The 97th running of this great race took place on Sunday 4th October when 12 ran. The winner, Zeleznik, was a 9 year old ridden by Josef Vana.


The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Velka Pardubicka. The link below is a 10 minute 6 second clip of the Velka

I am very grateful to Miloslav Nehyba for the image below, part of his extensive collection of Velka photographs.Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders of all scans on this site and anyone who feels their copyright has been breached should contact the webmaster so that the image can be removed.

5/2 Forman 2nd
5/2 Zeleznik Winner
7/2 Golgota Fell
4/1 Gibridika 3rd
5/1 Safjan Unseated rider
5/1 Festival 5th
8/1 Vivier Unseated rider
8/1 Orka 4th
8/1 Malba Pulled Up
12/1 Vietor Fell
15/1 Paramon Unseated rider
20/1 Majak Unseated rider
182% Over Round