Newmarket Town Plate winners

A pivotal moment in horse racing history, and in the history of Newmarket, occurred in 1665 when, on 16th October 1665, King Charles II issued an Article for a race, the Newmarket Town Plate, for horses carrying 12 stone over the Newmarket Round Course on the second Thursday in October each year, funded ultimately by rent from the 'Plate Land' indicated on the map below. Although there was no Jockey Club at this stage, this is one of the first sets of rules governing a race in Newmarket. It is clear that, at this point in time, there is a Clerk of the Course, a Clerk of the Race, a Treasurer, many Judges, one of whom is responsible for checking the weights of riders.
Rule 1 Every horse, mare or gelding shall be led out between 11 and 12 o'clock ready for a 1pm start.
Rule 2 Every horse shall carry 12st and if, when weighing in, a rider shall be over 1 1/2 lbs short of the required weight, he shall win no prize.
Rule 3 Every horse that rides the new Round Course, 3 times over, on the outside of the Ditch from Newmarket, shall leave all posts and flags the first and last heats on the right-hand side, and in the second heat on the left hand side, starting and ending at the weighing post by Cambridge Gap, also called Thomond's Post.
Rule 4 If a horse goes, either willingly or for advantage, within any of the flags, he shall win no prize and lose his stake, but if he is thrust between the flags he shall only lose the heat, provided he keeps within all of the rest of the flags and does not get distanced.
Rule 5 Between each heat there should be half an hour for relief, and for the horses to be rubbed down.
Rule 6 If an owner, servant, rider, party or bettor appears willingly to stop any other horse then he shall win no prize.
Rule 7 If any rider lays hold on, or strikes, another horse then he shall win no prize.
Rule 8 If any horse falls and unseats his rider, if that rider remounts and is not distanced, as determined by the Judge, then he shall only lose the heat.
Rule 9 If any Judge weighs any rider at the end of any heat, and finds that he has fraudulently cast away any of his weight, wanting more than 1 1/2 lbs, he shall lose the Plate.
Rule 10 If any dispute arises about the rules of riding which are not covered by these Articles, then it shall be referred to the Judges, or Noblemen and Gentlemen present who have contributed to the Plate.
Rule 11 Every horse which wins 3 heats shall win the Plate.
Rule 12 Every horse running for the Plate shall pay £3, except a contributor’s horse who shall put in £2.
Rule 13 Whoever wins the Plate shall give 20 shillings to the Clerk of the Race to be distributed to the poor on both sides of Newmarket, and 20 shillings to the Clerk of the Course to keep the course 'plain and free from cart roots'.
Rule 14 The Clerk of the Race should receive the stakes before any horse starts, and should deliver the stakes to a tenant (Treasurer) who is given sufficient security to look after the money and to ensure that some money is available for the next year's prize.
Rule 15 Prior to the running of every heat the rider shall deposit 20 shillings to the Clerk of the Race, the total being given to the winning horse, except the last horse in the heat shall pay the stakes of the second horse, so saving him his stake.
Rule 16 No horse which does not win any of the 3 heats shall be permitted to 'come in and run the course'.
Rule 17 The Plate shall be run on the second Thursday in October, every rider to carry 12 stone, but if any gentleman 'shall carry weight in his saddle, he shall have liberty, provided he allows 2lbs to the rest for the weight of their saddles.'
Rule 18 The Clerk of the Race summons the riders to start again at the end of half an hour by the signal of a drum, trumpet or any other way, setting up an hour glass for that purpose.
Rule 19 No man is admitted to ride for the Plate that is either a serving man or groom.
Rule 20 Those horses that after the running of the 3 heats shall run the 4-mile course, shall lead away and start within 1 1/2 hours or shall win no Plate.

I am grateful to Tim Cox for the map above which shows the Plate Land in the bottom right hand corner next to the Jockey Club.

If any visitor to this page is able to provide further details, or photos, of any year covered to date then contact The ultimate, very ambitious, target is to provide the result for every year, so if you have evidence to support the result for any of the missing years listed below then please contact me.

CLICK HERE for an article on the Newmarket Town Plate by Bill O'Gorman.

The photo shown above is courtesy of the Peter Norman collection; but does anyone know the year it was taken?
In 2022 a decision was made to abandon the Round Course and reduce the race to 2 miles, purportedly because of the unusually hot Summer which the country, and the rest of Europe, experienced. King Charles said that the race should be run on the Round Course on the Second Thursday in October, and that if there is ever a lapse in the running then the race should not be run again. I am sure that he would have forgiven its abandonment during the War years 1940-44, although it should be noted that it was still held between 1914 and 1918, and that the Covid pandemic forced the abandonment of the race in 2020. The race did return in 2021 for its historic 350th running and was over the Round Course, but so many adjustments to the original Articles of the Race by 2022 that some wonder whether it can still be deemed to be the Newmarket Town Plate. Bill O'Gorman presents a good argument in the article linked above, accepting that the full distance and heats are no longer viable in this day and age. However, there are some original Rules which could still be adhered to but which have been allowed to wither for commercial reasons; not running it on the Second Thursday in October, not using the Round Course, and now the final nail in the coffin, shortening the distance to 2 miles. If, and when, the weather next year is not as punishing as this year, the race for convenience is run again over just 2 miles, then the Newmarket Town Plate as King Charles had envisaged it, will pass in to history.
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Year Horse Jockey/Owner
1666 Inaugural running, but result unknown
1669 Unnamed horse Lord Roos (John Manners) won, winning 2 great candlesticks
1671 Unnamed horse King Charles II defeated 3 rivals to win 'a flagon of 32 price'
1674 Unnamed horse Mr Pope (sic Pape) (owned by a Yorkshire gentleman)
1675 BLUE CAPP King Charles II
1680 Unnamed horse Mr Griffin (owner)
1695 Unnamed horse King William III (owner)
1706 Unnamed horse 12th Earl of Kent, Henry Grey (owner)
1707 Unnamed horse Earl Sidney Godolphin
1720 MONKEY Lord William Manners (owner)
1722 TICKLEPITCHER Lord Drogheda (owner)
1723 NEAL Mr Glassock (owner)
1724 SIMPLETON Mr Neal (owner)
1725 Unnamed black horse Mr Cornish (owner)
1726 Unnamed chestnut horse Mr Dawson (walked over)
1727 HUNTER Mr Symore (sic) (walked over) Mr James Seymour, equaetrian painter
1728 Unnamed brown horse Mr Fauquier (walked over)
1729 WELCH (sic) LADY Mr Tuting (walked over)
1730 PAD mare Mr Tuting (owner)
1731 Unnmaed chestnut mare Mr Robinson (owner)
1732 CINDER WENCH Mr Tuting (owner)
1733 CINDER-WENCH Mr Tuting (owner)
1734 CINDER-WENCH Mt Tuting (walked over)
1735 DUNKIRK Mr South (walked over)
1736 ROSINANTE Mr Tuting (walked over)
1737 SQUIRREL Mr Tuting (walked over)
1738 CATO Mr Panton (walked over)
1739 CHARON Mr Henley (walked over)
1740 Unnamed aged gelding Mr Routh (walked over)
1741 BACCHUS Mr John Heathat (walked over)
1742 BACCHUS Mr Samuel Arnull (walked over)
1743 Unnamed grey horse Mr John Heathat (walked over)
1744 SPORTSMAN Mr Meane (walked over)
1745 RIVE-RAGS Mr Smith (owner)
1746 Unnamed bay gelding Mr John Heathat (owner)
1747 SPORTLY Mr Haydon (owner)
1748 Unnamed chestnut gelding Mr Adams (walked over)
1749 LITTLE DRIVER Mr Josiah Marshal
1750 LITTLE DRIVER Mr Josiah Marshal
1751 ATHUR OF BRADLEY Mr Bradley (walked over)
1752 SCURRY Mr Tookie (owned by Mr Josiah Marshall)
1753 Unnamed chestnut mare Mr Charles Meridith
1754 TRUE BRITON Mr Tookie (rider) Lord Stamford (owner)
1755 SOLDIER Mr Stamford (owner, walked over)
1756 SOLDIER Mr Tookie (rider) Mr Stamford (owner)
1757 SOLDIER Mr Stamford (owner)
1759 FOXHUNTER Mr Tuting (walked over)
1760 FOXHUNTER Mr Tuting (walked over)
1761 PHOENIX Mr Broady (owner)
1762 PHOENIX Mr Smith (owner)
1763 SIMON Mr Edmonson (rider) Mr Tuting (owner)
1764 DIANA Mr Josiah Marshall (walked over)
1765 HAZARD Mr Humphrey (owner)
1766 HAZARD Mr Bullock (owner walked over)
1767 HODGE Mr Stamford (walked over)
1768 MESSALINA Mr Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Chapman(owner)
1769 CALLIOPE Mr Samuel Buckle (owner and rider, walked over)
1770 BLACKJACK Mr Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Edmunson (owner)
1771 RIPLING Mr Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Edmunson (owner)
1772 RH Joseph Leech (rider) Mr R Prince (owner)
1773 SUFFOLK Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr James Brewster (owner)
1774 YOUNG HYDER Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Smallman (owner)
1775 FANNY Mr James Baddison (rider) Mr Waters (Owner)
1777 TROUNCE'EM Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Peachey (owner)
1778 RASBERRY Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Goodison (owner)
1779 WAFER Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr B Porter (owner, walked over)
1780 HOUGHTON Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Lacey (owner, walked over)
1781 RANGER Ralph Buckle (rider) Mr Adams (owner, walked over)


Mr John Clarke (rider) Mr Goodison (owner)



Richard Marshall (rider) Mr James Brewster (owner, walked over)



Richard Marshall (rider) Mr Wilthsire (owner, walked over)



George Browning (rider) Mr Vernon (owner, walked over)



Richard Marshall (rider) Mr Philip Burlton (owner)



Richard Marshall (rider) Mr Stacie (owner)



Richard Marshall (rider) Mr Goodison (owner)

1795 Unknown Race was contested on the second Tuesday in October
1796 Unknown Race was contested on the second Tuesday in October
1797 Unknown Race was contested on the second Tuesday in October
1820 CAROLINE Mr Butler (owner)
1826 QUARTER-DAY Mr Parkinson (rider) Mr Pettit (owner)
1827 SYSON Captain Watson (owner)
1829 BLEMISH Mr William Fenton (rider) Mr George Edwards (owner)
1830 FLACROW Mr Chifney (owner)
1832 WHISKEY Mr Weatherby jnr (rider) Mr Prince (owner)
1836 PROTEMPORE Mr Howard (rider) Mr Fenton (owner)
1837 TURBAN walked over, much to the disappointment of the locals
1838 PATAPAN Mr Cassidy (owner, walked over)
1839 Unnamed Bay Mare Mr S Rogers (owner, walked over)
1840 VELOCIPEDE Grey Horse Mr S Rogers (owner, walked over)
1841 QUICKSILVER Mr C Boyce (rider) Mr S Rogers (owner, walked over)
1843 CAPOTE Mr S Rogers (owner, walked over)
1844 MULETEER Mr C Boyce (rider) Mr Ridsdale (owner)
1846 HAWKESBURY Mr J Arber (rider) Mr Stephenson (owner)
1847 PROSODY Mr Stanlake Batson (rider) Mr Rogers (owner)
1849 DOVER Mr Daley (owner)
1850 GOODWOOD Mr J Arber (rider) Mr Daley (owner)
1853 CHORUS Mr R Gordon (rider) Mr S Rogers (owner)
1854 ALBONI Mr J Arber (rider) Mr S Rogers (owner walked over)
1855 TRIPTHONG Mr S Rogers (walked over)
1859 SURRENDER Mr G Lawrance (walked over)
1860 WILDGRAVE Mr G Lawrance (rider) Mr S Rogers (owner)
1863 TONIO Mr A Edwards (owner & rider)
1864 POETESS Mr N Flatman (rider) Mr C Green (walked over)
1865 DUC DE GUISE Mr N Flatman (rider) Mr C Green (owner, walked over)
1866 SAVANNAH Mr N Flatman jnr (rider) (Mr C Green owner, walked over)
1867 REPORTER Mr S Rogers (rider & owner)
1868 ARKADI Mr T Rogers (rider) Mr T Ashmall (owner)
1869 THUNDERBOLT filly Mr S Rogers (owner & rider)
1870 LINCOLN LASS C Selwood (rider) Mr Selwood (owner)
1871 BROWN BESS Mr R Moody (rider) Mr Jarvis (owner)
1880 CHARLIE Mr Moir (owner)
1881 CHARLIE Mr Moir (owner)
1883 CAPTAIN W Waugh (rider) Mr Charles Archer (owner)
1884 SOLTYKOFF George Pond (rider) Mr W Segrott (owner)
1885 Unnamed John Dawson hack Master Charles Waugh (rider) Mr John Dawson (owner)
1886 Unnamed John Dawson hack Master Charles Waugh (rider) Mr John Dawson (owner)
1887 FABRICO A Bloss (rider) Mr W Segrott (owner)
1888 SPICEY George A Pond (rider) Mr W Segrott (owner)
1889 LINKS Mr H Lancaster (rider) Mr W Segrott (owner)
1890 HONEYDROP Mr J E W Imrie (rider)
1891 GANNET Mr J G Chennel (rider) Mr William A Jarvis (owner, walked over)
1892 GANNET Mr J G Chennel (rider) Mr William A Jarvis (owner, walked over)
1893 COMINO Mr F P Chennel (rider) Mr Tom Chaloner (owner)
1894 WHITBY Mr P Clowes (rider) Mr J G Chennel (owner, walked over)
1895 JUMBO Mr O E Griffiths (rider)
1897 CHAIRMAN Mr R (Thomas) Waugh (rider) Mr J Russell (owner)
1898 CHAIRMAN Mr Thomas Waugh (rider) Mr James Waugh (owner, walked over)
1899 PRESTONFIELD Mr Thomas Waugh (rider) Mr James Waugh (owner, walked over)
1900 PRESTONFIELD Mr Thomas Waugh (rider) Mr James Waugh (owner, walked over)
1901 PRESTONFIELD Mr Thomas Waugh (rider) Mr James Waugh (owner, walked over)
1902 PRESTONFIELD Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 1st winner) Mr Waugh (owner)
1903 PRESTONFIELD Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 2nd winner) Mr Waugh (owner)
1904 PRESTONFIELD Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 3rd winner) Mr Waugh (owner)
1905 PRESTONFIELD Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 4th winner) Mr Waugh (owner)
1906 PRESTONFIELD Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 5th winner) Mr T Waugh (owner, walked over)
1907 PROFFER Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 6th winner) Mr C Archer jnr (owner)
1908 PROFFER Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 7th winner) Mr C Archer (owner)
1909 PROFFER Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 8th winner) Mr C Archer (owner, walked over)
1910 RED GAUNTLET Mr Charles W Stevens (rider) Mr Howard (owner)
1911 PANSY Mr Frank Simpson (rider, 9th winner) Mr George Blackwell (owner)
1912 PANSY Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 10th winner) Mr George Blackwell (owner)
1913 THE PERMIT Mr Charles W Stevens (rider) Mr Charles Peck (owner)
1914 THE PERMIT Mr Charles W Stevens (rider) Mr charles Peck (owner)
1915 YORINGAL Mr Frank Simpson (rider, 11th winner) Mr F B Darling (owner)
1916 KINGSWOOD Mr Charles W Stevens (walked over)
1917 GREEN FALCON Mr Charles W Stevens (rider) Mr Robert Standish Sievier (owner)
1918 TWEEDLEDUM Mr Charles W Stevens (owner & rider)
1919 KARABURUM Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 12th winner) Mr Walter Griggs (owner)
1920 PLAYHOUSE Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 13th winner) Mr Frank Curzon (owner)
1921 CORTOZA Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 14th winner) Captain T R Leader (owner, w/o)
1922 TISHY II Mr A P Hammond (rider) Mr E T Waugh (owner)
1923 FROCKED Mr Charles Manning (rider) Mr W R Jarvis (owner)
1924 TISHY II Mr A P Hammond (rider) Mr P Hammond (owner)
1925 HOGIER Miss Eileen Joel (rider) Mrs Walter Earl (owner)
1926 STEPHANIA Miss Iris Rickaby (rider) Mr H A Armitage (owner)
1927 FAY TOY Miss D Saunders (owner & rider)
1928 BOGUS Miss Iris Rickaby (rider) Mr Walter Griggs (owner)
1929 FAIRY WATER Mr Frank Simpson (rider; 15th winner) Mr R W Colling (owner)
1930 OLD DROMORE Mr Frank Simpson (16th win as a rider)
1931 BOGUS Mr Frank Simpson (rider, 17th winner) Mr Walter Griggs (owner)
1932 MR BERTRAM Miss Audrey Bell (rider) Mrs Shafto (owner)
1933 JOURNEY'S END Miss Gladys Waldron (rider)
1934 RAVIOLI Miss Audrey Bell (rider) Mr John Bell (owner)
1935 LADY GOLD Miss Audrey Bell (rider)
1936 JIMMY'S PET Miss Boo Thrale (rider) Mr P Thrale (owner)
1937 JIMMY'S PET Miss Boo Thrale (rider) Mr P Thrale (owner)
1938 LUCKY PATCH Mrs S Langley (rider)
1939 CONTREVENT Miss Vera Bullock (rider) Mr Middlemass (owner)
1940-44 Race not run due to Second World War
1945 LONG GROVE Mr C Smith (rider) Mr H J Hawes (owner)
1946 PONGO Miss Mary McGrath (rider) Mr H Smyth (trainer)
1947 BIRDFORTH Lady Mary Rose Williams (rider)
1948 FILIUS Miss Solna Joel (rider)
1949 PRINCE PERIDARCHUS Miss Sybil Lambton (rider) Mr E Lambton (trainer)
1950 SCHOOL TREAT Miss Ann Waugh (rider) Mr Charles Walker (owner)
1951 QUEENSLAND Miss Betty Richards (rider) George Todd (trainer)
1952 FREDDY FOX Miss Betty Richards (rider) George Beeby (trainer)
1953 CHANCELLOR Miss Betty Richards (rider) Mr J Thorpe (owner)
1954 LE MOUSSAILLON II Miss Ann Waugh (rider)
1955 VULPES Miss Valda Rogerson (rider & owner)
1956 LE MOUSSAILLON II Miss Jackie Hylton (rider)
1957 HIPPOCAMPE Miss Scarlett Rimell (rider) Mr T F Rimell (trainer)
1958 LINTLAW Miss Marshella Stephenson (rider) Mr A Hyams (owner)
1959 ADAM'S WALK Miss Julie Murless (rider) Humphrey Cottrill (trainer)
1960 WATERFALL Miss Gay Leader (rider) Mr Harvey Leader (owner & trainer)
1961 FULMINATE Mrs Susan Piggott (rider) Sam Armstrong (trainer)
1962 WATERFALL Miss Gay Leader (rider) Mr Harvey Leader (owner & trainer)
1963 BINGO Mrs Susan Piggott (rider) Mr C J Benstead (trainer)
1964 STEM TURN Miss Diana Thomson Jones (rider aged 13)
1965 DALNAMEIN Miss Sally Hall (rider) Mrs Agnes Hall (owner)
1966 NIKKO Mrs Diane Law (rider) Ron Smyth (trainer)
1967 SAGELY Miss Sally Hall (rider)
1968 ALPHONSE Miss Susan Cundell (rider) Frank Cundell (trainer)
1969 RENARDIER Miss Hazel Cook (rider) Humphrey Cottrill (trainer)
1970 BLAKE Mrs Marie Tinkler (rider)
1971 OCEAN SAILOR Mrs Marie Tinkler (rider)
1972 GREENACRE Miss Caroline Mercer (rider) Harry Wragg (trainer)
1973 WOODDITTON Miss Caroline Mercer (rider) Harry Wragg (trainer)
1974 BELLA FIGURA Mrs Rosemary Coyne (rider)
1975 GUNNER SMITH Mrs Elaine Seear (rider)
1976 MATINALE Mr John Hills (rider) Barry Hills (trainer)
1977 TOP STRAIGHT Miss Hilary Jack (rider) Arthur Smith (trainer)
1978 FLYING DIPLOMAT Miss Hilary Jack (rider)
1979 WELTHI Mr Michael Smith (rider) Merrick Francis (trainer)
1980 PEA PACK Miss Yvette Perrin (owner and rider)
1981 KINBA Miss S Caldecot (rider) Mr Herbert Caldecot (owner)
1982 VIEWED AWAY Miss S Janet Harris (owner & rider)
1983 JAM Miss Zara Pratt (rider) Mrs J A De Rothschild (owner)
1984 SUMMONS Miss Alexandra Embiricos (rider) Mrs S M Embiricos (owner)
1985 VELVET TOUCH Miss Amanda Hardwood (rider) Sheikh Mohammed (owner)
1986 BUSHIDO Miss Gaye Harwood (rider) Prince Khalid Abdullah (owner)
1987 CUBIC ZIRCONIA Mrs Clare Williams (owner & rider)
1988 TARA'S CHIEFTAIN Mrs Marjorie Enright (owner & rider)
1989 NEWSELL'S PARK Miss Paula Choppen (owner & rider)
1990 PECHE D'OR Miss Fiona A Haynes (rider) Mrs H E Haynes (owner)
1991 METAL OISEAU Mr Danny Marshall (rider) Mr Frank Ivory (owner)
1992 JIMSTRO Mr Guy Pewter (rider) Mr L Parr (owner)
1993 ATHASSEL ABBEY Mr Nick Duke (owner & rider)
1994 SEA BUCK Mrs Carolyn Poland (owner & rider)
1995 SEA BUCK Miss Sophie Candy (rider) Mr Henry Candy (owner)
1996 SEA BUCK Miss Sophie Candy (rider) Mr Henry Candy (owner)
1997 SEA BUCK Miss Emma Candy (rider) Mr Henry Candy (owner)
1998 SEA BUCK Miss Emma Candy (rider) Mr Henry Candy (owner)
1999 GLORIOUS ENCOUNTER Mr Matthew Stronge (rider) Mr R Stronge (owner)
2000 GALE FORCE Mr Danny Marshall (owner & rider)
2001 FANDANGO DE CHASSY Miss Anne Marie Hayes (rider) Mr C J Hayes (owner)
2002 CORKAN Mr Dan Marshall (rider) Mrs E Reed & Mr A Spargo (owner)
2003 CORKAN Mr Dan Marshall (owner & rider)
2004 IT'S WALLACE Miss Sheena West (rider) Grand Day Out Partnership (owner)
2005 DOMENICO Mr Peter Kirkpatrick (owner & rider)
2006 PAPUA Mr Charlie Duckworth (rider) Mr N Quesnel (owner)
2007 LEASE Mr Derek Jackson (rider) Conroy Syndicate (owner)
2008 BULBERRY HILL Mr Craig Walker (rider) Mr Roy Street (owner)
2009 ARTIST'S RETURN Miss Caroline Scott (rider) Mrs M Stone (owner)
2010 CAPE SECRET Mr Derek Jackson (rider) Mrs Anne Bowles (owner)
2011 KADOUCHSKI John Berry (owner & rider)
2012 RAIFTEIRI Clare Twemlow (rider) Across the Pond Partnership (owner)
2013 START ME UP Jason Carver (owner & rider)
2014 HANDSOME BUDDY Michael Gates (owner & rider)
2015 START ME UP Jason Carver (owner & rider)
2016 ALMAGEST Sheikh Fahad Al Thani (rider) Castle Farm Racing (owner)
2017 BIVOUAC Tim Gredley (rider) Tim Gredley Investments Ltd (owner)
2018 VENT DE FORCE Michael Mullineaux (rider) We Enjoy Racing Club (owner)
2019 NOTWHATIAM Maurice McCarthy (rider) Sureness Ltd (owner)
2020 Was not run due to the pandemic.
2021 FRIENDS DON'T ASK Rachel Rennie (rider), Martin Smith (trainer)
2022 GOLDENCARD Laura Gibsob-Brabazon (rider), Christian Williams (trainer)
2023 DANCING SHADOW Belinda Rose (rider), Sarah Humphrey (trainer)