Molecomb Stakes

The Molecomb Stakes, named after a house on the Goodwood Estate called Molecomb which was built by the 3rd Duke of Richmond, Charles Lennox, for his sister Lady Sarah Lennox, is the third oldest race still contested at the Glorious Goodwood meeting having been established in 1829. It is a Group 3 race for 2-year-olds over 5 furlongs and is traditionally held on the second day of the 5-day meeting. Initially the race was opened to all 2-year-olds, but in 1932 it was restricted to fillies, although in 1981 it reverted to a race for colts, fillies and geldings.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Molecomb Stakes was on Friday 14th August 1829 when the Duke of Richmond's Convert beat General Grosvenor's Red Rover.

Favourites have a 54% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £173 Profit.
Molecomb Stakes Group 3 6 furlongs
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1829 CONVERT Frank Boyce 2-8st 4lbs Duke of Richmond 4/7 fav
1830 EMILIUS Filly Frank Buckle junior 2-8st 2lbs Mr Forth 10/11 jt fav
1831 Race was not staged this year
1832 Race was not staged this year
1833 DEFENSIVE Chapple 2-8st 5lbs Mr Sadler 1/4 fav
1834 WARESTI John Day 2-8st 0lbs Mr Wreford 2/1
1835 ELIS Nat Flatman 2-8st 10lbs Mr Greville 4/6 fav
1836 DEFENDER Jem Chapple 2-8st 5lbs Mr Sadler 1/2 fav
1837 GRAY MOMUS John Day John Barham Day 2-8st 12lbs Mr Bowes 4/7 fav
1838 WAPITI John Day junior 2-8st 9lbs Mr Wreford Evens fav
1839 CRUCIFIX John Day John Barham Day 2-8st 11lbs Lord George Bentinck 1/4 fav
1840 DECISION Sam Darling 2-8st 9lbs Captain Williamson 6/4 jt fav
1841 BARRIER P Conolly 2-8st 12lbs Mr Treen 1/2 fav
1842 THE CASTER Bill Scott 2-9st 0lbs Lord Maidstone 1/3 fav
1843 THE UGLY BUCK John Day junior 2-8st 7lbs Mr John Day 1/5 fav
1844 NUTBOURNE John Day junior 2-8st 7lbs Mr Gully 7/2
1845 STING H Bell 2-9st 0lbs Mr C Gill 6/4 fav
1846 PLANET W Abdale 2-8st 7lbs Lord George Bentinck 7/4
1847 GLENDOVER Nat Flatman 2-8st 12lbs Mr Payne 1/4 fav
1848 MR MILNER A Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr F Clarke 4/1
1849 WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR Kitchener 2-9st 0lbs Lord H G Lennox walked over
1850 TEDDINGTON Sim Templeman Alec Taylor snr 2-8st 12lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 5/1
1851 GLENLUCE Nat Flatman 2-8st 4lbs Mr Payne 100/8
1852 ELMSTHORPE A Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr Howard 1/5 fav
1853 ANDOVER A Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr Gully Evens fav
1854 COTHERSTONE Colt Nat Flatman 2-8st 7lbs Mr Payne 2/1 fav
1855 ENCHANTER A Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr Gully 1/2 fav
1856 LAMBOURN Tom Aldcroft 2-8st 12lbs Mr E Parr 7/4 fav
1857 THE LORD OF LORN Tom Aldcroft John Osborne snr 2-9st 0lbs Mr James Merry 4/6 fav
1858 MERRYMAN Nat Flatman 2-8st 12lbs Mr Greville 5/2
1859 BUCCANEER Jem Goater 2-8st 12lbs Lord Portsmouth 2/7 fav
1860 DIOPHANTUS A French 2-8st 12lbs Lord Stamford 1/2 fav
1861 ACE OF CLUBS John Osborne 2-8st 7lbs Lord Annesley 7/1
1862 LORD OF THE ISLES Colt Aldcroft 2-8st 7lbs Mr J Merry 4/1
1863 FILLE DE L'AIR Watkins Tom Jennings snr 2-8st 12lbs Count Frederick de Lagrange 3/1
1864 KOENIG George Fordham 2-8st 10lbs Duke of Beaufort 1/2 fav
1865 THE STUDENT A Edwards 2-9st 1lbs Mr James Merry 2/5 fav
1866 MARKSMAN George Fordham Mat Dawson 2-9st 1lbs Mr James Merry 5/1
1867 BANDITTO Cannon 2-8st 10lbs Sir F Johnstone 3/1
1868 BELLADRUM J Daley 2-9st 1lbs Mr J Merry 1/5 fav
1869 KING OF TRUMPS Filly T French 2-8st 12lbs Mr Pryor 6/4
1870 GENERAL Custance Tom Jennings snr 2-9st 3lbs Count Frederick de Lagrange 2/7 fav
1871 VANDERDECKEN T French 2-9st 1lbs Sir George Chetwynd 6/4 fav
1872 SOMERSET Cannon 2-9st 1lbs Lord Lonsdale 1/7 fav
1873 PACKINGTON Jem Goater 2-8st 10lbs Mr Bruton 11/8 fav
1874 CRAIG MILLAR T Chaloner Alec Taylor 2-8st 10lbs Mr Crawford 3/1
1875 RED CROSS KNIGHT H Jeffery 2-8st 10lbs Mr Gerard 3/1
1876 SHILLELAGH Parry 2-9st 3lbs Mr H Baltazzi 7/4
1877 RED HAZARD Fred Archer John Porter 2-8st 10lbs Mr F Gretton 4/6 fav
1878 CAMBUSCAN Colt Fred Archer 2-8st 10lbs Count Festetics 100/15
1879 ERSILIA Brother Fred Archer C Arnull 2-9st 1lbs Mr H E Beddington 3/1 fav
1880 PAW PAW H Jeffery W Brown 2-8st 7lbs Mr Pierre Lorillard 5/1
1881 ADRASTUS H Jeffery Mathews 2-8st 10lbs Mr I Bates 20/1
1882 ST BLAISE Cannon John Porter 2-9st 3lbs Lord Alington Evens fav
1883 LA TRAPPE Fred Archer Mat Dawson 2-8st 8lbs Lord Hastings 20/1
1884 LUMINARY Fred Archer John Porter 2-9st 3lbs Lord Alington 30/100 fav
1885 THE DEVIL TO PAY T Bruckshaw Fred Bates 2-8st 10lbs Mr J Bowes 20/1
1886 FREEDOM Fred Archer John Porter 2-8st 8lbs Duke of Westminster Evens fav
1887 FRIAR'S BALSAM Tom Cannon John Porter 2-9st 3lbs Sir F Johnstone walked over
1888 SECLUSION G Barrett Alec Taylor 2-8st 12lbs Mr Manton 2/5 fav
1889 LE NORD F Barrett Hayhoe 2-9st 1lbs Baron de Rothschild 1/4 fav
1890 CLEATOR John Watts Enoch 2-9st 3lbs Mr J Lowther 2/5 fav
1891 LA FLECHE G Barrett John Porter 2-9st 0lbs Baron de Hirsch 1/3 fav
1892 HARBINGER Mornington Cannon Ryan 2-8st 10lbs Mr Douglas Baird 2/1
1893 LA NIEVRE T Loates Hayhoe 2-8st 9lbs Baron de Rothschild 10/11 fav
1894 BENTWORTH Bradford W Stevens 2-9st 3lbs Mr Trimmer Evens fav
1895 RAMPION Mornington Cannon John Porter 2-8st 12lbs Duke of Westminster 100/30
1896 GALTEE MORE John Watts Sam Darling 2-9st 5lbs Mr J Gubbins 2/9 fav
1897 ROYAL FOOTSTEP J Calder W Waugh 2-9st 2lbs Sir J Blundell Maple 11/10 fav
1898 VARA Otto Madden R Marsh 2-8st 9lbs Duke of Devonshire 1/6 fav
1899 O'DONOVAN ROSSA John Watts R Marsh 2-9st 2lbs Mr Arthur James Evens fav
1900 PRINCESS MELTON Lester Reiff Gilbert 2-9st 2lbs Mr J Musker 2/5 fav
1901 MELTON Filly J H Martin Gilbert 2-8st 9lbs Mr J Musker 5/1
1902 QUINTESSENCE Randall J Chandler 2-9st 2lbs Lord Falmouth 8/11 fav
1903 ISLESMAN H Aylin H Enoch 2-8st 12lbs Mr Douglas Baird 5/2
1904 VEDAS G McCall W Robinson 2-9st 5lbs Mr de Wend-Fenton 8/15 fav
1905 COLONIA H Jones W T Robinson 2-9st 2lbs Mr W Hall Walker 2/1
1906 MY PET II D Maher D Waugh 2-9st 5lbs Mr W Raphael 4/7 fav
1907 SEA KING William Griggs T Waugh 2-8st 12lbs Sir R Jardine 100/6
1908 PARDICCAS W Higgs Sam Darling 2-9st 5lbs Lord Rosebery 4/5 fav
1909 TRESSADY W Higgs Sam Darling 2-9st 12lbs Mr J Buchanan 11/8 fav
1910 BEAUREPAIRE H Jones D Waugh 2-8st 12lbs Mr W Raphael 5/2 fav
1911 WHITE STAR F Wootton C Morton 2-9st 6lbs Mr J B Joel 2/5 fav
1912 ROCK FLINT D Maher G Blackwell 2-9st 5lbs Mr H E Beddington 4/1 fav
1913 BLACK JESTER F Wootton C Morton 2-9st 5lbs Mr J B Joel 1/4 fav
1914 REDFERN S Donoghue Alec Taylor 2-9st 5lbs Lord Cadogan 11/10
1915 Race not staged this year
1916 Race not staged this year
1917 Race not staged this year
1918 Race not staged this year
1919 TETRATEMA B Carslake Atty Persse 2-9st 5lbs Major McCalmont 1/2 fav
1920 TRASH Joe Childs Alec Taylor 2-8st 12lbs Mr Watson 7/1
1921 LEMBACH F Bullock Reg Day 2-9st 5lbs Mr E Moore 5/2
1922 TOWN GUARD Archibald P P Gilpin2-9st 6lbs Lord Woolavington 1/11 fav
1923 MUMTAZ MAHAL G Hulme R Dawson 2-9st 2lbs HH Aga Khan 1/40 fav
1924 PRIORY PARK F Bullock Clancy 2-8st 12lbs Mr C Howard 10/1
1925 REVIEW ORDER H Beasley Atty Persse 2-9st 5lbs Lord Barnby 7/4 fav
1926 SHIAN MOR Henri Jelliss Basil Jarvis 2-8st 12lbs Mr J Courtauld 11/10 fav
1927 BLACK WATCH Gordon Richards Peter P Gilpin 2-8st 12lbs Mr L Neumann 7/2
1928 BELLE MERE J Leach F Leach 2-8st 9lbs Sir J B Jardine 9/4 jt fav
1929 DIOLITE C Ray Templeman 2-9st 5lbs Sir Hugo Hurst 3/1
1930 JACOPO Joe Childs Boyd-Rochfort 2-9st 5lbs Mr M Field 10/11 fav
1931 SAFE RETURN F Fox Fred Darling 2-8st 6lbs Lord Woolavington 5/6 fav
1932 BETTY R Dick Lawson 2-8st 7lbs Lord Astor 5/2 fav
1933 LIGHT BROCADE B Carslake Frank Butters 2-8st 7lbs Lord Durham 8/1
1934 LA GAIETE Dick Perryman Frank Butters 2-8st 7lbs HH Aga Khan 10/1
1935 CROSSPATCH T Lowrey Basil Jarvis 2-9st 7lbs Major Courtauld 9/1
1936 BRIGHT BEAM Gordon Richards Fred Darling 2-8st 7lbs Mr J Dewar 13/8
1937 ANN OF AUSTRIA Charlie Smirke Frank Butter 2-8st 7lbs HH Aga Khan 3/1
1938 MONEY DOWN Gordon Richards Fred Darling 2-8st 12lbs Mr G Strassburger 2/5 fav
1939 ALLURE M Beary Vic Smyth 2-8st 7lbs Sir Malcolm McAlpine 3/1 fav
1940 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1941 FEBERION Dick Perryman Lawson 2-8st 6lbs Lord Glanely 13/2
1942 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1946 RULE BRITANNIA Harry Wragg Walter Earl 2-8st 7lbs Lord Derby 33/1
1947 PHAETONIA Gordon Richards Fred Darling 2-8st 7lbs Mr J A Dewar 5/4 fav
1948 INTEGRITY Charlie Smirke J Leach 2-9st 2lbs Mrs James Rank 7/2
1949 DIABLERETTA Gordon Richards Frank Butters 2-9st 7lbs HH Aga Khan 1/8 fav
1950 CRAWLEY BEAUTY Gordon Richards Noel Murless 2-8st 12lbs Lt-Colonel Giles Loder 4/6 fav
1951 TAVEN Gordon Richards Marsh 2-8st 7lbs HH Aga Khan 9/4 fav
1952 TESSA GILLIAN Bill Rickaby Jack Jarvis 2-8st 7lbs Sir A Jarvis 5/4 fav
1953 URSHALIM Charlie Smirke Marsh 2-8st 11lbs Mr R Moller 11/2
1954 BRAVE VENTURE Bill Rickaby Jack Jarvis 2-8st 11lbs Mr H D Wills 100/6
1955 PALARIVA R Poincelet Head (France) 2-8st 11lbs HH Aga Khan 4/9 fav
1956 PHARSALIA Willie Snaith H Cottrill 2-8st 11lbs Major Lionel Holliday 11/8 fav
1957 ABELIA Lester Piggott Murless 2-8st 11lbs Colonel B Hornung 1/5 fav
1958 KRAKENWAKE Scobie Breasley N Bertie 2-8st 11lbs Captain F Alexander 11/4
1959 QUEENSBERRY Eph Smith J A Waugh 2-8st 11lbs Colonel B Hornung 5/4 jt fav
1960 CYNARA Joe Mercer Harry Wragg 2-8st 11lbs Mrs G Oldham 2/9 fav
1961 LA TENDRESSE Ron Hutchinson Paddy Prendergast 2-8st 11lbs Mrs P-Poe Evens fav
1962 ROYAL INDISCRETION Garnie Bougoure Paddy Prendergast 2-8st 11lbs Mrs Parker-Poe 11/8 fav
1963 CRIMEA II W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort 2-8st 11lbs Mrs J Hanes 11/2
1964 REGAL PINK Bourgoure Prendergast 2-8st 11lbs Mrs J Olin 5/2 fav
1965 REET LASS Brian Connorton Gray 2-8st 11lbs Mrs V Gray 100/9
1966 SMOOTH Lester Piggott Houghton 2-8st 11lbs Mrs D Rasbotham 9/2
1967 LOWNA George Moore Murless 2-8st 11lbs Mrs Noel Murless 7/4 fav
1968 FLYING LEGS Lester Piggott Michael Jarvis 2-8st 11lbs Mr David Robinson 4/1
1969 MANGE TOUT B Foy Ken Cundell 2-8st 11lbs Mrs D Sieff 8/11 fav
1970 CAWSTONS PRIDE Brian Taylor Maxwell 2-8st 11lbs Mr L B Hall 1/5 fav
1971 PERT LASSIE Greville Starkey Henry Cecil 2-8st 8lbs Mrs S Joel 4/7 fav
1972 MISS SLIP Jimmy Lindley W Marshall 2-8st 8lbs Mrs I Hill 6/4
1973 BITTY GIRL Bruce Raymond Michael Jarvis 2-9st 1lbs Mr David Robinson 7/4
1974 LADY ROWLEY Lester Piggott Callaghan 2-8st 13lbs Mr G Cooke 4/5 fav
1975 HAYLOFT Lester Piggott Houghton 2-8st 10lbs Mr J Rowles 3/1
1976 BE EASY Ron Hutchinson Dunlop 2-8st 10lbs Mr A Gooda 9/1
1977 HATTA Ron Hutchinson Dunlop 2-8st 10lbs Sheikh Mohammed 7/1
1978 GREENLAND PARK H White W Hastings Bass 2-9st 4lbs Greenland Park Ltd 5/6 fav
1979 KEEP OFF Willie Carson Dunlop 2-8st 10lbs Mrs J Mullion 7/1
1980 MARWELL Lester Piggott Stoute 2-8st 10lbs Mr Edmund Loder 4/6 fav
1981 PROWESS PRINCE Lester Piggott Eric Eldin 2-8st 10lbs Mr S Liem 4/5 fav
1982 KAFU Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 2-8st 10lbs YA Ltd 6/5
1983 PRECOCIOUS Lester Piggott Henry Cecil 2-9st 0lbs Lord Tavistock 3/10 fav
1984 ABSENT CHIMES Philip Robinson Dave Thom 2-8st 10lbs Mr B Hathaway 11/4 fav
1985 HOTBEE Tyrone Williams J Bridger 2-8st 7lbs Mr A Speake 100/1
1986 GEMINI FIRE Steve Cauthen P Felgate 2-8st 12lbs J David Abell 33/1
1987 CLASSIC RULER John Reid C Nelson 2-8st 12lbs Mr W Patterson 5/2
1988 AMOST BLUE John Carroll Jack Berry 2-8st 12lbs Mr A Shelton 10/1
1989 HAUNTING BEAUTY Pat Eddery Jimmy Etherington 2-8st 7lbs Triangle Thoroughbreds 3/1 fav
1990 POETS COVE John Reid W Carter 2-8st 12lbs P R Cruden 11/2
1991 SAHARA STAR John Reid Sir Michael Stoute 2-8st 7lbs T E Selier 2/1 fav
1992 MILLYANT Michael Roberts Rae Guest 2-8st 7lbs Bradmill Ltd 9/2
1993 RISKY Walter Swinburn Richard Hannon 2-8st 12lbs Roldvale Ltd 4/9 fav
1994 HOH MAGIC Michael Hills Michael Bell 2-8st 10lbs D F Allport Evens fav
1995 ALMATY Kevin Darley Con Collins 2-9st 3lbs Mr Peter Savill 9/2
1996 CARMINE LAKE John Reid Peter Chapple-Hyam 2-8st 7lbs Mr Robert Sangster 6/1
1997 LADY ALEXANDER Pat Shanahan Con Collins 2-8st 12lbs Mrs N O'Callaghan 100/30 fav
1998 INYA LAKE Richard Quinn Mick Channon 2-8st 7lbs Mr Barry Minty 20/1
1999 MISTY MISS John Egan David Evans 2-8st 7lbs Stott-Richmond 33/1
2000 MISTY EYED Lee Newman Nerys Duffield 2-8st 10lbs Mrs Jan Fuller 3/1 fav
2001 WHITBARROW Basil Marcus Rod Millman 2-9st 1lbs Seasons Holidays 10/1
2002 WUNDERS DREAM Micky Fenton James Given 2-8st 7lbs Mr J Ellis 8/1
2003 MAJESTIC MISSILE Michael Hills William Haggas 2-8st 12lbs Flying Tiger Partnership 9/4 fav
2004 TOURNEDOS Ted Durcan Mick Channon 2-8st 12lbs Ridgeway Downs Racing 14/1
2005 STRIKE UP THE BAND Adrian Nicholls David Nicholls 2-9st 1lbs Oak Apple Syndicate 6/1
2006 ENTICING Michael Hills William Haggas 2-8st 11lbs Lael Stable 3/1 fav
2007 FLEETING SPIRIT Johnny Murtagh Jeremy Noseeda 2-8st 11lbs The Searchers 8/1
2008 FINJAAN Richard Hills Marcus Tregoning 2-9st 0lbs Hamdan Al Maktoum 5/1
2009 MONSIEUR CHEVALIER Richard Hughes Richard Hannon 2-9st 0lbs V Hubbard & I Higginson 10/11 fav
2010 ZEBEDEE Richard Hughes Richard Hannon 2-9st 0lbs Mrs J Wood 2/1 fav
2011 REQUINTO Wayne Lordan David Wachman 2-9st 0lbs Magnier, Smith, Tabor 6/1
2012 BUNGLE INTHEJUNGLE Martin Harley Mick Channon 2-9st 0lbs Emily Asprey & Chris Wright 14/1
2013 BROWN SUGAR Pat Dobbs Richard Hannon 2-9st 0lbs De La Warr Racing 8/1
2014 COTAI GLORY George Baker Charlie Hills 2-9st 1lbs Mrs A A Yap & F Ma 3/1
2015 KACHY Richard Kingscote Tom Dascombe 2-9st 1lbs Jones, Lowe, Mound, Trowbridge 4/1
2016 YALTA James Doyle Mark Johnston 2-9st 1lbs Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 8/1
2017 HAVANA GREY P J McDonald Karl Burke 2-9st 1lbs Mrs E Burke/Global Racing 7/2
2018 RUMBLE INTHEJUNGLE Tom Queally Richard Spencer 2-9st 1lbs Rebel Racing Premier 5/1
2019 LIBERTY BEACH Jason Hart John Quinn 2-8st 12lbs Mr Philip Wilkins 11/8 fav
2020 STEEL BULL Colin Keane M D O'Callaghan 2-9st 1lbs Michael O'Callaghan 2/1 fav
2021 ARMOR Ryan Moore Richard Hannon 2-9st 1lbs Al Shaqab Racing 6/1
2022 TRILLIUM Pat Dobbs Richard Hannon 2-9st 0lbs Rockcliffe Stud 7/1