Royal Ascot: Royal Hunt Cup

The Royal Hunt Cup was established in 1843, originally contested on a right-handed course over 7 furlongs and 166 yards, although the race's distance was shortened to 7 furlongs and 155 yards in 1930, but was then extended to its present length in 1956. It is now run on a straight course on the second day of the Royal meeting, and usually features a large field. It is one of three perpetual trophies at the meeting, along with the Gold Cup and the Queen's Vase, which can be kept permanently by the winning owners.
Early history:- The inaugural running took place on Wednesday 14th June 1843 when won by Lord Chesterfield's Knight of the Whistle (5/1), with a triple dead-heat for second between Lord Milltown's Bourra Tomacha (20/1), Mr Balchin's Epaulette (20/1) and Colonel Peel's Garry Owen (12/1).

Over the entire history of the race 15.8% of favourites have been successful. (30th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 11.3% loss. (20th out of 32 races)

Royal Hunt Cup Handicap 7 furlongs 155 yards
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1843 KNIGHT OF THE WHISTLE Nat Flatman 5-8st 8lbs Lord Chesterfield 5/1
1844 THE BISHOP OF ROMFORDS COB C Marlow 4-7st 12lbs Sir R W Bulkeley 3/1 fav
1845 EVENUS S Mann 5-8st 0lbs Lord Stradbroke 10/1
1846 LEACONFIELD Carter 3-5st 12lbs Mr W S Stanley 15/1
1847 TRAGICAL W Abdale 4-6st 12lbs Count Batthyany 33/1
1848 CONYNGHAM Jem Robinson 4-8st 5lbs Sir R Pigot 12/1
1849 COLLINGWOOD F Butler 6-9st 7lbs Mr Rolt 8/1
1850 HAGLEY Thick Higden 3-6st 9lbs Mr Higden 6/1
1851 SIR CHARLES H Goater 4-7st 0lbs Mr H Robinson 33/1
1852 EPHESUS Tommy Lye 4-6st 12lbs Mr Waller 7/2 fav
1853 THE FRIAR Garvey 3-5st 10lbs Lord H G Lennox 6/1 jt fav
1854 BROCKET Alfred Day 4-8st 4lbs Mr B Way 15/1
1855 CHALICE George Fordham 3-6st 5lbs Lord Clifden 100/8
1856 FORBIDDEN FRUIT Cresswell 3-6st 0lbs Mr Murland 4/1 fav
1857 ROSA BONHEUR Rayner 3-5st 10lbs Lord Londesborough 10/1
1858 HESPERITHUSA Challoner 3-5st 6lbs Mr R Eastwood 7/2 fav
1859 KING AT ARMS Britton 3-7st 2lbs Colonel Pearson 50/1
1860 CRATER W Bottom J Woolcott 3-6st 13lbs Mr J Sargent 20/1
1861 BUCCANEER Jem Goater 4-8st 7lbs Lord Portsmouth 4/1 fav
1862 CANARY Deacon John Day 4-6st 0lbs Mr John Day 5/1 fav
1863 VICTOR Morris Balchin 4-5st 12lbs Mr Hodgman 3/1 fav
1864 GEM OF THE SEA H Grimshaw Longfield 4-7st 10lbs Mr Longfield 40/1
1865 GRATITUDE H Covey Robinson 5-7st 8lbs Mr W Robinson 6/1
1866 ATTACHE Parry Godding 4-7st 12lbs Mr George Angell 33/1
1867 JASPER Jeffery Joseph Hayhoe 3-6st 4lbs Baron Rothschild 30/1
1868 SATYR J Adams John Porter 3-8st 1lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 10/1
1869 SEE SAW George Fordham Wadlow 4-8st 2lbs Lord Wilton 100/30 jt fav
1870 JUDGE Newhouse William Day 4-6st 6lbs Sir F Johnstone 6/1 fav
1871 VALUER G Jarvis William Day 6-6st 6lbs Mr W Day 11/2
1872 RIPPONDEN H Covey Gilbert 4-7st 2lbs Mr H Savile 100/8
1873 WINSLOW George Fordham Drewitt 4-8st 9lbs Mr G Clive 25/1
1874 LOWLANDER Constable Charles Blanton 4-7st 7lbs Mr H Bird 4/1 jt fav
1875 THURINGIAN PRINCE Charles Wood Joseph Dawson 4-7st 4lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 3/1 fav
1876 HOPBLOOM Hopkins Charles Blanton 3-6st 0lbs Sir J D Astley 25/1
1877 CRADLE Hopkins Wadlow 4-6st 4lbs Lord Wilton 100/15
1878 JULIUS CAESAR Fred Archer Joseph Dawson 5-8st 6lbs Mr J T Best 20/1
1879 THE MANDARIN Charles Wood Joe Cannon aged-8st 4lbs Captain Machell 3/1
1880 STRATHERN Brockwell Richard Marsh 4-6st 8lbs Mr J Foy 40/1
1881 PETER Fred Archer Sherrard 5-9st 3lbs Sir J D Astley 3/1 fav
1882 SWEETBREAD Jimmy Woodburn James Jewitt 3-6st 4lbs Mr Gerrard 5/1 jt fav
1883 ELZEVIR Charles Wood James Jewitt 3-7st 7lbs Mr Gerrard 5/1 fav
1884 ACROSTIC F Barrett F Bates 4-8st 5lbs Mr R Jardine 100/7
1885 EASTERN EMPRESS J E Tomlinson Alec Taylor 4-6st 2lbs Duke of Beaufort 9/1
1886 DESPAIR C Loates William Gilbert jnr aged-7st 13lbs Mr William Gilbert jnr 25/1
1887 GAY HERMIT Charles Wood Alec Taylor 4-7st 13lbs Mr Manton 5/1 fav
1888 SHILLELAGH George Chaloner James Jewitt 3-6st 3lbs Captain Machell 11/2 fav
1889 WHITELEGS Blake Golding 4-6st 6lbs Mr D Henty 10/1
1890 MORION G Barrett Richard Marsh 3-7st 9lbs Lord Hartington 9/2 fav
1891 LAUREATE II Morny Cannon Joe Cannon 4-7st 12lbs Mr John Hammond 33/1
1892 SUSPENDER George Chaloner James Jewitt 3-7st 10lbs Mr H McCalmont 25/1
1893 AMANDIER Tommy Loates Alfred Hayhoe 5-7st 3lbs Baron De Rothschild 7/1
1894 VICTOR WILD Harrison Hornsby 4-7st 7lbs Mr T Worton 50/1
1895 CLORANE Morny Cannon Robinson 4-8st 11lbs Mr A F Basset 100/12
1896 QUARREL Fagan Walters jnr 5-7st 11lbs Lord Rosebery 7/2 fav
1897 KNIGHT OF THE THISTLE Allsopp James Jewitt 4-7st 5lbs Mr H McCalmont 100/12
1898 JACQUEMART Tommy Loates Watson 4-8st 6lbs Leopold De Rothschild 100/9
1899 REFRACTOR Weatherell James Waugh 3-6st 3lbs Mr D J Jardine 25/1
1900 ROYAL FLUSH Johnny Reiff Wishard aged-9st 0lbs Mr J A Drake 100/7
1901 STEALAWAY Joe Childs George Chaloner 4-6st 7lbs Mr J B Leigh 4/1 fav
1902 THE SOLICITOR Sam Loates Greusil 4-7st 4lbs Lord Carnarvon 9/1
1903 KUNSTLER J H Watts Alfred Hayhoe 5-7st 5lbs Leopold De Rothschild 33/1
1904 CSARDAR G McCall Joe Cannon 5-7st 6lbs Mr Keswick 10/1
1905 ANDOVER B Lynham Braime 4-8st 0lbs Mr F Alexander 10/1
1906 DINNEFORD Otto Madden Alec Taylor 4-7st 8lbs Mr Reid Walker 100/15 co fav
1907 LALLY L Hewitt Lewis 4-8st 0lbs Mr W B Purefoy 100/6
1908 BILLY THE VERGER R Crisp Rooney 4-6st 13lbs Mr R B Dobell 100/9
1909 DARK RONALD W Williams Clement 4-7st 2lbs Mr Abe Bailey 4/1 fav
1910 BACHELOR'S DOUBLE C Trigg Atty Persse 4-8st 4lbs Mr W Bailey 5/1 fav
1911 MOSCATO A Sharp Alec Taylor 5-7st 2lbs Mr Washington Singer 100/6
1912 ETON BOY C Trigg Carter 4-7st 10lbs Mr H P Nickalls 100/12 jt fav
1913 LONG SET W Higgs J H Bathe Mr Solly Joel 100/7
1914 LIE A BED K Robertson J East Mr J East 25/1
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 IRISH ELEGANCE F Templeman Harry Cottrill Mr J White 7/1 jt fav
1920 SQUARE MEASURE Steve Donoghue Rogers Mr R Walker 8/1
1921 ILLUMINATOR R Stokes Nugent Mr E L Short 50/1
1922 VARZY B Lynch Moreton Mr F Gretton 20/1
1923 WEATHERVANE Staff Ingham R Marsh HM The King 20/1
1924 DINKIE W Alford Walter Earl Mrs R R Jeffrey 50/1
1925 COCKPIT A Orme S Pickering Mr P Nelke 100/6
1926 CROSS BOW R Jones A Taylor Lord Astor 33/1
1927 ASTERUS C Elliott S H Darling M M Boussac 10/1
1928 PRIORY PARK B Carslake Charles Peck Mr J B Joel 15/2
1929 SONGE H Wragg O Bell Lord Michelham 100/6
1930 THE MACNAB F Fox Fred Darling Mr J A Dewar 100/7
1931 GRAND SALUTE G Richards Hogg Lord Glanely 5/1 jt fav
1932 TOTAIG B Rosen Duller Mr V Emanuel 33/1
1933 COLORADO KID C Buckham Vic Gilpin Lt-Col Giles Loder 100/8
1934 CAYMANAS C Ray Easterbee Mr H E Cruz-Ewing 50/1
1935 PRIOK S Middleton Whitaker Mr Barnard-Hankey 66/1
1936 GUINEA GAP R A Jones Harry Cottrill Lady Nuttall 28/1
1937 FAIRPLAY P Maher P Allden Mr R Middlemas 18/1
1938 COUVERT C Richards Blagrave Mr H G Blagrave 100/8
1939 CAERLOPTIC M Beary Harry Cottrill Sir Abe Bailey 100/8
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 FRIAR'S FANCY E Smith T E Leader Mr O V Watney 15/2
1947 MASTER VOTE T Sidebottom Blagrave Mr H Blagrave 25/1
1948 MASTER VOTE W Johnstone Blagrave Mr H Blagrave 100/7
1949 STEROPE J Caldwell Beasley Mr J B Townley 100/6
1950 HYPERBOLE Scobie Breasley Noel Cannon Mr J V Rank 10/1
1951 VAL D'ASSA N Sellwood Persse Major D McCalmont 100/6
1952 QUEEN OF SHEBA F Barlow Persse Major D McCalmont 100/7
1953 CHOIR BOY D Smith Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 100/6
1954 CHIVALRY D Forte T R Rimell Mr P Hatvany 33/1
1955 NICHOLAS NICKLEBY W Snaith F Armstrong Mr J Gerber 50/1
1956 ALEXANDER W Carr Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 13/2 fav
1957 RETRIAL P Robinson Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 100/7
1958 AMOS Boothman S Mercer Mrs L Carver 20/1
1959 FAULTLESS SPEECH G Lewis Wallington Mr H Wallington 8/1
1960 SMALL SLAM R P Elliott Barling Mr King 28/1
1961 KING'S TROOP G Lewis Hastings-Bass Mrs P Hastings 100/7
1962 SMARTIE J Sime R Mason Mr R Mason 22/1
1963 SPANIARDS CLOSE L Piggott F Winter Mrs B Davis 25/1
1964 ZALEUCUS D Smith G Brooke Major D McCalmont 100/7
1965 CASABIANCA L Piggott Murless Lt-Col J Hornung 100/9
1966 CONTINUATION J Roe S McGrath Mr S McGrath 25/1
1967 REGAL LIGHT Graham Sexton S Hall Mrs L Lazarus 100/9
1968 GOLDEN MEAN F Durr Doug Smith Mr S Lee 28/1
1969 KAMUNDU L Piggott F Carr Mr John Banks 7/1
1970 CALPURNIUS G Duffield J W Watts Mr C Engelhard 33/1
1971 PICTURE BOY J Wilson Todd Mr K MacKenzie 11/1
1972 TEMPEST BOY R Hutchinson J Sutcliffe jnr Lt-Col P Hesse 20/1
1973 CAMOUFLAGE D Cullen J Dunlop Mr J Edwards 14/1
1974 OLD LUCKY W Carson B Van Cutsem Mr N Hunt 8/1
1975 ARDOON D Maitland G Pritchard-Gordon Mr F Feeney 9/1
1976 JUMPING HILL L Piggott Murless Mr G Pope jnr 6/1 co fav
1977 MY HUSSAR W Carson J Sutcliffe Mr L Goldschlager 10/1
1978 FEAR NAUGHT M Wigham J Etherington Mr W Horton 12/1
1979 PIPEDREAMER P Waldron Henry Candy Mrs J Brookes 12/1
1980 TENDER HEART J Mercer J Sutcliffe Esal Commodities Ltd 13/2
1981 TEAMWORK G Starkey G Harwood Mr A Ward 8/1
1982 BUZZARDS BAY J Mercer H Collingridge Mrs V McKinney 14/1
1983 MIGHTY FLY S Cauthen D Elsworth Mrs V Tory 12/1
1984 HAWKLEY T Williams P Haslem Mr S Dinsmore 10/1
1985 COME ON THE BLUES Chris Rutter C Brittain Mrs C Pateras 14/1
1986 PATRIACH T Quinn J Dunlop Mr P Winfield 20/1
1987 VAIGLY GREAT S Cauthen R Casey Mr A Anthony 10/1
1988 GOVERNORSHIP John Reid C R Nelson R E A Bott Wigmore Street 33/1
1989 TRUE PANACHE Pat Eddery Jeremy Tree Khaled Abdulla 5/1 fav
1990 PONTENUOVO Gary Bardwell David Elsworth Walter Mariti 50/1
1991 EUROLINK THE LAD John Reid John Dunlop Eurolink Computer Services 25/1
1992 COLOUR SERGEANT David Harrison Lord Huntingdon HM The Queen 20/1
1993 IMPERIAL BALLET Pat Eddery Sir Henry Cecil Mr Robert Sngster 20/1
1994 FACE NORTH Alan Munro Reg Akehurst Normandy Developments 25/1
1995 REALITIES Mick Kinane Guy Harwood Roy Taiano 11/1
1996 YEAST Kieren Fallon William Haggas Brian Haggas 8/1 fav
1997 RED ROBBO Olivier Peslier Reg Akehurst Lucayan Stud 16/1
1998 REFUSE TO LOSE Joseph Tate James Eustace Mr Jeff Smith 20/1
1999 SHOWBOAT Neil Pollard Barry Hills R D Hollingsworth 14/1
2000 CARIBBEAN MONARCH Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute Pierpont & C H Scott 11/2
2001 SURPRISE ENCOUNTER Frankie Dettori Ed Dunlop Ahmed Buhaleeba 8/1
2002 NORTON Jimmy Fortune Terry Mills Mr T G Mills 25/1
2003 MACADAMIA Dane O'Neill James Fanshawe Lord Vestey 8/1
2004 MINE T Quinn James Bethell M J Dawson 16/1
2005 NEW SEEKER Philip Robinson Clive Cox Elite Racing Club 11/1
2006 CESARE Jamie Spencer James Fanshawe Cheveley Park Stud 14/1
2007 ROYAL OATH Jimmy Fortune John Gosden W S & William Farish 9/1
2008 MR AVIATOR Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Mrs Sue Brendish 25/1
2009 FORGOTTEN VOICE Johnny Murtagh Jeremy Noseda Mrs Susan Roy 4/1 fav
2010 INVISIBLE MAN Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 28/1
2011 JULIENAS Eddie Ahern Walter Swinburn Mr P W Harris 12/1
2012 PRINCE OF JOHANNE John Fahy Tom Tate David Storey 16/1
2013 BELGIAN BILL James Doyle George Baker PJL, Cooper & Baker 33/1
2014 FIELD OF DREAM Adam Kirby Jamie Osborne N A Jackson 20/1
2015 GM HOPKINS Ryan Moore John Gosden R J H Geffen 8/1
2016 PORTAGE James Doyle M Halford Godolphin 10/1
2017 ZHUI FENG Martin Dwyer Amanda Perrett Odie Griffith & J Connolly 25/1
2018 SETTLE FOR BAY W J Lee David Mamane McGettigans Management 16/1
2019 AFAAK Jim Crowley Charlie Hills Hamdan Al Maktoum 20/1
2020 DARK VISION William Buick Mark Johnston Godolphin 15/2
2021 REAL WORLD Marco Ghiani Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 18/1
2022 DARK SHIFT James McDonald Charlie Hills Mr H Frost 13/2