Stewards' Cup

The Stewards’ Cup, fourth oldest race at the Glorious Goodwood meeting, is a handicap over 6 furlongs and is traditionally held on the final day of the 5-day meeting, although up to 1992 it was staged on the opening day. In 1833 one of the Senior Stewards at the meeting was given the honour of choosing any race at the meeting to present an annual Stewards trophy, occasionally selecting a sprint race of 6 furlongs, but from time to time a race up to 1 mile 4 furlongs was selected. Then, in 1839, Lord George Bentinck, later appointed Senior Steward to the Jockey Club in July 1845, suggested that the Stewards’ Cup should be perpetually run over 6 furlongs, and the inaugural race was held in 1840.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Stewards' Cup was on Friday 31st July 1840 when Mr Bowes’s 6-year-old chestnut Epirus beat Mus and Euclid.

Favourites have a 16% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £45 Profit.
Stewards' Cup Handicap 6 furlongs
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1833 KETCHUP Arthur Pavis 3-7st 9lbs Duke of Richmond 2/1 jt fav
1834 BALEINE Arthur Pavis 4-7st 8lbs Mr Kent 6/4 fav
1835 NONSENSE Nat Flatman 5-10st 0lbs Lord Egremont 4/6 fav
1836 FOOZOOL Sam Day John Day 3-6st 10lbs Mr John Day 6/1
1837 MENDICANT Edward Edwards James Edwards 4-8st 2lbs Lord Jersey 5/1
1838 TOOTHILL Arthur Pavis 5-9st 1lbs Captain Gardnor 5/1
1839 CAMELINO Nat Flatman 3-7st 10lbs Mr Dixon 2/1 fav
1840 EPIRUS Bill Scott John Scott 6-9st 7lbs Mr Bowes 6/1
1841 GARRY OWEN Nat Flatman 4-8st 10lbs Mr Byng 3/1
1842 LADY ADELA Jem Chapple James Edwards 3-7st 0lbs Lord Jersey 6/1
1843 YORKSHIRE LADY Kitchener John Barham Day 4-6st 4lbs Lord George Bentinck 20/1
1844 SIR ABSTRUPUS Wintringham 4-6st 10lbs Captain Harcourt 12/1
1845 PSALMSINGER Irvine 3-5st 4lbs Lord Stanley 100/6
1846 LADY WILDAIR Nat Flatman John Scott 4-7st 10lbs Lord Chesterfield 3/1 fav
1847 THE CUR Whitehouse 5-7st 11lbs Mr Rolt 20/1
1848 THE ADMIRAL J Sharpe 4-7st 3lbs Mr Lowther 10/1
1849 COTTON LORD G Brown Robert Stephenson 3-6st 0lbs Lord Clifden 3/1 fav
1850 TURNUS Charlton 4-6st 0lbs Count Hahn 3/1 fav
1851 LOADSTONE G E Sharp Robert Stephenson 6-7st 5lbs Lord Clifton 9/4 fav
1852 KILMENY Barker 4-6st 13lbs Lord John Scott 8/1
1853 LONGBOW F Butler 4-9st 4lbs Lord Derby 5/1
1854 PUMICESTONE Ashmall 3-6st 0lbs Lord Wilton 5/1 jt fav
1855 CLOTILDE Quinton 3-6st 9lbs Lord John Scott 25/1
1856 NEW BRIGHTON Hughes Tom Jennings snr 6-8st 3lbs Mr F Fisher 25/1
1857 TOURNAMENT George Fordham 3-7st 0lbs Mr J S Douglas 8/1
1858 GLENMASSON French 4-7st 5lbs Mr J H C Wyndham 7/1
1859 MAID OF KENT J Daley 4-6st 7lbs Mr Gratwicke 10/1
1860 SWEETSAUCE J Snowden 3-7st 1lbs Lord Anglesey 20/1
1861 CROAGH PATRICK H Taylor 3-5st 9lbs Mr Murphy 7/1 jt fav
1862 LADY CLIFDEN George Fordham 4-8st 9lbs Captain Christie 6/1
1863 BIRDHILL Judd 4-7st 5lbs Duke of Beaufort 15/2
1864 MARIGOLD Morgan 4-7st 6lbs Lord Westmorland 6/1 fav
1865 OUT AND OUTER J Grimshaw William Day 3-6st 6lbs Mr William Day 5/1 jt fav
1866 SULTAN C Pratt 4-8st 3lbs Major Fridolin 12/1
1867 TIBTHORPE Kenyon 3-5st 10lbs Mr W Drinkrow 7/2 fav
1868 VEX Butler John Porter 3-6st 0lbs Sir Fred Johnstone 100/30 jt fav
1869 FICHU Fred Webb Charles Peck 3-6st 0lbs Mr Charles Peck 20/1
1870 TYPHOEUS Morris John Dawson 5-8st 10lbs Count Batthyany 25/1
1871 ANTON F Crickmere 3-7st 0lbs Mr T E Case 100/3
1872 OXONIAN Wyatt 6-8st 12lbs Mr Richmond 20/1
1873 SISTER HELEN J Lowe 5-7st 8lbs Mr Eastlake 33/1
1874 MODENA Fred Archer Wadlow 5-7st 1lbs Lord Wilton 100/8
1875 TRAPPIST Fred Archer Joe Cannon 3-7st 10lbs Captain Prime 100/8
1876 MONACO Luke 4-6st 7lbs Lord Hartington 9/1
1877 HERALD Wainwright Weever 5-7st 0lbs Sir W Throckmorton 8/1
1878 MIDLOTHIAN Lemaire Mat Dawson 4-7st 2lbs Duke of Hamilton 10/1
1879 PETER C Wood Joseph Dawson 3-8st 0lbs Mr J T Best 100/8
1880 ELF KING George Fordham Alec Taylor 4-7st 9lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 100/8
1881 MAZURKA Barrett William Gilbert jnr 3-6st 10lbs Lord Cadogan 100/6
1882 LOWLAND CHIEF Fred Webb Charles Archer 4-8st 8lbs Lord Ellesmere 10/1
1883 HORNPIPE C Wood Sherrard 6-8st 9lbs Sir George Chetwynd 100/9
1884 SWEETBREAD Cannon James Jewitt 5-9st 3lbs Mr Gerard 8/1
1885 DALMENY E Martin E Martin 5-6st 13lbs Mr F Morton 33/1
1886 CRAFTON Edwards James Jewitt 4-7st 11lbs Captain Machell 100/3
1887 UPSET Mornington Cannon John Porter 4-6st 3lbs Mr MacKenzie 25/1
1888 TIB W Blake Olding 5-6st 7lbs Mr Tom Cannon 100/6
1889 DOG ROSE Jimmy Woodburn Jack Jarvis 3-7st 12lbs Mr Arthur James 100/7
1890 MARVEL G Barrett Richard Marsh 3-7st 6lbs Lord Hartington 10/1
1891 UNICORN Madden Richard Marsh 3-6st 2lbs Mr W Broderick-Cloete 100/8
1892 MARVEL Colling Richard Marsh 5-8st 8lbs Duke of Devonshire 1000/45
1893 MEDORA Huxtable John Day 3-6st 12lbs Mr John Day 100/6
1894 GANGWAY Bradford Percy Peck 4-8st 7lbs Sir J Blundell Maple 40/1
1895 WISE VIRGIN H Toon W Robinson 3-6st 6lbs Mr A F Basset 100/8
1896 CHASSEUR Fred Rickaby Ryan 4-8st 6lbs Mr J Ryan 25/1
1897 AMPHORA M Cannon James Jewitt 4-8st 8lbs Mr H McCalmont 100/8
1898 ALTESSE M Cannon James Jewitt 4-8st 4lbs Mr J Jewitt 100/7
1899 NORTHERN FARMER F Finlay James Batho 5-7st 6lbs Mr Horation Bottomley 20/1
1900 ROYAL FLUSH J Reiff James Batho aged-7st 13lbs Mr J A Drake 11/2 fav
1901 O'DONOVAN ROSSA G Gibson Davies 4-7st 0lbs Mr A M Singer 66/1
1902 MAUVEZIN H Lewis Davies 6-8st 2lbs Lord Carnarvon 10/1
1903 DUMBARTON CASTLE Otto Madden Davies 3-7st 4lbs Mr G A Prentice 4/1 fav
1904 MELAYR W Griggs W Robinson 3-6st 9lbs Mr J M Kerne 40/1
1905 XENY F Bullock Brewer 4-7st 9lbs Mr R H Henning 25/1
1906 ROCKETEER W Higgs Sam Darling 3-7st 3lbs Captain Greer 5/1 fav
1907 ROMNEY H Watts Chandler3-6st 3lbs Mr T Corn 10/1
1908 ELMSTEAD J Plant Charles Morton3-7st 0lbs Mr J B Joel 20/1
1909 MEDIANT D O'Neil Joyner 3-7st 13lbs Mr H B Duryea 10/1
1910 GOLDEN ROD H Randall Atty Persse 4-8st 1lbs Mrs V Morton-Jackson 20/1
1911 BRAXTED Fred Winter F Leach 3-7st 5lbs Sir T Dewar 25/1
1912 GOLDEN ROD D Maher S Pickering 6-8st 13lbs Mr P Nelke 9/1
1913 LORD ANNANDALE R Cooper D Waugh 3-6st 10lbs Mr W Raphael 25/1
1914 GOLDEN SUN W Huxley Charles Peck 4-8st 12lbs Mr J B Joel 10/1
LORD ANNANDALE S Donoghue D Waugh 4-7st 9lbs Mr W Raphael 100/9
1915 CLAP GATE P Allden Barling 4-6st 11lbs Sir W Cooke 10/1
1916 ALL SERENE Hulse Captain Dewhurst 3-6st 7lbs Lord Savile 20/1
1917 TROJAN G Hulme J Dawson 3-6st 13lbs Mr B B Smith 8/1
1918 Race not staged due to the First World War
1919 KING SOL W Balding James Batho 3-7st 0lbs Mr Cunliffe-Owen 100/7
1920 WESTERN WAVE A Whalley Cottrill 4-8st 7lbs Mr Whineray 100/8
1921 SERVICE KIT T Weston Major V Beatty 4-6st 12lbs Mr J Bayliss 20/1
1922 TETRAMETER G Smith Atty Persse 5-7st 7lbs Sir H McCalmont 10/1 co fav
1923 EPINARD E Haynes Leigh 3-8st 6lbs Mr P Wertheimer 7/2 fav
1924 COMPILER Lister Nugent 4-7st 9lbs Mr Schaverlen 9/1 jt fav
1925 DEFIANCE R Perryman S Pickering 4-7st 6lbs Mr P Nelke 20/1
1926 PERHAPS SO McLachlan Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 5-8st 1lb Dowager Lady Nunburnholme 100/6
1927 PRIORY PARK B Carslake Charles Peck 5-9st 0lb Mr J B Joel 10/1
1928 NAVIGATOR Gordon Richards Hogg 5-7st 11lb Lord Glanely 8/1
1929 FLEETING MEMORY Dick Perryman Walter Earl 4-8st 8lb Mr Solly Joel 100/8
1930 LE PHARE M Beary R C Dawson 4-8st 1lb HH Aga Khan 100/6
1931 POOR LAD S Wragg Ossie Bell 4-7st 11lb Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen 9/1
1932 SOLENOID T Barber G C Poole 3-7st 10lb Mrs C L Mackcan 33/1
1933 PHARACRE F Fox Fred Butters 4-7st 4lb Captain A Wills 22/1
1934 FIGARO T Weston J Leach 4-8st 5lb Mr J Leach 100/7
1935 GREENORE S Wragg Ossie Bell 6-8st 8lb Lady Ludlow 7/1
1936 SOLERINA Eph Smith Cottrill 4-8st 11lb Mrs C L Mackean 10/1
1937 FIROZEPORE Gordon Richards Fred Darling 3-8st 3lb Mr R B Strassburger 100/8 co fav
1938 HARMANCHIS P Evans B Bullock 5-7st 6lb Mrs G Farrand 100/7
1939 KNIGHTS CAPRICE Joe Canty R Dawson 4-8st 6lb Colonel T Clarke 100/8
1940 Race not staged this year due to the Second World War
1941 VALTHEMA K Robertson Fred Butters 4-7st 2lb Mr Herman Jennings 100/8
1942 SUGAR PALM T Carey F Hartigan 4-9st 7lb Major A Bonsor 7/2 fav
1943 SUGAR PALM T Carey F Hartigan 5-9st 7lb Major A Bonsor 6/5 fav
1944 BRITISH COLOMBO T Bartlam Donoghue 4-7st 5lb Mrs M Bennett 100/7
1945 HAPPY GRACE T Gosling Jelliss 4-7st 5lb Sir William Cooke 5/1
1946 COMMISSAR A Richardson Stedall 6-7st 12lb Mr A M Budgett 10/1
1947 CLOSEBURN Gordon Richards Murless 3-8st 10lb Mr R White 100/7
1948 DRAMATIC Eph Smith George Todd 3-7st 4lb Mr A Saunders 9/1
1949 THE BITE H Packham J Wood 4-7st 7lb Mr S Raphael 33/1
1950 FIRST CONSUL Edgar Britt Fred Armstrong 4-8st 13lb Maharaja of Rajpipla 100/9
1951 SUGAR BOWL Willie Snaith F Armstrong 5-8st 12lb Mr J Gerber 100/8
1952 SMOKEY EYES Charlie Smirke Ryan Jarvis 5-8st 10lb Mr David Robinson 100/7
1953 PALPITATE Willie Snaith Fred Armstrong 4-7st 13lb Mr F Armstrong 5/1 fav
1954 ASHURST WONDER A Shrive L Hall 4-6st 7lb Mr R Merrick 50/1
1955 KING BRUCE Bill Rickaby Peter Hastings Bass 4-8st 11lb Mr W Tarry 100/6
1956 MATADOR Eph Smith J A Waugh 3-9st 2lb Mr Stanhope Joel 100/8
1957 ARCANDY T Gosling Beeby 4-8st 9lb Mrs M Linde 100/7
1958 EPAULETTE Frankie Durr O'Gorman 7-9st 0lb Mr J Gerber 33/1
1959 TUDOR MONARCH Geoff Lewis Nightingall 4-7st 1lb Sir Winston Churchill 25/1
1960 MONET Jimmy Lindley Jeremy Tree 3-8st 4lb Sir P Dunn 20/1
1961 SKYMASTER Scobie Breasley Gordon Smyth 3-8st 12lb Mr W Kelly 100/7
1962 VICTORINA Bill Williamson Peter Nelson 3-8st 9lbs Sir B Mountain 10/1 fav
1963 CREOLE Stan Smith Jack Jarvis 4-9st 1lbs Lord Rosebery 20/1
1964 DUNME Paul Cook Read 5-8st 1lbs Mr J Simmons 9/1 co fav
1965 POTIER Ron Hutchinson Jack Jarvis 3-8st 5lbs Mr T Blackwell 100/7
1966 PATENT CONSTABLE Ray Reader Ron Smyth 3-7st 7lbs Mr Ivor Allen 33/1
1967 SKY DIVER Des Cullen Payne-Gallwey 4-7st 5lbs Mr J Fare 20/1
1968 SKY DIVER Sturrock Payne-Gallwey 5-7st 11lbs Mr J Fare 100/6
1969 ROYAL SMOKE M L Thomas O'Gorman 3-7st 2lbs Mr I Allen 100/7
1970 JUKEBOX Lester Piggott Wallington 4-8st 11lbs Mr D Morris 100/6
1971 APOLLO NINE Jimmy Lindley Peter Nelson 4-9st 5lbs Major P Nelson 14/1
1972 TOUCH PAPER Paul Cook Bruce Hobbs 3-8st 2lbs Mr A Villar 25/1
1973 ALPHADEMUS Paul Cook Michael Stoute 3-7st 11lbs Mrs J Mountfield 16/1
1974 RED ALERT John Roe Weld 3-9st 2lbs Mr B Firestone 16/1
1975 IMPORT M L Thomas Bill Wightman 4-8st 0lbs Major H Cayzer 14/1
1976 JIMMY THE SINGER Ernie Johnson Brian Lumness 3-7st 8lbs Mrs S Bates 15/1
1977 CALIBINA Geoff Baxter Paul Cole 5-8st 5lbs Mr E Badger 8/1 fav
1978 AHONOORA Philip Waldron Brian Swift 3-8st 0lbs Essa Alkhalifa 50/1
1979 STANDAAN Paul Bradwell Clive Brittain 3-8st 3lbs Mr A Richards 5/1 fav
1980 REPETITIOUS Alan Clark Guy Harwood 3-7st 7lbs Mrs A Trimble 15/1
1981 CREWS HILL Greville Starkey Frankie Durr 5-9st 9lbs Mr C Henry 11/1
1982 SOBA David Nicholls David Chapman 3-8st 4lbs Mrs M Hills 18/1
1983 AUTUMN SUNSET Willie Carson Michael Stoute 3-8st 2lbs Mr J McCaughey 6/1 fav
1984 PETONG Bruce Raymond Michael Jarvis 4-9st 10lbs Mr T Warner 8/1 jt fav
1985 AL TRUI Michael Wigham Mellor 5-8st 1lbs Mr E Jameson 9/1 fav
1986 GREEN RUBY John Williams Geoff Balding 5-8st 12lbs Mrs E Weinstein 20/1
1987 MADRACO P Hill P Calver 4-7st 7lbs Mr B Hampson 50/1
1988 ROTHERFIELD GREYS Nigel Day Chris Wall 6-8st 8lbs Mrs D Gleeson 14/1
1989 VERY ADJACENT Dale Gibson Geoff Lewis 4-7st 4lbs J Lawrence 12/1
1990 KNIGHT OF MERCY Bruce Raymond Richard Hannon 4-9st 0lbs M W Grant 14/1
1991 NOTLEY Roger Perham Richard Hannon 4-8st 7lbs D F Cock 14/1
1992 LOCHSONG Willie Carson Ian Balding 4-8st 0lbs Mr Jeff Smith 10/1
1993 KINGS SIGNET Willie Carson John Gosden 4-9st 10lbs Sheikh Mohammed 16/1
1994 FOR THE PRESENT Jimmy Fortune David Barron 4-8st 3lbs Mrs J Hazel 16/1
1995 SHIKARI'S SON Richard Hughes J White 8-8st 13lbs Alan Spargo 40/1
1996 COASTAL BLUFF Jimmy Fortune David Barron 4-8st 5lbs Mrs D E Sharp 10/1 jt fav
1997 DANETIME Pat Eddery Neville Callaghan 3-8st 10lbs Mrs J Magnier & M Tabor 5/1 fav
1998 SUPERIOR PREMIUM Robert Winston Richard Fahey 4-8st 12lbs J C Parsons 14/1
1999 HARMONIC WAY Richard Hughes Roger Charlton 4-8st 6lbs Mrs Alexandra Chandris 12/1
2000 TAYSEER Richard Hughes David Nicholls 6-8st 11lbs Sammy Doo Racing 13/2
2001 GUINEA HUNTER Jamie Spencer Tim Easterby 5-9st 0lbs M P Burke 33/1
2002 BOND BOY Chris Catlin Bryan Smart 5-8st 2lbs R C Bond 14/1
2003 PATAVELLIAN Steve Drowne Roger Charlton 5-8st 11lbs D J Deer 4/1
2004 PIVOTAL POINT Seb Sanders Peter Makin 5-8st 11lbs R A Bernard 7/1 co fav
2005 GIFT HORSE Kieren Fallon David Nicholls 5-9st 7lbs Alfi & Partners 9/2
2006 BORDERLESCOTT Royston Ffrench Robin Bastiman 4-9st 5lbs Border Rail & Plant Ltd 10/1
2007 ZIDANE Jamie Spencer James Fanshawe 5-9st 1lbs Jan & Peter Hopper 6/1 fav
2008 CONQUEST Dane O'Neill William Haggas 4-8st 9lbs Highclere Thoroughbreds 40/1
2009 GENKI Steve Drowne Roger Charlton 5-9st 1lbs Mrs Gillian Khosla 14/1
2010 EVENS AND ODDS Billy Cray David Nicholls 6-8st 10lbs Dab Hand Racing 20/1
2011 HOOF IT Kieren Fallon Mick Easterby 4-10st 0lbs A Chandler & L Westwood 13/2 jt fav
2012 HAWKEYETHENOO Graham Lee Jim Goldie 6-9st 9lbs Johnnie Delta Racing 9/1
2013 REX IMPERATOR Neil Callan William Haggas 6-9st 9lbs George Turner 12/1
2014 INTRINSIC Richard Hughes Robert Cowell 4-8st 11lbs Malih L Al Basti 6/1
2015 MAGICAL MEMORY Frankie Dettori Charlie Hills 3-8st 12lbs Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds 6/1 fav
2016 DANCING STAR David Probert Andrew Balding 3-8st 12lbs Jeff Smith 9/2 fav
2017 LANCELOT DU LAC Frankie Dettori Dean Ivory 7-9st 5lbs Michael & Heather Yarrow 25/1
2018 GIFTED MASTER Jason Watson Hugo Palmer 5-9st 6lbs Dr Ali Ridha 20/1
2019 KHAADEM Jim Crowley Charlie Hills 3-9st 6lbs Hamdan Al Maktoum 4/1 fav
2020 SUMMERGHAND Danny Tudhope David O'Meara 6-9st 10lbs Hamad Rashed Bin Ghedayer 22/1
2021 COMMANCHE FALLS Connor Beasley Michael Dods 4-9st 1lbs Graham, Davison, Drysdale 10/1
2022 COMMANCHE FALLS Connor Beasley Michael Dods 5-9st 5lbs Graham, Davison, Drysdale 25/1