The 51st Oaks Stakes took place on Friday 5th June 1829 and was won by Green Mamtle (5/2), by Sultan out of Dulcinea trained by Charles Marson, who won by a length. The winner won £2,125 (Equivalent to £212,500 in 2017) and there were 14 runners.


Horse Jockey Trainer Owner/Betting
GREEN MANTLE George Dockeray Charles Marson 2nd Marquess of Exeter 6/1
VARNA W Boyce   2nd Marquess of Exeter 7/1
CLOTILDE Scott   Mr Ridsdale 2/1
BUNTER Wheatley   Mr Ridsdale 20/1
MOUSE Arnull   Lord Cavendish 9/2
DEVICE J Day   Mr Sadler 20/1
FICKLE F Buckle   Lord Lowther 50/1
PAULINE Conelly   Mr Payne 20/1
WORRY T Lye   Mr Thornhill 50/1
LUSS FILLY Robinson   Sir Mark Wood 15/1
TIB Sam Darling   Major Gore 20/1
SERAPH Wakefield   Mr Batson 18/1
CANOPY A Farrall   Sir G Heathcote 50/1
CHRISTINE Mann   Mr Cosby 50/1
      Over Round 115%
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