The 175th Oaks Stakes took place on Thursday 4th June 1953 and was won by Ambiguity (18/1), by Big Game out of Amber Flash trained by Jack Colling, who won by a length in 2 mins 36.80 secs. The winner won £15,336 (Equivalent to £405,000 in 2017) and there were 21 runners.


Horse Jockey Trainer Owner/Betting
AMBIGUITY Joe Mercer Jack Colling 3rd Viscount Astor 18/1
KERKEB Gordon Richards R Marsh HH Aga Khan 28/1
NOEMI Jean Massard France Mr P Wertheimer 9/1
HAPPY LAUGHTER Manny Mercer Jack Jarvis Mr H D H Wills 10/1
SKYE Bill Rickaby Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery 50/1
BEBE GRANDE K Gethin F Armstrong Mr J S Gerber 8/1
NOORANI Charlie Smirke R Marsh HH Aga Khan 25/1
ROYAL DIANA Edgar Britt Elsey Mr N P Donaldson 25/1
OCEAN SAILING Scobie Breasley J Poole Mrs D A Rasbotham 33/1
NECTARINE Bill Carr Captain Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Mrs W P Wyatt 7/1
WATERHALL Frankie Durr Norman Bertie Lord Hothfield 50/1
DONICA Rae Johnstone France Comte de Chambure 10/1
MISS ARNHEM Eph Smith Walter Nightingall Captain P G A Harvey 22/1
CHANNEL FLIGHT Tommy Gosling Dines Lady Zia Wernher 50/1
BROLLY E C Elliott Jack Jarvis Mr T F Blackwell 100/7
LILY OAK G Littlewood Barling Lord Ellesmere 50/1
HYSSOP V Mitchell Digby Mr G C Gibson 50/1
CAPUCINE Stan Clayton H Cottrill Major L B Holliday 25/1
FAIR COLLEEN Willie Snaith H Leader Major G Mostyn Owen 50/1
GRACIOUS SPEECH T Carter Vic Smyth Mr J R Mullion 50/1
HASTINESS Doug Smith Norman Bertie Sir Victor Sassoon 100/6
      Over Round 108%
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