I am very grateful to Nick Kitto for providing the photos and text shown below which provide a view of the Tientsin of today.

Nick writes, 'To my knowledge little if anything remains of the course itself or the buildings directly related to it, but as it is difficult to access the whole area now due to property ownership and other restrictions, I cannot be sure.  However, the adjoining former Country Club still stands and, when I was able to look around it in November 2004, it was as it must have been in the 1930's, complete with the sprung dance floor, billiard tables, theatre and indoor swimming pool (although all now very worn) - a fabulous experience and especially so as my father was with me at the time.  My father was born in Tientsin and remembers the Club from his youth. The picture below shows the location of the Country Club - immediately on the right of the Club an outline of the old course can be clearly seen and in the photo below I have traced the course as best as I have been able.'

Shown below is a photo of the Club taken in January 2002
Show below is a photo of the Club taken in January 2002