Malton Articles 1713

It is generally agreed that the Jockey Club had not be founded by 1713 and certainly had no jurisdiction over races outside of Newmarket for some considerable time after its founding. Therefore, each racecourse issued its own set of rules or Articles. The following Articles were agreed by the founders for a Plate to be run for on Langton Wolds, near New Malton, on Thursday 1st October 1713.

1. Every horse that runs to carry 10st weight besides saddle and bridle.
2. That any horse that wins two heats and saves his distance in the third shall have the Plate. And if 3 horses win each of them one heat, then those three horses are only to run in the fourth heat, and the horse that wins that heat shall have the Plate.
3. That every person that enters a horse shall subscribe or bring an authority from his master to subscribe that he will abide and be determined by these articles.
4. That unless 3 or more horses run, the Plate shall not be run for.
5. That every founder that enters a horse for this plate shall pay over and above the subscription one guinea, and all other ‘fower’ guineas apiece.
6. Every rider shall leave the posts on the right or left-hand according to the original articles of this course.
7. That every person that enters a horse shall name the rider and 3 tryers.
8. That it shall be lawful to change any rider that is by accident disabled in any heat, provided the weight be carried according to the articles.
9. That every horse that runs shall be entered on Saturday, the 28th day of this instant September, at Mr John Dunns, New Malton, and every person that enters shall pay 5/- for entering.
10. That every horse shall be ready to start between the hours of two and three in the afternoon on the day appointed to run, and shall have halfe (sic) an hour allowed for rubbing after every heat, and no horse shall start before notice of the Clarke (Clerk of the Course).
11. That if any difference shall arise upon account of this plate, it shall be referred to Sir William Strickland, Bart or, in his absence, to the majority of the founders then present, who hereby have the power to determine the same.

Signed Sir William Strickland, Bart, Mr Hugh Cholmley (Cholmondeley), William Strickland junior