Royal Ascot: Sandringham Stakes

The Sandringham Handicap, a flat handicap over a mile, is open to three-year-old fillies and takes place on the fourth day of the Royal meeting. The race was called the Fern Hill Rated Stakes until 2001, and was part of the Ascot Heath meeting held on the Saturday after Royal Ascot. Prior to 2018 it was run as a Listed handicap but was downgraded by the BHA to comply with a new rule that no handicap race could carry Listed or Group status.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Fern Hill Stakes over the New Mile, the forerunner of the Sandringham Stakes, took place at the Ascot Heath meeting on Tuesday 10th June 1834 and was won by Lord Chesterfield's Alexis (5/1) ridden by Scott, beating Skimmer and Olympic cleverly by a length.

Over the entire history of the race 37.8% of favourites have been successful. (14th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 4% profit. (24th out of 32 races)

SANDRINGHAM STAKES Rated Stakes 1 mile
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1834 ALEXIS Scott 3-8st 4lbs Lord Chesterfield 5/1
1835 ETHILDA John Day 3-8st 7lbs Lord Egremont 4/6 fav
1836 HAVELDAR F Boyce 3-8st 4lbs Duke of Richmond 4/6 fav
1837 Race was not staged this year
1838 Race was not staged this year
1839 Race was not staged this year
1840 Race was not staged this year
1841 Race was not staged this year
1842 Race was not staged this year
1843 THE QUEEN OF THE GIPSIES Sly 3-8st 11lbs Mr Ongley 5/1
1844 MYSTERY R Pettit 2-6st 11lbs Mr G Ongley 5/1
1845 CHEROKEE W Abdale 2-6st 11lbs Lord George Bentinck 1/2 fav
1846 BLACKCOCK W Abdale 2-7st 0lbs Lord George Bentinck 10/1
1847 CHRISTOPHER F Butler 3-9st 0lbs Mr S Conway 6/1
1848 THE MOOR S Mann 3-9st 0lbs Mr Death 7/1
1849 OFFICIOUS Kitchener 2-6st 11lbs Duke of Richmond 4/7 fav
1850 PAYMENT Dockeray R Fisher 2-6st 11lbs Mr George Samuel Ford 1/3 fav
1851 FORLORN HOPE Bartholomew 3-8st 11lbs Mr Magenis 4/1
1852 VAULTRESS A Cowley 2-6st 11lbs Mr Howard 2/5 fav
1853 CHEDDAR F Butler 3-9st lbs Lord Clifden 7/4 fav
1854 BESSIE F Butler 2-6st 1lbs Mr Powell walked over
1855 FLATTERER Yates 3-9st 0lbs Mr Adkins 4/1
1856 SIR HERCULES colt George Fordham 2-7st 0lbs Mr Hope 2/5 fav
1857 POLLY PEACHUM Dales 2-6st 11lbs Mr Barber 7/4 fav
1858 ZITELLA French 2-6st 11lbs Mr S La Mert 5/2
1859 LADY FALCONER Bray 2-6st 11lbs Mr J Merry 3/1
1860 QUEEN OF THE VALE Daley Joseph Hayhoe 2-6st 11lbs Baron Rothschild 2/1 fav
1861 MARGINAN Grimshaw 2-7st 2lbs Count F de Lagrange 2/1 fav
1862 THE ORPHAN Hibberd 2-6st 13lbs Lord St Vincent 5/2
1863 TOMATO James Nightingall 2-6st 13lbs Baron Rothschild 9/1
1864 ATTRACTION Aldcroft 3-8st 11lbs Marquess of Hastings 4/1 jt fav
1865 GARDEVISURE Custance 3-8st 11lbs Mr R Sutton 6/1
1866 HIPPIA Peake 2-6st 13lbs Baron Rothschild 2/1 jt fav
1867 BLUE GOWN Huxtable John Porter 2-7st 2lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 5/2
1868 DE VERE Kenyon Joseph Dawson 2-7st 4lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 2/1
1869 FRIVOLITY Hunt Joseph Dawson 2-7st 1lbs Mr Lyndon 4/1
1870 TURQUOISE Butler Tom Jennings snr 2-7st 1lbs Count F De Lagrange 8/13 fav
1871 CHOPETTE Wheeler Joseph Hayhoe 2-6st 13lbs Baron Rothschild 4/7 fav
1872 PRINCE CHARLIE T French Joseph Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 1/4 fav
1873 MISS TOTO Newhouse Tom Jennings 2-6st 13lbs Mr M Lefevre 5/2 fav
1874 GALOPIN Fred Archer John Dawson 2-7st 2lbs Prince Batthyany 6/4 fav
1875 GALOPIN Morris John Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Prince Batthyany 1/2 fav
1876 SPRINGFIELD T Osborne Jimmy Ryan 3-9st 1lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 5/2
1877 PLACIDA H Jeffery Joseph Marsh 3-8st 11lbs Mr Pulteney 1/2 fav
1878 LADY LUMLEY Fred Archer Wadlow 3-8st 11lbs Mr Wadlow 4/5 fav
1879 DOURANCE Luke Robert Peck 2-6st 13lbs Duke of Westminster 3/1
1880 TAIUS Jem Goater Tom Jennings 3-8st 11lbs Count F De Lagrange 11/2
1881 GOLDEN EYE Fred Archer John Dawson snr 3-8st 11lbs Mr C Alexander 1/2 fav
1882 NARCISSA Jimmy Woodburn Joe Cannon 2-6st 13lbs Lord Rosebery 20/1
1883 CLAIRVAUX Charles Wood C Arnull 3-9st 0lbs Sir F Johnstone 20/1
1884 BEDOUIN Tom Cannon John Dawson junior 3-9st 0lbs Mr H Carington 3/1
1885 NECROMANCER Fred Webb Martin Gurry 3-9st 0lbs Mr Abington 4/6 fav
1886 CALLER HERRIN Jimmy Woodburn John Dawson 2-6st 13lbs Mr John Dawson 4/1
1887 SATIETY Sam Loates James Jewitt 2-7st 2lbs Lord Calthorp 2/1 fav
1888 HAZLEHATCH F Barrett G Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Lord Londonderry 4/5 fav
1889 AMPHION John Watts Chandler 3-9st 0lbs General Byrne 4/6 fav
1890 BUMPTIOUS Tommy Loates Alfred Hayhoe 2-7st 2lbs Leopold De Rothschild 4/7 fav
1891 BUMPTIOUS F Barrett Alfred Hayhoe 3-9st 0lbs Leopold De Rothschild 6/1
1892 MINTING QUEEN Allsopp Percy Peck 2-6st 13lbs Mr Blundell Maple 100/60
1893 GLARE Allsopp Blackwell 2-6st 13lbs Mr Daniel Cooper 4/1
1894 DELPHOS Tommy Loates James Jewitt 3-9st 0lbs Mr C J Blake 2/1 fav
1895 THE NIPPER Morny Cannon C Waugh 3-9st 0lbs Prince Soltykoff 100/12
1896 OMLADINA Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 11lbs Duke of Westminster 15/8
1897 SANDIA C Wood Huggins 3-9st 0lbs Mr Pierre Lorillard 6/1
1898 FLORIO RUBATTINO Morny Cannon James Jewitt 3-9st 0lbs Mr H McCalmont 6/1
1899 EMOTION C Purkis James Waugh 2-6st 13lbs Mr Russel 7/2
1900 HERCULES Tod Sloan Gilbert 2-7st 2lbs Mr J Musker 4/1
1901 ELIZABETH M Lester Reiff Huggins 3-8st 11lbs Mr W C Whitney 11/8 fav
1902 STERLING BALM J H Watts John Watts 3-8st 11lbs Major Joicey 100/15
1903 BASS ROCK J H Watts Alfred Hayhoe 2-7st 2lbs Leopold De Rothschild 11/4
1904 DELAUNAY W Lane Peter P Gilpin 3-9st 0lbs Mr Peter P Gilpin Evens fav
1905 THRUSH H Randall Robson 3-9st 0lbs Captain Orr-Ewing 8/13 fav
1906 SWEET MARY G McCall W T Robinson 3-8st 11lbs Mr Douglas Clarke 11/4
1907 FREEBORN W Halsey F Lambton 3-9st 0lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 6/1
1908 AMERICUS GIRL J Thompson Ireland 3-8st 11lbs Mr A H Ledlie 11/8 fav
1909 GLASGERION B Lynham Major Beatty 3-9st 0lbs Lord Howard De Walden 10/1
1910 MUSHROOM J Plant Butters 2-7st 2lbs Mr T Baring 7/1
1911 HORNET'S BEAUTY Herbert Jones P Peebles 3-8st 11lbs Sir W Cooke 5/6 fav
1912 ST AMANT filly Seymour E Robson 2-6st 13lbs Captain Orr-Ewing 6/1
1913 CALGARY Buckley Alf Sadler junior 2-7st 2lbs Mr P Ralli 100/8
1914 CALDER VALE E Gardner F Barling 2-7st 2lbs Mr F Potter 20/1
1915 Race was not staged this year due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged this year due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged this year due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged this year due to the First World War
1919 RACKET Joe Childs Sam Loates 3-9st 0lbs Mr Solly Joel 7/2
1920 TETRATEMA Brownie Carslake Atty Persse Major D McCalmont 8/11 fav
1921 VENCEDOR G Hulme R Dawson Sir W Nelson 5/2
1922 TWO STEP Herbert Jones Alec Taylor Mr S Tattersall 4/7 fav
1923 COS G Hulme R Dawson HH Aga Khan Evens jt fav
1924 PURPLE SHADE Brownie Carslake Easterbee Mrs J Bancroft 3/1
1925 DALMAGARRY F Bullock F Hartigan Mr V T Thompson 8/1
1926 HIGHBORN II Garner France M E Esmond 6/1
1927 JENNIE DEANS Steve Donoghue Cottrill Mrs C Whitburn 5/4 fav
1928 DOCH-AN-DORIS H Leach Leach jnr Mr D L Wilson 11/10 fav
1929 TIFFIN F Fox F Darling Lord Ellesmere 7/4 fav
1930 STINGO H Beasley P Lowe Mr D M Gant 4/1
1931 LEMNARCHUS F Fox F Darling Lord Ellesmere Evens fav
1932 COCKPEN G Richards F Darling Lord Woolavington 11/2
1933 MYROBELLA G Richards F Darling Lord Lonsdale 2/5 fav
1934 KNIGHTED F Fox P Allden Mr C Jarvis 7/1
1935 KNIGHTED G Richards P Allden Mr C Jarvis 5/2 fav
1936 IPSDEN S Wragg O Bell Lady Ludlow 11/2
1937 DIPLOMAT J Sirett V Smyth Mr H D McAlpine 7/2
1938 KNIGHTS ARMOUR F Herbert N Cannon Mr J V Rank 7/4
1939 GOLD VISTA B Carslake Beatty Lady Beatty 100/6
1940 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged this year due to the Second World War
1946 Race was not staged immediately after the Second World War
1947 Race was not staged immediately after the Second World War
1948 MARYLAND P Evans R J Colling Lord Staverdale 25/1
1949 CLOCKWISE E Britt E Williams Mrs E Williams 11/4 fav
1950 JURYSAIL D Smith W Smyth Miss J B Courtauld 5/1
1951 MINARET G Richards Murless Mr John A Dewar 9/4 fav
1952 PINK JASPER E Smith H Leader Lady Durham 8/1
1953 MARIE THERESE E Mercer Beasley Mrs H Leggat 7/2 fav
1954 SHADY LANE W Rickaby J Jarvis Lord Milford 10/1
1955 DESIDERIE S Millbanks K Cundell Mr F Crawshay Bailey 10/1
1956 RIBAMBELLE W Rickaby J Jarvis Mr M Wickham-Boynton 7/2
1957 INSTOW F Barlow Barling Mrs L Prior 100/7
1958 ZUMANI D Forte Candy Brigadier S Williams 100/7
1959 VOUCHSAFE E Britt Beasley Lord Durham 3/1
1960 JEANNE MICHELLE F Barlow B Foster Mr E Prime 4/1
1961 VIOLETTA W Carr H Wragg Mr R Moller 8/1
1962 PEROXIDE Doug Smith Fred Armstrong Mr R Scully 5/2 fav
1963 LACHINE A Breasley G Richards Mr E Taylor 11/8 fav
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 PETTY CASH M L Thomas Barling Mrs C Phillipson 5/2 fav
1966 GREEK STREAK Breasley P Nelson Mr C Hughesdon 100/8
1967 LADY MAGISTRATE R Hutchinson G Smyth Sir Robin McAlpine 3/1 fav
1968 PARDINA J Mercer Harry Wragg Lt-Col N E Frieze 5/2 fav
1969 BELL SONG B Raymond Cottrill Mr S Joel 15/2
1970 Race was not staged due to the General Election
1971 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1972 GOLD ROULETTE L Johnson Barry Hills Mrs H Thurston 3/1 jt fav
1973 Race was not staged as it was replaced by the experimental Tote Roll-Up bet
1974 OUIJA W Carson Van Cutsem Lord Derby 11/10 fav
1975 WELSH PEARL P Waldron H Candy Lt-Col D Forster 16/1
1976 FALL TO PIECES P Eddery P Walwyn Mr P Goulandris 9/2 co fav
1977 APPLE PEEL W Carson Hastings-Bass Mrs E Williams 7/1
1978 WATER FROLIC F Durr H Cecil Mrs P Burrell 9/4 fav
1979 STRATHSPEY G Starkey I Balding Mrs R Chaplin 12/1
1980 TREVITA P Cook H Thomson-Jones Lord McAlpine 14/1
1981 OH SO CHOOSY S Payne I Balding Mrs O Phipps 7/1
1982 KAREENA J Reid R Houghton HH Aga Khan 2/1 fav
1983 GAYGO LADY S Cauthen B Hills Sir E Harrison 8/1
1984 VERCHININA R Fox B Hills Mr W Gredley 12/1
1985 RUSSELL CREEK R Lines P Booth Mr K Jaffa 12/1
1986 VIANORA G Starkey G Harwood Mr J Riichmond-Watson 9/2
1987 LASHING R Cochrane L Cumani Sheikh Mohammed 100/30
1988 STORM KITTY Ray Cochrane Luca Cumani Princess Lucy Ruspoli 11/10 fav
1989 MINSTREL GUEST Willie Carson Peter Walwyn Mr Ravi Tikkoo 3/1 fav
1990 MY SHAFY Michael Roberts Ben Hanbury Hilal Salem 4/1
1991 PRINCESS TARA Darryll Holland Geoff Lewis Roldvale Ltd 9/1
1992 CALPELLA Michael Roberts James Toller Saeed Manana 15/2
1993 BARBOUKH Pat Eddery David Elsworth Mr R J McCreery 8/1
1994 PALANA Frankie Dettori Ian Balding George Strawbridge 12/1
1995 CASK Frankie Dettori John Gosden Lord Hartington 5/1 co fav
1996 DAWNA Pat Eddery Sir Henry Cecil Khaled Abdulla 9/2
1997 BRAVE KRIS Frankie Dettori Luca Cumani Mr Robert H Smith 5/1 jt fav
1998 FIZZED Michael Hills Mark Johnston Duke of Roxburghe 10/1
1999 HOLLY BLUE Richard Hughes Roger Charlton HM The Queen 4/1 fav
2000 PAPABILE Pat Eddery William Jarvis Lord Howard De Walden 5/1
2001 INDEPENDENCE Frankie Dettori Ed Dunlop Cliveden Stud 4/1
2002 TASHAWAK Richard Hills John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 12/1
2003 HOLD TO RANSOM Frankie Dettori Ed Dunlop Khalid Buhaleeba 11/2
2004 CELTIC HEROINE Kevin Darley Michael Jarvis Mr Peter Savill 11/1
2005 BEAUTYANDTHEBEAST Mick Kinane John Oxx L Neil Jones 9/2
2006 RED EVIE Jamie Spencer Michael Bell Mr Terry Neill 5/1 co fav
2007 BARSHIBA T Quinn David Elsworth Mr Jeff Smith 16/1
2008 FESTIVALE Kerrin McEvoy John Dunlop Prince A A Faisal 10/1
2009 MONEYCANTBUYMELOVE Jamie Spencer Michael Bell Wright,Stanley,Marsh et al 9/2 fav
2010 TIMEPIECE Tom Queally Sir Henry Cecil Khaled Abdulla 5/1
2011 RHYTHYM OF LIGHT Richard Kingscote Tom Dascombe Lowe Silver Deal 8/1
2012 DUNTLE Wayne Lordan David Wachman Niarchos Family 4/1 fav
2013 ANNECDOTE Richard Kingscote Jonathan Portman Tom Edwards & Partners 11/1
2014 MUTEELA Paul Hanagan Mark Johnston Hamdan Al Maktoum 9/2 fav
2015 OSAILA Frankie Dettori Richard Hannon Al Shaqab Racing 13/2
2016 PERSUASIVE Frankie Dettori John Gosden Cheveley Park Stud 11/4 fav
2017 CON TE PARTIRO Jamie Spencer Wesley Ward Hot Creek Racing 20/1
2018 AGROTERA Jamie Spencer Ed Walker B E Nielsen 11/2 fav
2019 THANKS BE Hayley Turner Charlie Fellowes Mrs Emma Capon 33/1
2020 ONASSIS Hayley Turner Charlie Fellowes Triermore Stud/Stanley 33/1
2021 CREATE BELIEF Ben Coen Johnny Murtagh Racegoers Club 6/1
2022 HEREDIA Sean Levey Richard Hannon St Albans Bloodstock 7/2 fav