Dawson 4-9st 12lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 2/5 fav
1874 BLENHEIM George Fordham Tom Jennings 6-9st 8lbs Mr C J Lefevre 100/15
1875 TANGIBLE Fred Webb Tom Brown 5-9st 11lbs Sir George Chetwynd 2/1 fav
1876 LOWLANDER Custance Charles Blanton 6-10st 1lbs Mr H Bird 2/9 fav
1877 SPRINGFIELD T Osborne Jimmy Ryan 4-9st 12lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 8/13 fav
1878 LOLLYPOP Custance Charles Blanton 5-9st 8lbs Duke of Hamilton 8/100 fav
1879 HACKTHORPE Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 4-10st 1lbs Lord Falmouth 2/9 fav
1880 CHARIBERT Fred Webb Mathew Dawson 4-10st 5lbs Mr R C Vyner 11/8 fav
1881 ISHMAEL John Osborne Bates 3-8st 6lbs Mr R Jardine 6/1
1882 EASTERN EMPRESS Fred Archer Manser 5-9st 12lbs Mr W Gregory 4/6 fav
1883 PRINCE WILLIAM E Martin C Arnull 2-6st 12lbs Sir F Johnstone 4/1
1884 GEHEIMNISS Fred Archer John Porter 5-10st 9lbs Lord Alington 4/7 fav
1885 GLEN ALBYN C Loates W Stevens aged-9st 12lbs Mr G Arden 5/1
1886 FINANCIER S Howard James Jewitt 2-6st 6lbs General Owen Williams 3/1
1887 CROWBERRY Warne Matthews 2-6st 12lbs Mr R C Vyner 1/2 fav
1888 NOBLE CHIEFTAIN T Weldon Penrhyn (Private) 3-8st 13lbs Lord Penrhyn 4/6 fav
1889 FORMIDABLE C Grey Richard Marsh 2-6st 9lbs Lord Dudley 5/2
1890 BUMPTIOUS Tommy Loates Alfred Hayhoe 2-7st 4lbs Leopold De Rothschild 5/6 fav
1891 LADY CAROLINE R Chaloner W Grey 2-6st 9lbs Mr Henry Milner 20/1
1892 LADY LENA C Loates Tom Leader 3-9st 2lbs Mr John Charlton 11/10 fav
1893 PRINCE HAMPTON John Watts Percy Peck 5-10st 4lbs Sir J Blundell-Maple 6/4 fav
1894 BEST MAN Fred Webb John Dawson snr 4-10st 12lbs Mr Wallace Johnstone 5/4 fav
1895 WOOLSTHORPE Morny Cannon C Waugh aged-9st 12lbs Prince Soltykoff 100/15
1896 WISHARD Lester Reiff Wishard (Private) 3-8st 10lbs Mr Wishard 100/12
1897 WOOLSTHORPE Morny Cannon Gibbons aged-9st 13lbs Prince Soltykoff 6/1
1898 KILCOCK John Watts Sam Darling 6-9st 13lbs Captain Greer 7/4 fav
1899 KILCOCK Sam Loates Sam Darling aged-10st 2lbs Mr Sam Darling 5/6 fav
1900 EAGER Morny Cannon Peter Gilpin 6-10st 2lbs Mr L Neumann 7/4 fav
1901 ELIZABETH M Lester Reiff Huggins 3-8st 6lbs Mr W C Whitney Evens fav
1902 ZANONI Herbert Jones Leach aged-9st 7lbs Mr H J King 100/8
1903 SUNDRIDGE Morny Cannon C Morton 5-10st 2lbs Mr J B Joel 4/5 fav
1904 SUNDRIDGE Morny Cannon C Morton 6-10st 2lbs Mr J B Joel 1/4 fav
1905 DELAUNAY Otto Madden P P Gilpin 4-10st 10lbs Mr Peter P Gilpin 8/15 fav
1906 THRUSH H Randall E Robson 4-10st 10lbs Captain J Orr-Ewing 2/1 co fav
1907 CAMP FIRE II Danny Maher Reg Day aged-10st 2lbs Mr Abe Bailey 5/2
1908 FORESIGHT W Higgs Costello 5-9st 10lbs Lord Fitzwilliam 100/6
1909 FORESIGHT W Higgs Costello 6-10st 2lbs Lord Fitzwilliam 8/1
1910 SPANISH PRINCE H Randall Carter 3-9st 2lbs Mr Nickall 100/7
1911 HORNET'S BEAUTY J H Martin P Peebles 3-9st 2lbs Sir W Cooke 1/2 fav
1912 GREAT SURPRISE Danny Maher Yapp 4-10st 2lbs Mr H Rhodes 4/6 fav
1913 HORNET'S BEAUTY J H Martin Leach 5-10st 7lbs Sir W Cooke 1/2 fav
1914 ADULAR N Spear Butters 4-10st 2lbs Baron G Springer 5/1
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 DIADEM Steve Donoghue George Lambton 5-10st 3lbs Lord D'Abernon 7/2
1920 DIADEM Steve Donoghue George Lambton Lord D'Abernon 5/6 fav
1921 TETRATERMA Brownie Carslake Atty Persse Major D McCalmont 6/5 fav
1922 KING SOL Steve Donoghue O Bell Mr J C Galstaun 9/2
1923 GOLDEN BOSS E C Elliott Sam H Darling Mr A K Macomber 7/1
1924 GOLDEN BOSS F O'Neil Sam H Darling Mr A K Macomber 9/4 fav
1925 DIOMEDES J Leach Harvey Leader Mr S W Beer 1/2 fav
1926 HIGHBORN II Garner France M E Esmond 7/2
1927 NICE PROSPECT B Carslake Charles Peck Mr J B Joel 6/1
1928 CHICHESTER CROSS C Smirke Howard Mr C Howard 20/1
1929 TAG END H Wragg C Peck Mr J B Joel 5/2 fav
1930 OAK RIDGE H Beasley L Cundell Mr F H Cundell 11/8 fav
1931 STINGO H Wragg P Lowe Mr D M Gant 2/1 fav
1932 LEMNARCHUS G Richards F Darling Lord Ellesmere 7/2
1933 GOLD BRIDGE H Beasley Major Beatty Mr A K Macomber 11/10 fav
1934 GOLD BRIDGE E C Elliott Major Beatty Lord Beatty 11/2
1935 SHALFLEET H Jelliss H Leader Mr H Leader 5/4 fav
1936 SWEET POLLY G Richards Cundell Mrs J W Long 7/1
1937 TICCA GARI A Dupuit Frank Butters Prince Aly Khan 5/1 jt fav
1938 FORAY P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort Mr M Field 3/1
1939 MICKEY THE GREEK H Wragg H Leach Mr H Leach 20/1
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World WarRace was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 VILMORIN Cliff Richards Lawson Mr A N Other 10/1
1947 GREEK JUSTICE Gordon Richards Fred Darling Mr J A Dewar 100/30
1948 SQUANDER BUG Bill Rickaby M Collins Mrs E P Moss 33/1
1949 ABERNANT Gordon Richards N Murless Maj R Macdonald-Buchanan 4/6 fav
1950 TANGLE Eph Smith William (Bill) Payne Lady Baron 3/1
1951 STEPHEN PAUL Neil Sellwood Persse Mr J Olding 7/2
1952 EASTER BRIDE E Fordyce T R Rimell Mr W J Rimell 7/1
1953 FAIRY FLAX Scobie Breasley Lawson Mr R Clark 20/1
1954 GOLDEN LION Brian Swift Cyril Mitchell Mr W Barrett 10/1
1955 PAPPA FOURWAY Willie Carr Dutton Mrs E Goldson 4/7 fav
1956 PALARIVA Roger Poincelet France HH Aga Khan 6/1
1957 RIGHT BOY Lester Piggott Dutton Mr G Gilbert 4/1
1958 DRUM BEAT Scobie Breasley O'Gorman Mr J Gerber 2/1 jt fav
1959 CHRIS Joe Sime W Nevett Mr M Hartley 9/4 jt fav
1960 SOUND TRACK Scobie Breasley A O'Brien Lady Hamphill 8/1
1961 SILVER TOR Geoff Lewis Fetherstonhaugh Mr S Joel 7/4 fav
1962 CASSARATE Neil Sellwood M V O'Brien Countess M Batthyany 5/1
1963 MAJORITY RULE Lester Piggott O'Gorman Mr J Muldoon 100/8
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 GOLDHILL Jimmy Etherington Mick H Easterby Mr R Johnson 10/1
1966 ROUGHLYN George Cadwaladr W Francis Mr J Pickering 20/1
1967 BE FRIENDLY Scobie Breasley Cyril Mitchell Mr Peter O'Sullevan 3/1
1968 D'UBERVILLE Joe Mercer Jermey Tree Mr J H Whitney 4/1
1969 SONG Joe Mercer Derreck Candy Mr B Jenks Evens fav
1970 AMBER RAMA Yves Saint-Martin Mathet Mr Arpad Plesch 4/1
1971 SWING EASY Lester Piggott Jeremy Tree Mr J Whitney 7/1
1972 SWEET REVENGE Geoff Lewis T Corbett Mrs B Attenborough 7/2
1973 ABERGWAUN Lester Piggott M V O'Brien Mr Charles St George 7/4 fav
1974 BAY EXPRESS Brian Taylor Peter Nelson Mr P Cooper 9/4 fav
1975 FLIRTING AROUND Yves Saint-Martin Carver Mrs H Hausmann 9/2
1976 LOCHNAGER Edward Hide M W Easterby Mr C Spence 6/4 fav
1977 GODSWALK Lester Piggott M V O'Brien Mr R Sangster 4/6 fav
1978 SOLINUS Lester Piggott M V O'Brien Mr D Schwartz 4/6 fav
1979 DOUBLE FORM John Reid R Houghton Baroness H Thyssen 12/1
1980 AFRICAN SONG Pat Eddery Paul Kelleway Mr G Kaye 10/1
1981 MARWELL Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Mr E Loder 5/4 fav
1982 FEARLESS LAD Edward Hide R D Peacock Mr G Soulsby 10/1
1983 SAYF EL ARAB M L (Taffy) Thomas W O'Gorman Mr M Dabaghi 33/1
1984 HABIBTI W Carson J Dunlop M Mutawa 4/5 fav
1985 NEVER SO BOLD Lester Piggott Robert Armstrong Mr E Kessly 4/1
1986 LAST TYCOON Cash Asmussen Robert Collet Mr R Strauss 9/2
1987 BLUEBIRD Cash Asmussen M V O'Brien Mr R Sangster 7/2
1988 CHILIBANG Willie Carson John Dunlop Mrs H J Heinz 16/1
1989 INDIAN RIDGE Steve Cauthen David Elsworth Mrs Anne Coughlan 9/4 fav
1990 DAYJUR Willie Carson Major W Hern Hamdan Al Maktoum 11/2
1991 ELBIO Steve Cauthen Peter Makin Brian Brackpool 13/8 fav
1992 SHEIKH ALBADOU Walter Swinburn Alec Scott Hilal Salem 7/2 jt fav
1993 ELBIO Walter Swinburn Pater Makin Brian Brackpool 12/1
1994 LOCHSONG Frankie Dettori Ian Balding Mr Jeff Smith 30/100 fav
1995 PICCOLO Richard Hughes Mick Channon John White & Partners 20/1
1996 PIVOTAL George Duffield Sir Mark Prescott Cheveley Park Stud 13/2
1997 DON'T WORRY ME Olivier Peslier G Henrot J Gribomont 33/1
1998 BOLSHOI Carl Lowther Jack Berry Mrs David Brown 10/1
1999 MITCHAM T (Richard) Quinn Terry Mills T G Mills 20/1
2000 NUCLEAR DEBATE Gerald Mosse J E Hammond J R Chester 16/1
2001 CASSANDRA GO Michael Roberts Geoff Wragg Trevor Stewart 8/1
2002 DOMINICA Martin Dwyer Marcus Tregoning Major & Mrs R B Kennard 16/1
2003 CHOISIR Johnny Murtagh Paul Perry T W Wallace & Partners 25/1
2004 THE TATLING Darryll Holland Milton Bradley Dab Hand Racing 8/1
2005 CHINEUR Christiophe Lemaire M Delzangles Marquesa De Moratalia 7/1
2006 TAKEOVER TARGET Jay Ford Joe Janick J & B Janiak 7/1
2007 MISS ANDRETTI Craig Newitt Lee Freedman Buckley,Mueller,Guenzi 3/1 fav
2008 EQUIANO Olivier Peslier M Delcher Sanchez J Acheson 22/1
2009 SCENIC BLAST Steven Arnold Daniel Morton Elio A Galante & Partners 11/4 fav
2010 EQUIANO Michael Hills Barry Hills J Acheson 9/2
2011 PROHIBIT Jim Crowley Robert Cowell Dasmal, Rix, Barr, Morley et al 7/1
2012 LITTLE BRIDGE Zac Purton C S Shun Ko Kam Piu 12/1
2013 SOLE POWER Johnny Murtagh Edward Lynam Mrs S Power 8/1
2014 SOLE POWER Richard Hughes Edward Lynam Mrs S Power 5/1
2015 GOLDREAM Martin Harley Robert Cowell Mrs J Morley/J Sargeant 20/1
2016 PROFITABLE Adam Kirby Clive Cox A D Spence 4/1
2017 LADY AURELIA John Velasquez Wesley Ward Stonestreet Stables, Leidel et al 7/2
2018 BLUE POINT William Buick Charlie Appleby Godolphin 6/1
2019 BLUE POINT James Doyle Charlie Appleby Godolphin 5/2
2020 BATTAASH Jim Crowley Charlie Hills Hamdan Al Maktoum 5/6 fav
2021 OXTED Cieren Fallon Roger Teal Piper, Hirschfield, Fish, Collin 4/1
2022 NATURE STRIP James McDonald C J Walker Lyons, Harrison, Kean et al 9/4