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FT14.JPG (17632 bytes) ENTERED LEAGUE Founder member in 1888; Founded in 1862 and oldest Football League Club FT18.JPG (19256 bytes)
LEFT LEAGUE Division 2 for 2017-18 season
GROUNDS Meadow Lane (1910)
NICKNAMES Magpies dervied from black and white kit
BEST WIN 11-1 v Newport County in Division 3 South 15/1/1949
WORST DEFEAT 1-9 v Portsmouth 9/4/1927
HIGHEST LEAGUE POSITION 3rd in Division 1 in 1900-01
LOWEST LEAGUE POSITION 23rd in Division 2 in 2003-4
MOST LEAGUE PTS (2 pts) 69 in Division 4 in 1970-71
FT15.JPG (19918 bytes) MOST LEAGUE PTS (3 pts) 99 in Division 3 in 1977-8 FT17.JPG (16597 bytes)
MOST LEAGUE GOALS 107 in Division 4 in 1959-60
BEST F.A.CUP SEASON Winners in 1894
MOST INDIVIDUAL APPEARANCES 601 Albert Iremonger 1904-26
MOST INDIVIDUAL GOALS 137 Les Brad 1967-78
HIGHEST LEAGUE CROWD 47,310 v York City on 12/3/1955
LOWEST LEAGUE CROWD 1927 v Chesterfield 1965-6
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Division 2 for 2017-18 season

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