Royal Ascot: Queen Anne Stakes

The Queen Anne Stakes, originally open to horses aged three and older, was established in 1840, and during the early part of its history it was called the Trial Stakes. In 1930, it was renamed in honour of Queen Anne, the founder of Ascot Racecourse. The Queen Anne Stakes was classed as a Group 3 race in 1971, and it was promoted to Group 2 level in 1984. It was given Group 1 status in 2003, and at this point the minimum age of participating horses was raised to four. It is now the first race on the opening day of the Royal Ascot meeting.
Early history:- Queen Victoria was in attendance on Tuesday 16th June 1840 when the opening race, the Trial Stakes, was won by the Duke of Rutland's 4-year-old Flambeau (4/7 fav) ridden by Jem Robinson, beating Barabbas, Camelino and 3 others. Prestonjee Boinanjee (4/1) made the early running until half a mile from home, at which point Flambeau took over and went on to win unextended by an easy 2 lengths, making it back to back wins in 1841.

Over the entire history of the race 33% of favourites have been successful. (20th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 13% loss. (21st out of 32 races)

Queen Anne Stakes Group 1 1 mile
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1840 FLAMBEAU Jem Robinson William Edwards 4-8st 12lbs Duke of Rutland 4/7 fav
1841 FLAMBEAU Jem Robinson William Edwards 5-9st 4lbs Duke of Rutland 2/5 fav
1842 SATIRIST Jem Robinson John Scott 4-8st 13lbs Lord Westminster 5/4 fav
1843 POISON Bell 3-7st 1lbs Mr Ford 4/1
1844 CORRANNA Jem Robinson 5-9st 0lbs Mr Townley 1/2 fav
1845 THE LIBEL Arthur 3-7st 7lbs Mr A W Hill 4/1
1846 THE CONJUROR Whitehouse 3-7st 4lbs Mr E R Clark 5/4 fav
1847 PRUSSIC ACID Nat Flatman 4-8st 4lbs Lord Orford 4/7 fav
1848 WAR EAGLE Job Marson 4-8st 7lbs Mr Bouverie 4/7 fav
1849 COLLINGWOOD Nat Flatman 6-9st 3lbs Mr Roly 1/5 fav
1850 FLATCATCHER S Rogers Stebbing 6-9st 0lbs Mr W Stebbing 10/6
1851 THE MOOR W Abdale 6-9st 3lbs Mr Death 1/3 fav
1852 OFFICIOUS Nat Flatman 5-8st 11lbs Duke of Richmond 7/2 jt fav
1853 ARIOSTO F Butler 5-9st 0lbs Mr Mare 4/1
1854 CROSSLANES Garvey 3-7st 4lbs Captain Lane 10/1
1855 CORONER George Fordham 2-4st 13lbs Mr T Parr 2/1 fav
1856 SPINDLE Jem Goater 3-7st 4lbs Mr Howard 10/1
1857 THE EARLY BIRD Hughes 6-9st 3lbs Mr T Walker 7/1
1858 ROSABEL Reeves 2-4st 8lbs Mr Leppingwell 10/1
1859 SEDBURY W Boyce 4-8st 10lbs Mr T Parr 5/2 fav
1860 COCK-A-HOOP George Fordham R Ten Broeck 4-8st 11lbs Mr R Ten Broeck 8/1
1861 BUCCANEER Jem Goater 4-9st 2lbs Lord Portsmouth 5/2 fav
1862 DUKE ROLLO George Fordham 3-8st 0lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 5/2 fav
1863 TIPPLER F Adams 3-8st 7lbs Duke of St Albans 5/1
1864 AUDITOR J Grimshaw 2-5st 7lbs Lord Westmorland 2/1 fav
1865 HEIR-IN-LAW F Adams 3-8st 2lbs Captain Gray 4/1 fav
1866 OUT AND OUTER Parry William Day 4-9st 9lbs Mr Willaim Day 20/1
1867 BLACK DIAMOND Fry 2-6st 0lbs Mr James Merry 100/8
1868 NEWMINSTER filly Cannon 4-9st 6lbs Lord Annesley 20/1
1869 VAGABOND J Adams 3-8st 4lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 2/1 fav
1870 GREEN RIBAND Grimshaw Read 3-8st 7lbs Mr Ray 25/1
1871 SIR HUGO T French 3-8st 7lbs Mr J R Bruce 100/9
1872 COMO Morris Charles Peck 3-8st 7lbs Mr Charles Peck 100/7
1873 MOORLANDS Mr W Bevill 6-10st 0lbs Mr W Bevill 4/1 fav
1874 THUNDER Jem Goater Mathew Dawson 4-10st 7lbs Mr Mathew Dawson 6/4 fav
1875 CONDUCTOR Glover William Day 3-7st 9lbs Mr R Pattison 100/8
1876 JESTER Loates Robert Peck 3-7st 9lbs Mr F Hardeage 3/1 jt fav
1877 PLAISANTE W Johnson Tom Jennings snr 3-7st 6lbs Mr Tom Jennings 8/1
1878 POST HASTE Maidment Percy 4-8st 3lbs Lord Allington 3/1
1879 ALCHEMIST Cannon C Arnull 3-8st 9lbs Mr H B Beddington 100/15
1880 RAGMAN Jem Goater Tom Jennings 4-8st 11lbs Count F De Lagrange 3/1 jt fav
1881 CRADLE Fred Archer Wadlow aged-8st 8lbs Lord Wilton 8/13 fav
1882 VALENTINO George Fordham Alfred Hayhoe 5-8st 13lbs Leopold De Rothschild 10/11 fav
1883 GEHEIMNISS Fred Archer John Porter 4-9st 8lbs Lord Allington 100/30 jt fav
1884 LEGACY Johnson Tom Jennings snr 3-7st 6lbs Mr Tom Jennings 20/1
1885 TOASTMASTER G Barrett Hopper aged-8st 13lbs Mr R C Naylor 100/15
1886 TOASTMASTER Fred Archer Hopper aged-8st 8lbs Mr R C Naylor 5/2
1887 Race was not staged this year as it was replaced by the Jubilee Stakes for just one year
1888 ZEST Tommy Loates Tom Jennings jnr 3-7st 1lbs Mr Tom Jennings 20/1
1889 NASR-ED-DIN F Peake Tom Jennings jnr 3-6st 11lbs Mr Tom Jennings jnr 6/1
1890 TRUE BLUE II Tom Cannon Olding aged-8st 6lbs Mr Tom Cannon 7/4 fav
1891 CALICHE S Chandley James Waugh 3-6st 11lbs Mr A B Carr 10/1
1892 TOSTIG John Watts Morton 5-8st 13lbs Mr G Masterman 3/1
1893 WORKINGTON John Watts Enoch aged-9st 8lbs Mr J Lowther 75/20
1894 BEST MAN Fred Webb John Dawson snr 4-9st 12lbs Mr Wallace Johnstone 4/5 fav
1895 WORCESTER Sam Loates W Leader 5-9st 8lbs Mr J Best 1/7 fav
1896 WORCESTER John Watts Joe Cannon 6-9st 8lbs Mr B I Barnato 10/11 fav
1897 KILCOCK John Watts Sam Darling 5-9st 8lbs Captain Greer 1/6 fav
1898 COLLAR C Purkis John Porter 3-6st 11lbs Duke of Westminster 100/14
1899 GOOD LUCK C Purkis John Porter 3-6st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 100/8
1900 TORPEDO colt Tommy Loates John Dawson junior 3-7st 8lbs Sir S M Lockhart 6/1
1901 WATERSHED Johnny Reiff Huggins 3-7st 4lbs Mr W C Whitney 5/1
1902 ROSE BLAIR Bray Sam Darling 3-6st 8lbs Mr J Gubbins 9/4 fav
1903 LITTLETON Miller John Porter 3-6st 11lbs Mr W Low 5/2 fav
1904 GREY PLUME Jack Jarvis John Porter 3-7st 4lbs Duke of Westminster 11/8 fav
1905 NABOT W Halsey F Lambton 6-8st 10lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 8/11 fav
1906 DEAN SWIFT F Randall C Morton 5-9st 0lbs Mr J B Joel 5/2
1907 DEAN SWIFT H Randall C Morton 6-9st 5lbs Mr J B Joel 6/1
1908 LLANGWM J H Martin P Hartigan 3-8st 2lbs Mr A Barclay Walker 3/1
1909 ST MICHAN B Lynham Captain Dewhurst 4-8st 12lbs Mr John Day 4/1
1910 WHISK BROOM J H Martin A J Joyner 3-7st 8lbs Mr H P Whitney 1/3 fav
1911 HORNETS BEAUTY J H Martin P Peebles 3-7st 8lbs Sir W Cooke 4/6 fav
1912 BERRILLDON C Foy Medcalfe 3-7st 8lbs Mr Barton 33/1
1913 LOMOND F Wootton R Wootton 4-9st 6lbs Mr E Hulton 3/1
1914 BRIDGE OF ORCHY J Prout George Lambton 3-6st 12lbs Mr Arthur James 100/7
1915 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged this year due to the First World War
1919 CICERONNETTA Flanagan Alec Taylor 3-9st 0lbs Mr A Cox 9/4
1920 COMRADE F Bullock Peter Gilpin M de St Alary 5/4 fav
1921 PLYMSTOCK Harry Wragg Alec Taylor Lord Astor 7/1
1922 COLLABORATOR C Elliott Jack Jarvis Sir W Cooke 2/1 fav
1923 FRIAR Tommy Weston W Waugh Duke of Westminster 6/1
1924 BRIMSTONE W McLachlan jnr Ward Mr J White 100/8
1925 SUNDERLAND Gordon Richards Barling Lord Glanely 7/2 jt fav
1926 BULGER C Smirke Wootton Mrs Cathew 7/2
1927 SUNDRY Gordon Richards D Waugh Lord Howard De Walden 100/8
1928 FOHANAUN F Winter Walter Earl Mr Solly Joel 5/2 fav
1929 ARISTOTLE F Fox F Darling Lord Dewar 100/7
1930 THE RECORDER C Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 11/2 fav
1931 COLDSTREAM G Richards Hogg Lord Glanely 11/2
1932 UNLIKELY H Wragg F Hartigan Baron F De Tuyll 100/8
1933 MADAGASCAR T Bartlam R C Dawson Lord Carnarvon 100/7
1934 SPEND A PENNY E Smith Frank Butters Sir A Butt 9/1
1935 FAIR TRIAL G Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 9/4 fav
1936 HINDOO HOLIDAY D Smith Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 8/1
1937 TEMPEST II B Carslake Major Beatty Mr A K Macomber 3/1
1938 ST MAGNUS R Perryman C Leader Lord Derby 7/1
1939 MACKANN W Johnstone France Mr Robert Lazard 9/4
1940 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1946 ROYAL CHARGER E Smith J Jarvis Sir Jack Jarvis 5/6 fav
1947 WOODRUFFE C Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 7/1
1948 SOLINA J Doyasberre France Mme P Thomas- Moret 10/1
1949 PAMBIDIAN G Richards Nightingall Mr C R Harper 7/4 fav
1950 GARRICK T Burn W Smyth Duchess of Norfolk 20/1
1951 NERON D Greening H Wragg Begum Aly Khan 100/6
1952 SOUTHBORNE G Richards P J Prendergast Mr A L Hawkins 7/1
1953 AUGUR E Mercer France M M Boussac 7/4 fav
1954 UPADEE T Burns Ireland T McCairns 100/6
1955 GOLDEN PLANET D Smith Winter Mr P Bartholomew 7/1
1956 KANDY SAUCE D Smith Murless Sir V Sassoon 10/1
1957 BARON'S FOLLY E Britt Beasley Mr H Leggatt 100/7
1958 TEYNHAM D W Morris G Colling Mr R Boucher 15/2
1959 LUCKY GUY J Sime S McGrath Mr J McGrath jnr 100/8
1960 BLAST W Snaith Budgett Mr R R-Watson 100/7
1961 AMBER LIGHT D Smith F Winter Mr E Hill 9/1
1962 NEREUS P Robinson Ken Cundell Mr P Robinson 8/1
1963 WELSH RAKE R Hutchinson J Jarvis Mr J Phillips 8/1
1964 PRINCELONE Russ Maddock Nightingall Mr A Allen 100/8
1965 SHOWDOWN D Smith F Winter Mr D Prenn 5/4 fav
1966 TESCO BOY R Hutchinson Ingham Mr J Cohen 8/1
1967 GOOD MATCH D East J Tree Mr G Dudley 6/1 jt fav
1968 VIRGINIA GENTLEMAN Barclay Doug Smith Mr J F Lewis 9/2
1969 TOWN CRIER D Keith P Walwyn Mr E De Rothschild 11/2
1970 WELSH PAGEANT Barclay Murless Mr H Joel 30/100 fav
1971 ROI SOLEIL J Lindley C Bartholomew Mrs D R Smith 11/4
1972 SPARKLER L Piggott F Armstrong Mrs M Mehl-Mulhens 9/4
1973 SUN PRINCE Joe Mercer W Hern Sir Michael Sobell 3/1
1974 BROOK B Taylor Benetti Dr Carlo Vittadini 12/1
1975 IMPERIAL MARCH G Dettori M V O'Brien Mr W Mullady 2/1 fav
1976 ARDOON B Taylor Pritchard-Gordon Mr F Feeney 11/2
1977 JELLABY B Taylor H Ryan Price Essa Alkhalifa 9/4 jt fav
1978 RADETZKY E Hide C Brittain Mr C Elliot 25/1
1979 BAPTISM L Piggott J Tree Mr J Whitney 6/1
1980 BLUE REFRAIN B Rouse C Benstead Mrs L Wood 8/1
1981 BELMONT BAY L Piggott H Cecil Mr D Wildenstein 4/1
1982 MR FLUOROCARBON L Piggott H Cecil James McAlister 3/1 jt fav
1983 VALIYAR P Eddery H Cecil Mr G Vanian 10/1
1984 TROJAN FEN L Piggott H Cecil Mr S Niarchos 9/4
1985 ROUSILLON G Starkey G Harwood K Abdulla 11/4 jt fav
1986 PENNINE WALK P Eddery J Tree Mrs M Niarchos 5/2
1987 THEN AGAIN R Cochrane L Cumani Mr R Shannon 4/5 fav
1988 WAAJIB Michael Roberts Alec Stewart Hamdan Al Maktoum 5/2
1989 WARNING Pat Eddery Guy Harwood Khaled Abdulla 2/5 fav
1990 MARKOFDISTINCTION Frankie Dettori Luca Cumani Gerald Leigh 7/1
1991 SIKESTON Michael Roberts Clive Brittain Luciano Gaucci 9/1
1992 LAHIB Willie Carson John Dnnlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 100/30 fav
1993 ALFLORA Mick Kinane Clive Brittain Circlechart Ltd 20/1
1994 BARATHEA Mick Kinane Luca Cumani Sheikh Mohammed 3/1
1995 NICOLOTTE Michael Hills Geoff Wragg Mollers Racing 16/1
1996 CHARNWOOD FOREST Mick Kinane Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 10/11 fav
1997 ALLIED FORCES Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 10/1
1998 INTIKHAB Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 9/4 fav
1999 CAPE CROSS Gary Stevens Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 7/1
2000 KALANISI Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute HH Aga Khan 11/2
2001 MEDICEAN Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute Cheveley Park Stud 11/2
2002 NO EXCUSE NEEDED Johnny Murtagh Sir Michael Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 13/2
2003 DUBAI DESTINATION Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 9/2
2004 REFUSE TO BEND Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 12/1
2005 VALIXIR Christophe Soumillon Andre Fabre HH Aga Khan 4/1
2006 AD VALOREM Kieren Fallon Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier, R Ingham 13/2
2007 RAMONTI Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 5/1
2008 HARADASUN Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien Tagg,Magnier, Meduri et al 5/1
2009 PACO BOY Richard Hughes Richard Hannon The Calvera Partnership 100/30
2010 GOLDIKOVA Olivier Peslier Freddie Head Wetheimer & Frere 11/8 fav
2011 CANFORD CLIFFS Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Heffer Synd, Tabor, Smith 11/8
2012 FRANKEL Tom Queally Sir Henry Cecil Khaled Abdulla 1/10 fav
2013 DECLARATION OF WAR Joseph O'Brien Aidan O'Brien Allan,Magnier,Smith et al 15/2
2014 TORONADO Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Al Shaqab Racing 4/5 fav
2015 SOLOW Maxime Guyon Freddie Head Wertheimer & Frere 11/8 fav
2016 TEPIN Julien Leparoux Mark Casse Robert E Masterson 11/2
2017 RIBCHESTER William Buick Richard Fahey Godolphin 11/10 fav
2018 ACCIDENTAL AGENT Charles Bishop Eve Johnson Houghton Mrs R Johnson Houghton 33/1
2019 LORD GLITTERS Danny Tudhope David O'Meara Geoff & Sandra Turnbull 14/1
2020 CIRCUS MAXIMUS Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Flaxman Stables, Magnier et al 4/1
2021 PALACE PIER Frankie Dettori John & Thady Gosden Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 2/7 fav
2022 BAAEED Jim Crowley William Haggas Shadwell Estate Company 1/6 fav