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Penang Turf Club

In 1786 the British took an interest in Penang Island which was also known as Prince of Wales Island. However, it was to be over 75 years before racing started to be organised. The Penang Turf Club was formed in 1864, some 22 years after the establishment of the Singapore Turf Club. By 1886 the Perak Turf Club was formed at Taiping. In 1921 the first Penang Gold Cup was contested and just before the start of the Second World War the Penang Turf Club move to a new racecourse based at Batu Gantong, only for racing to cease during the War. On 29th September 1945 the Penang Turf Club celebrated the end of the War with their Grand Victory meeting at Batu Garong. In 1961 the tote was introduced to the racecourse, and over 40 years later, in November 2002, a new course was planned at Yang Di Pertua Negeri and a new Gold Cup launched.
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