Royal Ascot: St James's Palace Stakes

The event is named after St James's Palace, a royal residence during the Tudor period. It was established in 1834, and the inaugural race resulted in a walkover. The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and for a period the St. James's Palace Stakes was classed at Group 2 level. It was promoted to Group 1 status in 1988. It is contested on the opening day of the Royal Ascot meeting.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the St James's Palace Stakes on Tuesday 10th June 1834 was a disappointing affair when 17 of the 18 subscribers were frightened off by the Derby winner Plenipotentiary who was left to walk-over. The next year the race was held on Tuesday 16th June 1835 contested by the Derby second and third, Ascot and Pelops. Ascot once again confirmed his superiority by a length, the same distance he had beaten Pelops by in the Epsom Derby the previous month.

Over the entire history of the race 52% of favourites have been successful. (2nd out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 5.1% profit. (2nd out of 32 races)

St James's Palace Stakes Group 1 1 mile
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1834 PLENIPOTENTIARY Patrick Connolly George Payne Mr Stanlake Batson walked over
1835 ASCOT Nat Flatman   Lord Orford 1/3 fav
1836 Race was not staged this year.
1837 Race was not staged this year.
1838 BOEOTIAN John Day 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Portland 5/2
1839 EUCLID Conolly William Chifney 3-8st 7lbs Mr Thomas Thornhill 1/12 fav
1840 SCUTARI Sam Darling Charles Marson 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 4/6 fav
1841 SATIRIST Nat Flatman John Scott 3-8st 7lbs Lord Westminster walked over
1842 MISDEAL S Rogers John Barham Day 3-8st 7lbs Lord George Bentinck 7/4 fav
1843 AMEER Simon Templeman John Scott 3-8st 7lbs Lord Westminster 7/4 fav
1844 IONIAN Planner 3-8st 7lbs Colonel J Peel walked over
1845 IDAS Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Lord Stradbroke 1/5 fav
1846 THE FREE LANCE Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Lord Chesterfield 6/4
1847 MONTPENSIER Simon Templeman 3-8st 7lbs Sir R W Bulkeley 6/4
1848 GLENDOWER Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Mr John Payne 1/4 fav
1849 URIEL F Butler 3-8st 7lbs Lord Stanley 1/6 fav
1850 NUTCRACKER Charles Marlow William Harlock 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 3/1
1851 THE BAN Job Marson 3-8st 7lbs Sir J Hawley 4/5 fav
1852 DANIEL O'ROURKE F Butler 3-8st 7lbs Mr Bowes 1/2 fav
1853 THE REIVER Whitehouse 3-8st 7lbs Lord J Scott Evens fav
1854 BAALBEC Bumby 3-8st 7lbs Mr Knowles 3/1
1855 PALETOT Bartholomew 3-8st 7lbs Lord Derby Evens
1856 PITAPAT Bartholomew 3-8st 7lbs Mr Combe 4/5 fav
1857 ANTON Alfred Day 3-8st 7lbs Mr F Robinson walked over
1858 FITZ-ROLAND John Wells 3-8st 7lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 2/7 fav
1859 CYNRICUS S Rogers 3-8st 7lbs Mr J H C Wyndham Evens fav
1860 TOM BOWLINE Aldcroft Tom Dawson 3-8st 7lbs Lord Glasgow 6/5 fav
1861 WALLOON A Edwards 3-8st 7lbs Lord Stamford 4/5 fav
1862 CARISBROOK S Rogers 3-8st 7lbs Mr R Boyce walked over
1863 GLADSTONE A Edwards 3-8st 3lbs Mr James Merry 5/4
1864 THE BEADLE H Grimshaw 3-8st 10lbs Mr John Payne 5/4 fav
1865 LAZARETTO Parry 3-8st 13lbs Mr R C Naylor walked over
1866 STAGHOUND Challoner 3-8st 10lbs Mr John Payne Evens fav
1867 HERMIT Custance Bloss 3-8st 10lbs Mr Chaplin 1/20 fav
1868 THE EARL George Fordham John Day 3-8st 10lbs Marquess of Hastings 2/7 fav
1869 DUNBAR George Fordham Treen 3-8st 3lbs Mr Dyson 8/1
1870 KING COLE Snowden J Coates (Richmond) 3-8st 10lbs Lord Zetland 5/4
1871 DALNACARDOCH Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-8st 3lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 10/11 fav
1872 QUEEN'S MESSENGER T French Mathew Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Lord Falmouth 2/5 fav
1873 GANG FORWARD Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-8st 10lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 1/10 fav
1874 LEOLINUS T Osborne Mathew Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Sir R Bulkeley 2/1
1875 BAY OF NAPLES Constable Tom Leader 3-8st 3lbs Mr W S Cartwright 4/7 fav
1876 GREAT TOM Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 3-8st 3lbs Lord Falmouth 2/5 fav
1877 COVENANTER Custance Jousiffe 3-8st 10lbs Mr H Bird 100/30
1878 BONNIE SCOTLAND Constable Robert Peck 3-8st 3lbs Lord Rosebery 6/1
1879 RAYON D'OR Jem Goater Tom Jennings 3-8st 10lbs Count F De Lagrange 7/2
1880 BEND OR George Fordham Robert Peck 3-8st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 30/100 fav
1881 IROQUOIS Fred Archer Pincus 3-9st 0lbs Mr Pierre Lorillard 8/100 fav
1882 BATTLEFIELD Fred Archer Wadlow 3-8st 8lbs Lord Bradford 4/1
1883 GALLIARD Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Lord Falmouth 1/7 fav
1884 CAMBUSMORE Fred Archer John Porter 3-8st 8lbs Duke of Westminster 100/30
1885 SHERATON John Osborne Wadlow 3-8st 7lbs Lord Bradford 8/1
1886 ORMONDE Fred Archer John Porter 3-9st 0lbs Duke of Westminster 3/100 fav
1887 FLORENTINE Sam Loates James Jewitt 3-9st 0lbs Lord Calthorpe 4/1
1888 OSSORY Tom Cannon John Porter 3-9st 0lbs Duke of Westminster 4/5 fav
GALORE Fred Webb Mathew Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Mr N Fenwick Evens
1889 PIONEER John Watts Morton 3-9st 0lbs Mr Abington 4/6 fav
1890 JANISSARY Tommy Loates William Grey 3-9st 0lbs Mr Henry Milner 8/1
1891 COMMON G Barrett John Porter 3-9st 0lbs Sir F Johnstone 1/40 fav
1892 ST ANGELO Fred Webb Alf Sadler 3-9st 0lbs Mr Henry Milner 5/2
1893 PHOCION Morny Cannon John Dawson jnr 3-9st 0lbs Lord Ellesmere 9/2
1894 FLORIZEL II Tommy Loates Richard Marsh 3-8st 7lbs HRH Prince of Wales 5/4 fav
1895 TROON George Chaloner G Dawson 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Portland 11/2
1896 HIS REVERENCE Tommy Loates G Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Duke of Portland 20/1
1897 VESUVIAN Morny Cannon John Porter 3-9st 0lbs Sir F Johnstone 40/85 fav
1898 CAP MARTIN Rickaby J Enoch 3-9st 0lbs Mr Douglas Baird 2/1
1899 MILLENNIUM Otto Madden Richard Marsh 3-8st 9lbs Duke of Devonshire 6/1
1900 BONROSA Lester Reiff Fred Day 3-9st 0lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 100/30
1901 LAUZUM Morny Cannon Richard Marsh 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Devonshire 7/1
1902 SCEPTRE F Hardy Robert S Sievier 3-8st 11lbs Mr R S Sievier 5/2
1903 ROCK SAND Danny Maher Blackwell 3-9st 0lbs Sir James Miller 7/100 fav
1904 CHALLENGER W Lane Sam Darling 3-9st 0lbs Mr Sam Darling 5/1
1905 CHERRY LASS Herbert Jones W Robinson 3-8st11lbs Mr W Hall Walker 6/100 fav
1906 BLACK ARROW B Lynham W Robinson 3-9st 0lbs Mr W Hall Walker 8/1
1907 SLIEVE GALLION W Higgs Sam Darling 3-9st 0lbs Captain Greer 1/20 fav
1908 YOUR MAJESTY Wal Griggs C Morton 3-9st 0lbs Mr J B Joel 8/1
1909 MINORU Herbert Jones R Marsh 3-9st 0lbs HM The King 1/3 fav
1910 LEMBERG Danny Maher Alec Taylor 3-9st 0lbs Mr Fairie 1/8 fav
1911 STEDFAST F Wootton George Lambton 3-9st 0lbs Lord Derby 4/5 fav
1912 TRACERY Danny Maher Watson 3-8st 7lbs Mr A Belmont 2/1
1913 ROSEWORTHY Danny Maher Atty Persse 3-9st 0lbs Mr A Basset 9/4 fav
1914 CARRIGFERGUS J Clark W Robinson 3-9st 0lbs Colonel Hall Walker 100/6
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 GRAND PARADE A Smith Barling 3-9st 0lbs Lord Glanely 1/4 fav
1920 ALLENBY F Slade Linton 3-9st 0lbs Mr Walter Raphael 2/1
1921 CRAIG AN ERAN F Bullock Alec Taylor Lord Astor 1/8 fav
1922 CAPTAIN CUTTLE Steve Donoghue Fred Darling Lord Woolavington 1/4 fav
1923 ELLANGOWAN E C Elliott Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery 3/1
1924 TOM PINCH G Archibald Fred Darling Lord Woolavington 5/1
1925 ZAMBO B Carslake R Dawson HH Aga Khan 11/4
1926 CORONACH Joe Childs R Dawson Lord Woolavington 1/6 fav
1927 KINCARDINE H Beasley Atty Persse Mr A B Walker 4/1 jt fav
1928 ROYAL MINSTRAL J Childs Boyd-Rochfort Captain G P Gough 9/4 fav
1929 MR JINKS H Beasley Atty Persse Major D McCalmont 6/4 fav
1930 CHRISTOPHER ROBIN P Beasley Vic Gilpin Lt-Col Giles Loder 100/7
1931 CAMERONIAN F Fox F Darling Mr J A Dewar 8/15 fav
1932 ANDREA T Weston Whitaker Duke of Marlborough 100/8
1933 CANON LAW R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 9/2
1934 FLAMENCO H Wragg Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery 100/9
1935 BAHRAM F Fox Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 1/8 fav
1936 RHODES SCHOLAR R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 2/1
1937 GOYA II E C Elliott Lambton M M Boussac 9/4 fav
1938 SCOTTISH UNION B Carslake N Cannon Mr J V Rank 4/7 fav
1939 ADMIRAL'S WALK Eph Smith Jack Jarvis Sir Jack Jarvis 6/5 fav
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 KHALED G Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 2/1
1947 TUDOR MINSTREL G Richards Fred Darling Mr John Arthur Dewar 6/100 fav
1948 BLACK TARQUIN E Britt Boyd-Rochfort Mr William Woodward 5/1
1949 FAUX TIRAGE G Richards Noel Murless Mr J A Dewar 11/10 fav
1950 PALESTINE C Smirke M Marsh HH Aga Khan 4/7 fav
1951 TURCO II W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort Mr W Woodward 7/1
1952 KINGS BENCH G Richards M Feakes Mr A J Tompsett 3/1
1953 NEARULA E Britt Elsey Mr W Humble 4/6 fav
1954 DARIUS E Mercer Harry Wragg Sir Percy Loraine Evens fav
1955 TAMERLANE A Breasley Norman Bertie Lord Porchester 8/11 fav
1956 PIRATE KING D Smith Cottrill Major L B Holliday 6/1
1957 CHEVASTRID Jimmy Eddery S McGrath Mr J McGrath 8/1
1958 MAJOR PORTION E Smith T E Leader Mr H Joel Evens fav
1959 ABOVE SUSPICION W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort HM The Queen 9/4
1960 VENTURE VII G Moore Alec Head Execs/late Prince Aly Khan 1/33 fav
1961 TUDOR TREASURE D Smith J Watts Mr R Harding 11/4 fav
1962 COURT SENTENCE E Smith T Leader Mr H Joel 100/8
1963 CROCKET D Smith G Brooke Mr D Van Clief 9/2
1964 ROAN ROCKET L Piggott Todd Mr T Frost 5/4 fav
1965 SILLY SEASON G Lewis I Balding Mr Paul Mellon 5/1 fav
1966 TRACK SPARE J Lindley R Mason Mr R Mason 100/9
1967 REFORM Breasley G Richards Mr Michael Sobell 4/6 fav
1968 PETINGO L Piggott Fred Armstrong Captain Marcos Lemos 10/11 fav
1969 RIGHT TACK G Lewis J Sutcliffe junior Mr J Brown 4/6 fav
1970 SAINTLY SONG Barclay Murless Mr S Joel 11/10 fav
1971 BRIGADIER GERARD J Mercer W Hern Mrs John Hislop 4/11 fav
1972 SUN PRINCE J Lindley W Hern Sir Michael Sobell 7/4 fav
1973 THATCH L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr J Mulcahy Evens
1974 AVEROF B Taylor C Brittain Captain M Lemos 7/4
1975 BOLKONSKI G Dettori H Cecil Mr Carlo D'Alessio 4/5 fav
1976 RADETZKY P Eddery C Brittain Mr C Elliot 16/1
1977 DON E Hide Elsey Mr E Ryan 11/2
1978 JAAZEIRO L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr R Sangster 5/2
1979 KRIS J Mercer H Cecil Lord Howard De Walden 11/10
1980 POSSE P Eddery J Dunlop Mr O Phipps 11/2
1981 TO-AGORI-MOU G Starkey G Harwood Mrs A Mouinos 2/1
1982 DARA MONARCH M Kinane L Browne Mrs L Browne 7/2
1983 HORAGE S Cauthen M McCormack Mr A Rachid 18/1
1984 CHIEF SINGER R Cochrane R Sheather Mr Jeff Smith 85/40 fav
1985 BAIRN L Piggott L Cumani Sheikh Mohammed 6/4 fav
1986 SURE BLADE B Thomson B Hills Sheikh Mohammed 9/2
1987 HALF A YEAR R Cochrane L Cumani Mr J Mabee 11/2
1988 PERSIAN HEIGHTS Pat Eddery G Huffer HH Prince Yazid Saud 9/2
1989 SHAADI Walter Swinburn Sir Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 6/4 fav
1990 SHAVIAN Steve Cauthen Sir Henry Cecil Lord Howard De Walden 11/1
1991 MARJU Willie Carson John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 7/4 fav
1992 BRIEF TRUCE Mick Kinane Dermot Weld Moyglare Stud Farm 25/1
1993 KINGMAMBO Cash Asmussen Francois Boutin Mr Stavros Niarchos 2/5 fav
1994 GRAND LODGE Mick Kinane William Jarvis Lord Howard De Walden 6/1
1995 BAHRI Willie Carson John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 11/4 fav
1996 BIJOU D'INDE Jason Weaver Mark Johnston Mr J S Morrison 9/1
1997 STARBOROUGH Frankie Dettori David Loder Sheikh Mohammed 11/2
1998 DR FONG Kieren Fallon Sir Henry Cecil The Thoroughbred Corporation 4/1
1999 SENDAWAR Gerald Mosse Alain De Royer-Dupre HH Aga Khan 2/1 fav
2000 GIANT'S CAUSEWAY Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/Michael Tabor 7/2 fav
2001 BLACK MINNALOUSHE Johnny Murtagh A O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/Michael Tabor 8/1
2002 ROCK OF GIBRALTAR Mick Kinane A P O'Brien Sir Alex Ferguson/Magnier 4/5 fav
2003 ZAFEEN Darryll Holland Mick Channon Jaber Abdullah 8/1
2004 AZAMOUR Mick Kinane John Oxx HH Aga Khan 9/2
2005 SHAMARDAL Kerrin McEvoy Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 7/4 fav
2006 ARAAFA Alan Munro Jeremy Noseda Al Homaizi & Al Sagar 2/1 fav
2007 EXCELLENT ART Jamie Spencer A P O'Brien Mrs John Magnier 8/1
2008 HENRYTHENAVIGATOR Johnny Murtagh A P O'Brien Mrs John Magnier 4/7 fav
2009 MASTERCRAFTSMAN Johnny Murtagh A P O'Brien Smith/Magnier/Tabor 5/6 fav
2010 CANFORD CLIFFS Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Heffer Synd/Ray/Instance11/4 jt fav
2011 FRANKEL Tom Queally Sir Henry Cecil Khaled Abdulla 30/100 fav
2012 MOST IMPROVED Kieren Fallon Brian Meehan Iraj Parvizi 9/1
2013 DAWN APPROACH Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Godolphin 5/4 fav
2014 KINGMAN James Doyle John Gosden Khaled Abdulla 8/11 fav
2015 GLENEAGLES Ryan Moore A P O'Brien Magnier/Smith/Tabor 8/15 fav
2016 GALILEO GOLD Frankie Dettori Hugo Palmer Al Shaqab Racing 6/1
2017 BARNEY ROY James Doyle Richard Hannon Godolphin 5/2
2018 WITHOUT PAROLE Frankie Dettori John Gosden Tanya & John Gunther 9/4 fav
2019 CIRCUS MAXIMUS Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Flaxman Stables et al 10/1
2020 PALACE PIER Frankie Dettori John Gosden Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum 4/1
2021 POETIC FLARE Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Mrs J Bolger 7/2 fav
2022 COROEBUS William Buick Charlie Appleby Godolphin 10/11 fav