Royal Ascot: Norfolk Stakes

The Norfolk Stakes, a Group 2 flat race over 5 furlongs open to two-year-old horses, is currently staged on the third day of the Royal meeting. The event was established in 1843, and it was originally called the New Stakes. The inaugural running was won by Rattan. The race was renamed the Norfolk Stakes in 1973, in honour of the 16th Duke of Norfolk who served as the Royal Representative at Ascot from 1945 to 1972. For a time the event held Group 3 status, but it was promoted to Group 2 level in 2006.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the New Stakes, the forerunner of the Norfolk Stakes, over the 5 furlongs of the two-year-old course took place on Thursday 15th June 1843 and was won by Mr Crockford's Rattan (5/2) who beat Assay and Charming Kate by 3 lengths and 5 lengths.

Over the entire history of the race 35.9% of favourites have been successful. (15th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 13.8% loss. (22nd out of 32 races)

Norfolk Stakes Stakes 5 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1843 RATTAN S Rogers 2-8st 7lbs Mr Crockford 5/2
1844 OLD ENGLAND John Day junior 2-8st 7lbs Mr John Day 10/1
1845 JOY Bartholomew 2-8st 7lbs Lord Lonsdale 12/1
1846 SLANDER W Abdale 2-8st 7lbs Lord George Bentinck 7/4 fav
1847 ASSAULT E Edwards 2-8st 7lbs Mr B Green 1/2 fav
1848 GARRICK Jem Robinson 2-8st 7lbs Mr B Green 5/4 fav
1849 BLARNEY W Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr Dixon 8/1
1850 CITADEL Nat Flatman W Dilly (Winchester) 2-8st 3lbs Mr John Payne 5/2 fav
1851 HOBBIE NOBLE Whitehouse 2-8st 7lbs Lord John Scott 5/6 fav
1852 HYBLA J Mann 2-8st 3lbs Mr John Payne 12/1
1853 AUTOCRAT Sim Templeman 2-8st 7lbs Mr R E Cooper 4/6 fav
1854 MONGE Alfred Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr Drinkald 8/1
1855 MILTON Alfred Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr G W Fitzwilliam 2/1 fav
1856 ZAIDEE George Fordham 2-8st 3lbs Mr M Dennett 20/1
1857 SEDBURY Jem Goater 2-8st 12lbs Mr Howard 8/1
1858 NORTH LINCOLN Ashmall 2-8st 12lbs Baron Rothschild 5/4 fav
1859 RUPEE Jem Goater 2-8st 3lbs Mr Hamilton 10/1
1860 BROWN DUCHESS L Snowden Joseph Saxon 2-8st 8lbs Mr Joseph Saxon 3/1 fav
1861 ALVEDISTON Alfred Day 2-8st 7lbs Mr W Day 4/1
1862 BLUE MANTLE Aldcroft 2-8st 12lbs Count D Lane 2/1 fav
1863 EVELINA John Wells 2-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 4/1
1864 LIDDINGTON J Adams 2-9st 1lbs Mr James Merry 4/7 fav
1865 CHIBISI Morris 2-8st 10lbs Lord Stamford 10/1
1866 ACHIEVEMENT Custance 2-8st 12lbs Colonel Pearson 2/5 fav
1867 LADY ELIZABETH George Fordham John Day 2-8st 12lbs Marquess of Hastings Evens fav
1868 BELLADRUM George Fordham Waugh 2-9st 1lbs Mr James Merry 6/4 fav
1869 TEMPLE Marsh Sherwood 2-8st 10lbs Mr J Barnard 100/6
1870 CORISANDE George Fordham Joseph Hayhoe 2-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 7/1
1871 HELMET George Fordham Henry Woolcott 2-8st 10lbs Mr G G Keswick 2/1 fav
1872 MARIE STUART Morris Robert Peck 2-8st 7lbs Mr James Merry 8/1
1873 ECOSSAIS George Fordham Tom Jennings 2-8st 10lbs Mr C J Lefevre 4/6 fav
1874 GALOPIN Morris John Dawson 2-9st 5lbs Prince Batthyany 7/4 fav
1875 COLTNESS T Osborne Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 10lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 4/1
1876 ROB ROY Custance Charles Blanton 2-9st 1lbs Mr J T Mackenzie 4/7 fav
1877 BELLICENT Constable Dover 2-8st 7lbs Lord Rosebery 100/6
1878 STRATHERN Cannon C Arnull 2-8st 10lbs Mr H E Beddinton 20/1
1879 OCEANIC J Morris Tom Jennings 2-8st 7lbs Count F De Lagrange Evens fav
1880 SIR CHARLES Glover Weever 2-9st 3lbs Mr Leigh 11/2
1881 KERMESSE Cannon Joe Cannon 2-8st 7lbs Lord Rosebery Evens fav
1882 ADRIANA Lemaire Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 7lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 3/1
1883 WILD THYME George Fordham Tom Jennings jnr 2-9st 0lbs Mr C J Lefevre 5/2
1884 MELTON Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 2-8st 10lbs Lord Hastings 6/1
1885 SARABAND Charles Wood Humphreys 2-9st 3lbs Mr Childwick 5/6 fav
1886 ENTERPRISE G Barrett Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 10lbs Mr Douglas Baird 100/12
1887 FRIARS BALSAM Tom Cannon John Porter 2-8st 10lbs Sir F Johnstone 13/8 fav
1888 DONOVAN F Barrett G Dawson 2-9st 3lbs Duke of Portland Evens fav
1889 SUREFOOT Liddiard Jousiffe 2-9st 3lbs Mr A W Merry 5/4 fav
1890 ORVIETO John Watts Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 10lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 7/2
1891 GOLDFINCH G Barrett John Porter 2-8st 10lbs Lord Alington 5/1
1892 ISINGLASS George Chaloner James Jewitt 2-8st 10lbs Mr H McCalmont 100/30
1893 WEDDING BELL Tom Loates Sherwood snr 2-8st 7lbs Sir R Waldie-Griffith 9/1
1894 KISSING CUP Morny Cannon John Porter 2-8st 7lbs Duke of Westminster 100/7
1895 ROQUEBRUNE Sam Loates Martin Gurry 2-8st 7lbs Sir J Miller 2/1 fav
1896 VELASQUEZ Tommy Loates Walters jnr 2-8st 10lbs Lord Rosebery 11/10 fav
1897 FLORIO RUBATTINO Morny Cannon James Jewitt 2-8st 10lbs Mr H McCalmont 20/1
1898 FLYING FOX Morny Cannon John Porter 2-8st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 5/4 fav
1899 THE GORGON Otto Madden Richard Marsh 2-8st 7lbs Mr Arthur James 7/2
1900 MELTON colt Tod Sloan Gilbert 2-8st 10lbs Mr J Musker 6/1
1901 DUKE OF WESTMINSTER Sam Loates Morton 2-8st 10lbs Mr R S Sievier 7/2
1902 SERMON W Halsey Fred Day 2-8st 10lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 100/8
1903 MONTEM W Halsey Richard Marsh 2-8st 7lbs Lord Wolverton 5/1
1904 LLANGIBBY W Lane Peter P Gilpin 2-8st 10lbs Mr L Neumann 2/1 fav
1905 COLONIA Herbert Jones W Robinson 2-8st 7lbs Mr W Hall Walker 6/1
1906 SLIEVE GALLION W Higgs Sam Darling 2-8st 10lbs Captain Greer 1/5 fav
1907 SIR ARCHIBALD L Lyne Atty Persse 2-8st 10lbs Mr A F Basset 2/1 fav
1908 BAYARDO Bernard Dillon Alec Taylor 2-8st 10lbs Mr Fairie 7/1
1909 LEMBERG Bernard Dillon Alec Taylor 2-8st 10lbs Mr Fairie 2/1 fav
1910 SEAFORTH H Randall Atty Persse 2-9st 3lbs Mr McCalmont 5/2 fav
1911 LOMOND F Wootton R Wootton 2-8st 10lbs Mr Hulton 5/1
1912 CRAGANOUR W Saxby Robinson 2-8st 10lbs Mr C B Ismay 3/1
1913 HAPSBURG Herbert W Halsey 2-8st 10lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 100/7
1914 LET FLY Herbert Jones W Robinson 2-8st 10lbs Colonel Hall Walker 6/1
1915 Race was not staged due to World War I
1916 Race was not staged due to World War I
1917 Race was not staged due to World War I
1918 Race was not staged due to World War I
1919 ORPHEUS F Leach Leach 2-8st 10lbs Mr Cunliffe-Owen 7/1
1920 ALLAN BRECK A Smith Peter Gilpin 2-8st 10lbs Sir J Buchanan 5/2 fav
1921 SCAMP F Lane Templeman Lord Jersey 100/15
1922 TOWN GUARD G Archibald P P Gilpin Lord Woolavington 8/1
1923 DRUIDS ORB F Bullock Sam H Darling Lord Blandford 6/4 fav
1924 BLACK FRIAR G Archibald Fred Darling Lord Woolavington 7/4 fav
1925 BUCKLER T Weston T Waugh Mr R Jardine 100/8
1926 DAMON H Beasley Atty Persse Mr T F Ryan 9/2
1927 HAKIM C Smirke R Dawson HH Aga Khan 6/1
1928 MR JINKS H Beasley Atty Persse Major D McCalmont 9/4 fav
1929 BLENHEIM M Beary R Dawson HH Aga Khan 7/2
1930 LIGHTNING STAR S Donoghue Sneyd Mr J B Leigh 100/6
1931 SPENSER R A Jones Lawson Mr S Tattersall 15/2
1932 HYPERION T Weston Lambton Lord Derby 6/1
1933 COLOMBO G Richards Hogg Lord Glanely 10/11 fav
1934 EPPIE ADAIR colt G Nicoll Cottrill Sir Abe Bailey 6/1
1935 BOSSOVER colt S Donoghue Snow Miss Dorothy Paget 4/1 fav
1936 LE GRAND DUC C Smirke Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 11/2
1937 RAMTAPA J Brennan Lawson Sir Abe Bailey 100/8
1938 MEADOW T Weston Lawson Sir Abe Bailey 8/1
1939 TANT MIEUX G Richards F Darling Mr Peter Beatty 13/8 fav
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 PETITION H Wragg Frank Butters Sir Alfred Butt 7/4 jt fav
1947 MY BABU Edgar Britt F Armstrong Maharajah of Baroda 8/13 fav
DELIRIUM Charlie Smirke J Leach Mr J Coatman 7/1
1948 MAKARPURA Charlie Smirke F Armstrong Maharajah of Baroda 100/30
1949 MASTER GUNNER Ken Gethin P Thrale Mr D S Kennedy 11/10 fav
1950 BAY MEADOWS A Wragg H Wragg Mr B J Hilliard 4/1
1951 BOB MAJOR W Rickaby J Jarvis Lord Rosebery 2/5 fav
1952 BLUE LAMP D Smith R Day Mrs C W Woodbridge 10/1
1953 HYDROLOGIST James Thompson Bellerby Mrs A Brown 10/1
1954 TAMERLANE G Richards N Bertie Lord Porchester 7/2
1955 GRATITUDE D Smith Cottrill Major L B Holliday 11/8 fav
1956 SKINDLES HOTEL B Swift Ireland Mr P Blackall 11/2
1957 PALL MALL W Carr Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 6/1
1958 MASHAM D Smith G Brooke Mr A Ellis 8/1
1959 SOUND TRACK G Lewis W Smyth Duke of Norfolk 1/5 fav
1960 FLORIBUNDA R Hutchinson P Prendergast Mrs J Mullion 2/7 fav
1961 ABERMAID L Piggott H Wragg Sir Percy Loraine 3/1 jt fav
1962 DAYBREAK Ron Hutchinson J Jarvis Sir A Jarvis 13/8 fav
1963 BALLYMACAD R Hutchinson G Smyth Duke of Norfolk 9/4
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 TIN KING L Piggott Houghton Mr Charles Engelhard 4/7 fav
1966 FALCON L Piggott Houghton Mr Charles Engelhard 11/8 fav
1967 PORTO BELLO G Lewis Ingham Dr D Fermont 7/4
1968 SONG J Mercer Candy Mr B Jenks 8/1
1969 TRIBAL CHIEF J Wilson B Swift Mr J Swift 7/2
1970 SWING EASY L Piggott J Tree Mr J H Whitney 5/2
1971 PHILIP OF SPAIN G Lewis Murless Sir R Macdonald-Buchanan 9/4
1972 CADES COUNTY G Cadwaladr Eric Cousins Mr D Freeman 10/1
1973 HABAT Pat Eddery P Walwyn Dr C Vittadini 7/4 fav
1974 OVERTOWN E Eldin D Smith Sir H Calley 9/2
1975 FALIRAKI L Piggott M O'Toole Mrs M O'Toole 6/1
1976 GODSWALK Hogan Grassick Mr P Callagher 8/13 fav
1977 EMBOSS L Piggott Ron Boss Mr T Saud 11/4
1978 SCHWEPPESHIRE LAD G Starkey M Stoute Mr M Madden 9/4
1979 ROMEO ROMANI B Taylor H R Price Mr H Demetriou 7/2
1980 CHUMMY'S SPECIAL G Starkey Hunter Mr C Gaventa 11/2
1981 DAY IS DONE W Swinburn D Weld Mr B Firestone 5/2
1982 BRONDESBURY T Ives W O'Gorman Mr A Foustok 8/11 fav
1983 PRECOCIOUS L Piggott H Cecil Lord Tavistock 4/11 fav
1984 MAGIC MIRROR L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr Stavros Niarchos 11/8
1985 MAROUBLE J Mercer C Nelson Countess of Lonsdale 20/1
1986 SIZZLING MELODY R Hills Lord John Fitzgerald Mrs M Watt 5/1
1987 COLMORE ROW B Raymond W Jarvis Mrs F Allen 100/30
1988 SUPERPOWER Tony Ives Bill O'Gorman Mrs P L Yong Evens fav
1989 PETILLANTE Richard Hills Alec Scott Mr Peter Newell 10/1
1990 LINE ENGAGED Steve Cauthen David Elsworth I Karageorgis 14/1
1991 MAGIC RING Alan Munro Paul Cole Prince Fahd Salman 7/4 fav
1992 NICHE Lester Piggott Richard Hannon Lord Carnarvon 9/1
1993 TURTLE ISLAND John Reid Peter Chapple-Hyam Mr Robert Sangster 3/1
1994 MIND GAMES John Carroll Jack Berry Robert Hughes 5/2
1995 LUCKY LIONEL Frankie Dettori Richard Hannon A Balzanini 11/1
1996 TIPSY CREEK Willie Ryan Ben Hanbury Abdulla Bulhaleeba 7/2 fav
1997 TIPPITT BOY John Reid Kevin McAuliffe Highgrove Developments 33/1
1998 ROSSELLI John Carroll Jack Berry T G Holdcroft 10/1
1999 WARM HEART Frankie Dettori John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 7/2
2000 SUPERSTAR LEO T Quinn William Haggas Superstar Leo Partnership 5/1
2001 JOHANNESBURG Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/M Tabor 11/8 fav
2002 BARON'S PIT Richard Hughes Richard Hannon J T & K M Thomas 12/1
2003 RUSSIAN VALOUR Kevin Darley Mark Johnston A Latter & Partners 4/1
2004 BLUE DAKOTA Eddie Ahern Jeremy Noseda Nolan/Ryan/Duffin 5/4 fav
2005 MASTA PLASTA Robert Winston Howard Johnson Transcend Bloodstock 7/2
2006 DUTCH ART Alan Munro Peter Chapple-Hyam Mrs Susan Roy 11/4
2007 WINKER WATSON Jimmy Fortune Peter Chapple-Hyam Comic Strip Heroes/J Trotter 2/1 fav
2008 SOUTH CENTRAL Robert Winston Howard Johnson Transcend Bloodstock 11/4 fav
2009 RADIOHEAD Jamie Spencer Brian Meehan Mrs Carmen Burrell/J Harvey 10/1
2010 APPROVE Eddie Ahern William Haggas Highclere Thoroughbreds 16/1
2011 BAPAK CHINTA Phillip Makin Kevin Ryan T A Rahman 6/1
2012 RECKLESS ABANDON Adam Kirby Clive Cox Miss J Deadman/S Barrow 4/1
2013 NO NAY NEVER Joel Rosario Wesley Ward Mrs P Shanahan/Ice Wine Stable 4/1
2014 BAITHA ALYA Frankie Dettori Richard Hannon Al Shaqab Racing 8/1
2015 WATERLOO BRIDGE Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith,Magnier,Tabor 12/1
2016 PRINCE OF LIR Luke Morris Robert Cowell Cool Silk Partnership 8/1
2017 SIOUX NATION Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith,Tabor,Magnier 14/1
2018 SHANG SHANG SHANG Joel Rosario Wesley Ward Breeze Easy LLC 5/1
2019 A'ALI Frankie Dettori Simon Crisford Sheikh Duaij Al Khalifa 5/1
2020 THE LIR JET Oisin Murphy Michael Bell Qatar Racing Ltd 9/2
2021 PERFECT POWER Paul Hanigan Richard Fahey Sheikh Rashid Dalmook 14/1
2022 THE RIDLER Paul Hanagan Richard Fahey Mr Steve Bradley 50/1